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Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio/Pope Francis and “tzedakah”

Charity at the expense of outsiders.

(left to right) Adriana Goberman, Ignacio Perez del Viso, Mario Eduardo Cohen, Marcos Aguinis and Spain’s Ambassador to Argentina Javier Sandomingo.

On 27 November 2017, Mario Eduardo Cohen gave a talk about Maimonides at the Spanish Embassy in Buenos Aires, Argentina.  This was at a party to launch his book, Maimónides. Pensamientos para el siglo XXI, being published by the Argentinian school, Maimónides University.  One small note is that an Argentinian Jesuit priest, Ignacio Pérez del Viso, an advisor to Francis was in attendance.  We pick up in Mario Eduardo Cohen’s speech where he mentions Francis,

“In 2004, the eighth centenary of his death, we held an International Symposium on the Sage with CIDICSEF [Centro de Investigación y Difusión de la Cultura Sefardí], wrote with the University a modest book called MAIMONIDES, UNIVERSAL SEFARDÍ and elaborated it with the exhibition called MAIMONIDES 800: FAITH AND REASON. It was exhibited in the Larreta Museum to great public success. One of the attendees was then Archbishop Jorge Bergoglio, now Pope Francis. He was at the exhibition for more than an hour and was very interested. After listening to the highest level of the Tzedaká of Maimonides (giving work to the needy, associating with him, granting him a loan until he can sustain himself without other support, etc.) he expressed a phrase that has stayed with me: "GIVING IS GIVING".”

Presentación del libro «Maimónides. Pensamientos para el Siglo XXI», eSefarad.com, 1 December 2017, English translation is ours.

Jorge Bergoglio and Dr. Mario Cohen at the 5th International Symposium on Sephardic Studies at the Maimonides University in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Maimonides’ highest level of Tzadakah is best explained by him in the Mishneh Torah,

p. 229, Ancient Forgiveness: Classical, Judaic, and Christian - Charles L. Griswold, David Konstan, Cambridge University Press, (2012).

Forced giving by the rabbinical court is very different from the Christian concept of charity.

p. 30, entry: charity, Concise Catholic Dictionary (1943)

In the past on this blog, we have covered Francis love for Maimonides (aka Rambam). (here, here, here)

Not only has Francis brought rabbis into the Vatican to lecture on Maimonides while he sat there listening and nodding his head in agreement as they stated that Christians and Jews need to, “work together to fulfill the vision articulated by Maimonides” he has had his roving ambassador Rabbi Abraham Skora travel to conferences to give lectures about the Rambam’s vision.

A few examples of the inner-Jew of Jorge ‘tzedaka’ Bergoglio coming out.

Twenty years after Zeilocovich’s meeting with Bergoglio, the churchman, then a cardinal, hosted a formal meeting between the Catholic Church and the alliance of global Jewish organizations known as the International Jewish Committee for Inter-religious Consultations.

“The theme was tzedek” – justice –   “and tzedakah” – charity –   “and just as important as the meetings, the pope-to-be made everyone deliver food within the very poor barrios, the absolutely dirty disgusting slums,” Brill said.

“You have to imagine these very formal Jews doing this, and how uncomfortable they looked in the photographs,” he said.

The encounter was criticized by some non-participating Jewish organizations, which asked why the Jews were wasting their time talking about charity, rather than about fighting anti-Semitism.

“This is the answer,”  Brill said. “Look how it paid off. There’s a whole contingent of world Jewish community people who know him, who worked with him, and were invited to the inauguration.

“Sometimes you have to take a long view of these things.”

Local leaders laud Latin lord: New pope pleases pundits, Jewish Standard, 22 March 2013

There are several interesting items in this excerpt. The first is Bergoglio’s friendship with Rabbi Alberto (Baruch) Zeilicovich, who happens to hail from the same rabbinical seminary as Francis’ roving ambassador, Rabbi Skorka. Secondly, inter-religious dialogue is shown properly as a one-way street as ‘tzedek’ and ‘tzedakah’, two very Talmudic Jewish concepts which are foreign to Christianity, were discussed. Thirdly, is plain nonsense and a fantasy tailor made for the dumb goyim to consume. Jorge Bergoglio didn’t make anyone uncomfortable, these “formal Jews” were working for a Jewish foundation, for the benefit of the Jewish community, by command of their rabbis. Lastly, Rabbi Alan Brill reveals that the talmudists are playing the long game and the faith they have put into Bergoglio has paid off.

