Tuesday, April 27, 2021

The Pope Francis Kippa

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Limited offer. First series Kippa given to Pope Francis.

This beautiful Kippa and custom made kippa and Wooden Box was created specifically for Pope Frances and  and given to him.   This is a copy of the letter included with his special gift.

Your Holiness:
With God’s permission, I would be honored to say, as an Orthodox Jew, how proud I am that you are the supreme leader of Christianity here on earth. Ever since you’ve taken this role, I have seen the many reforms and changes taking place. I was so moved when I saw and heard that you chose to not wear the papal red shoes but rather the white and then, the head covering, white as well. As a Jew I am not familiar with the finite details of the Zucchetto or as we call it, Yarmulke but I am sure their roots are the same no matter a Catholic Cleric or Jewish Cleric who dons it. The religious connection to that zucchetto, the message it bears, it is all the same to God. As an artist, I have created this zucchetto just for you, your holiness, as it bears the message from all major religions here on earth, in the hopes of bringing mankind together. As an international holy figure, God’s representative here on earth, I would hope you would accept my small and humble gift and wear it, to further promote change by bringing all of us together, all of God’s children, no matter how they worship Almighty God.
I have made a few silver yarmulkes in the past but this is unique, as it has been created just for you. Each of the four silver panels represents something different, bound by stitching on white leather, for your holiness to wear. There is no one stitch or silver panel that I designed, attached to the white leather, that indicates anything other than unity, they are all incorporated to seem as one, one people, one human kind and Almighty God. I, as an artist feel, that if God sees your holiness wearing this sign of unity, he will have no choice but to realize that his will on earth is being fulfilled and perhaps, just perhaps, he will look upon his children and realize the famine, the sick and lonely, the poor, the genocides, the injustices and the likes, should be eradicated from this planet and I truly hope you might be the vessel to achieve this.
I appreciate the time your holiness has taken to read this note and hopefully accepting my small token gift from a humble artisan and wish you God speed in all your endeavors. May God bless you with health, good cheer and a long life.
Avi Binur, Artist
Los Angeles, California 

source: Limited offer. First series Kippa given to Pope Francis., Zodiac Supermarket, 999 Silver Kippa, (accessed 20 February 2020)


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