Thursday, May 21, 2020

Christianity’s Un-Payable Debt To The Jews

Listen to the former Calvinist-Baptist pastor turned Evangelical rail against the Catholic Church with trite canards while he extols Talmudic Judaism


  1. Jesus paid all our debts on the cross. But a debt to his killers is not one of them.

    You have just believed a soap story without evidence. One million people were wiped off the fatality figures for Auschwitz in the 80s. Who put them there in the first place? Liars? The Zionists wanted the state of Israel. They were prepared to go against the published International Red Cross figures for the concentration camps, which the IRC maintained until after 1978.

    We understand what "thy neighbour" is. The Jews believe it to only refer to members of their tribe. Salvation is open to them. Let them take the Gift as we do.

  2. He's been Judaized to the max!