 Rabbi Alberto (Baruch) Zeilicovich in 2001 at a B’nai B’rith meeting.

Israel Singer, the former head of the World Jewish Congress, said he spent time working with Bergoglio when the two were distributing aid to the poor in Buenos Aires in the early 2000s, part of a joint Jewish-Catholic program called Tzedaka.

“We went out to the barrios where Jews and Catholics were suffering together,” Singer told JTA. “If everyone sat in chairs with handles, he would sit in the one without. He was always looking to be more modest. He’s going to find it hard to wear all these uniforms.”

Bergoglio also wrote the foreward of a book by Rabbi Sergio Bergman and referred to him as “one of my teachers.”  

New pope has history of good relations with Jewish community, The Times of Israel, 13 March 2013

The joint Jewish-Catholic program called Tzedaka is run by the, “Fundación Tzedaká was created in 1991 within the Jewish community...Fundación Tzedaká develops social, educational and health programs, and assists Shoá survivors, working alongside social organizations, the State and private companies through its area Tzedaká and Society.” Just the type of program a Catholic would want to join!  Catholics working for the goals of the World Jewish Congress and the Latin American Jewish Congress.  The little vignette about humble Jorge brings to mind the parable in the Gospel about the false humility of the Pharisee praying at the temple so everyone could see him. Finally we find out that Bergoglio refers to Rabbi Sergio Bergman as “one of my teachers.” This is the same rabbi who sees  Francis “as a true rav” and calls him “the Great Rabbi Bergoglio.”

One has to wonder why does Francis have this obsession with ‘tzedakah’ since it is an entire world removed from the Christian concept of charity.

Rabbi Shneur Zalman of Liadi — the founder of the Chabad Hasidism which Francis is fond of partnering up with in his Scholas Occurrentes program for children and Shlomo Riskin’s CJCUC for priests (here, here) — in The Tanya (a Jewish supremacist race hate manual) compares ‘tzedakah’ when carried out by a Jew and by a non-Jew:

p. 55, The Soul of a Jew and the Soul of a Non-Jew An Inconvenient Truth and the Search for an Alternative, Ḥakirah, the Flatbush Journal of Jewish Law and Thought, Vol. 16, Winter 2013.

Wow, it is a sin for a non-Jew to carry out an act of charity!

Francis’ favorite, Maimonides concurs in The Law of Kings, which is also backed up by Rashi, unless special conditions are met:

p. 73, The Soul of a Jew and the Soul of a Non-Jew An Inconvenient Truth and the Search for an Alternative, Ḥakirah, the Flatbush Journal of Jewish Law and Thought, Vol. 16, Winter 2013, p. 73

So the Rambam and Rashi write that ‘tzedakah’ only counts if the non-Jew follows the noahide laws.

This brings up an interesting question, ‘By performing acts of ‘tzedakah’ what will one who follows the noahide laws hope to gain?’

p. 50, The Soul of a Jew and the Soul of a Non-Jew An Inconvenient Truth and the Search for an Alternative, Ḥakirah, the Flatbush Journal of Jewish Law and Thought, Vol. 16, Winter 2013.

How Judaic supremacist fitting, one who is a good noahide has the privilege of being subservient to Israel. Isn’t that great, being subordinate to a Jew is a virtue!  It sounds like something out of Orwell’s 1984, “War is Peace, Freedom is Slavery and Ignorance is Strength.”

p. 10, Rabinical Literature: Or, The Traditions Of The Jews, Contained in Their Talmud and Other Mystical Writings, Volume 2.

You can’t make this stuff up! When one performs ‘tzedakah’ and follows the noahide laws like a good slave to the Talmudic Jews, one gets rewarded with a one-way trip to Hell!

If the reader believes the above sources do not reflect Talmudic Judaism we refer you to: 1) the talk given by Yossi Gurvitz;  2) Rabbi Yisrael Ariel explaining how the noahide laws will be imposed in the name of peace;  3) our post explaining how Michael Voris and his crew over at Church Militant are promoters of the noahide laws.

Let’s return for a moment to what ‘tzedkah’ means for a Talmudic Jew.

