Friday, December 27, 2019

Francis had another shaman as his guest

Angaangaq Lyberth’s message to Francis

Angaangaq Lyberth goes to the Vatican

Three years ago, Pope Francis issued a statement about Climate Change – thus I taped a short message to His Holiness Pope Francis – inviting him to Greenland – so he himself could see the severity of the Climate Change since Kalaallit Nunaat – The Land of the People – Greenland – is the Ground Zero of Climate Change.

On the Third Year Anniversary of the Pope’s Statement on Climate Change, a big Gathering was being held in the Vatican during the 5 and 6 July this year –

Me – I was instructed by our beloved Father Aataa Aataqqii – Attattarallak – since I was young – that ‘never go without being invited’ – thus I did not apply to participate –

July 05, I was a guest speaker at the 18th Anniversary of Earth Charter in Doorn in Nederland – I left Rome during the afternoon – as I arrived at the Rom Airport I received a note from the Vatican that they have found a space for me to attend the Gathering –

I did my work in the Netherlands and left for Amsterdam Airport to return to Rome and arrived by 0200 – by 0600 I was in the Vatican and after registration looked for some coffee – by 0700 it was announced that all participants will be walking to another locale where His Holiness Pope Francis will address the participants –

After his talk – it was announced that the Pope wants to greet every participant – thus one by one we were greeted by His Holiness the Pope –

Here are few of the pictures of my meeting and greeting with Pope Francis – Now people are working on that His Holiness the Pope and I will have a personal meeting later this year.

Angaangaq Lyberth interview

Does Francis like Angaangaq believe that all religion came out of shamanism?


  1. It should be obvious that Mr. Bergoglio believes anything and everything except the Truth who is Jesus the Christ, and that there is one, true religion, Catholicism.

  2. Pachamama, now this... it seems like a plan.