Tuesday, December 31, 2019

Francis mask slips off

...and the Grinch comes out.

We thought he liked to play touchy-feely with his admirers. 

Maybe, Francis took offense to the sign of the cross?

Or perhaps it is what the Chinese woman said to Francis, “Wait! Wait! Take care of the Chinese people. They are losing the faith!”

And another translation, “Why destroy their faith? Why destroy the Chinese? Look for the Chinese feelings. Talk to me!”

Francis to Chinese lady, “Hey! Let go of my hand!”

“Who am I to judge” the Asian woman?

the follow-up:


  1. We need to know for sure what each one says. If he did not flout protocol this wouldn't have happened. He's the one who likes to walk among the smelly sheep. It looks like it did hurt him, pain reaction is a reflex. I can't stand him, but I'm not sure yet about this.

  2. Why didn't "accompany" her and set up a "dialog" so they can "journey" on a path towards an "understanding"?

  3. I read that she was asking him to help the Chinese. He refused with his smack down and name calling.

  4. https://www.facebook.com/197268327060719/videos/846147945813650/