Thursday, June 13, 2019

US presidential hopefuls kneel at the throne of Jacob Schiff’s depraved American Jewish Committee (AJC) and pledge their fealty to combat anti-semitism and defend Israel

Stay tuned... next week the candidates will pledge to protect the Vatican’s right to exist, agree to send them $10 million a day, and fight those who hate Christianity.


  1. Can you imagine a faithful servant of God would want to be a politician in any country and even if they did, they would never, ever be elected because a Truth-teller is the most hated person on the planet and the only real Truth-teller is a faithful Catholic, serving the one, true God.

  2. On Sunday of the Holy Trinity (June 16 2019) Bishop of Białystok, Wojda invited the Jews with a concert of their music to the St. Roch church. The Jews (or the bishop, maybe the parish priest) called the police to remove the parishioners praying in their own church and opposing the desecration of the temple. The fall of Rome causes shocks throughout Christendom.