Thursday, December 5, 2019

Ten years of one-way Talmudic ‘dialogue’ — the fruit of which is blaspheming the Holy Name of Jesus

the blasphemous fruits...

As a footnote, we, as Hebrew speaking Catholics can express a certain disappointment with the volume. Despite considerable progress in dialogue between Jews and Christians, the publishers chose to maintain a traditional vocabulary about Christianity, using the word “Yeshu” to translate Jesus and the word ‘komer” to translate the word “priest”.* Both these words are the product of centuries of polemics that we hopefully can begin to leave behind us. 

At a time that Israel witnesses a series of hate crimes against Christians, the book bears witness though to the friendship, intimate conversation, mutual respect and collaboration that have developed between Jews and Catholics in the more recent past.  

* “Yeshu” instead of “Yeshu’a” is a perversion of the name of Jesus in Hebrew and was used as a polemical curse, an acronym short for “May his name and memory be erased”. The word “komer” is used in the Old Testament only for priests that worship idols. The neutral word for priest is “kohen”.

Bergoglio and Skorka in Hebrew, Saint James Vicariate For Hebrew Speaking Catholics in Israel, (date unspecified)


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