The Maurice Pinay blog has covered ‘Tzedakah’, the “compulsory giving of charity to fellow 'Jews' of wealth gained from the non-Judaic community” in the post we have excerpted below.

In the video below, we can see the chameleon, Rabbi Jonathan Sacks shift back and forth between his smooth, Oxford persona and his inner Chabad Yid. The setting is a talk on 'Tzedakah and Social Justice' at an IFLA (Israel Free Loan Association) event. The 'Israel' Free Loan Association gives 0% interest loans to 'Jews' only (interest on loans is only to be charged to non-Jews according to rabbinic law). Beginning at approximately 18:50 in the video Rabbi Sacks starts speaking of Judaism's 'social justice' (Tzadakah, i.e. compulsory giving of charity to fellow 'Jews' of wealth gained from the non-Judaic community). He interestingly points out that he knows of no similar concept in other cultures, aside from the mafia.
Rabbi Sacks:
There is a unique law in Judaism; kofin al tzadakah [charitable giving to fellow 'Jews' is to be coerced]. Can you imagine another country in which, if you don't give charity, they force you to? The mafia say, you know, 'either you give or you sleep with the fishes,' you know. It doesn't exist in any other culture. They don't understand it when I say to them, 'If you don't give tzadakah, you could be forced to by a Beit Din [rabbinic court].' [Did] you ever go to a Jewish fund raising event and get out without giving? That's kofin al tzadakah. And it's beautiful.
This is not just Rabbi Sacks' opinion. It is the law of Orthodox Judaism as codified by the codifier of Orthodox Judaism, Moses Maimonides:
He who does not want to give charity, or gives less than is proper, will be forced to do so by the rabbinical court, even to the point of striking him, until he gives his due, and the court will examine and assess his property in his presence, and take what is proper for him to give. And they may take collateral for charity, even on the eve of the Sabbath. (Maimonides, Mishneh Torah, Hilkhot matanot aniyim [Laws of Giving to the Poor] 7:10).
Rabbi Sacks' full address to the 'Israel' Free Loan Association is below. The relevant content starts at around 18 minutes:

Now, returning to a Rabbi Sacks interview that we cited in 2011 HERE:
"For a Jew like [Nathan] Rothschild, as the Chief Rabbi Jonathan Sacks explained to me, what for a Christian is charity, was rather stricter. Philanthropy is duty. You have to do it. It's ten per cent [of your earnings] and we're not saying it would be a nice idea; we're saying you do that - and if you don't, we ostracise you."
Contemplate that for a moment, reader. The rabbis could ostracize Nathan Rothschild? That's exactly what he's saying.

The Bankers and their Rabbis: What are you talking about?, Maurice Pinay Blog, 14 July 2015

Here’s one example of a ‘tzedakah box’ being given as a ‘gift’ to another fellow Jew which was recently in the news. La Chabad Kosher Nostra was busted in Iowa at their Agriprocessors plant for theft, fraud, money laundering, sex-trafficking, gun smuggling, narcotics (cystal-meth), slavery, and possible murder. The head of this operation was none other than the Meth Messiah, Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin, whom was charged only with the crime of tax evasion and found guilty, for which he received a sentence of twenty-seven years. Rubashkin’s fellow Orthodox Jew, Judge Michael Mukasey fought for years to get the tax evasion charges dropped against him or to have a new trial. Mukasey’s efforts finally succeeded late in 2017 when President Donald Trump granted Rabbi Sholom Rubashkin a presidential pardon. What did Rubashkin do upon being released? He had a celebratory world tour during which he met with Michael Mukasey and gave him a ‘tzedakah box’ reminding the judge that he is subservient to the rabbis and if he doesn’t follow their dictates they will ostracize him.

If the above isn’t rabbinic sorcery then what is?

Don’t think for one minute that Francis doesn’t understand all of this. He knows Hebrew, is a huge fan of Maimonides, has a library full of Judaica, loves rubbing shoulders with the official royal family of Judaism as well as its unofficial royal family, has a rabbi as his roving ambassador, frequently brings rabbis to the Vatican as guests, has them join in festivities for his birthday, appoints rabbis to Vatican positions, and knows the minutiae of Jewish law.

All of this leads us to 9 February 2017 when Jonathan Greenblatt, the National Director and CEO of the Anti-Defamation League of B’nai B’rith, stopped by the Vatican for an official visit and along with several ADL members and a few ‘gifts’. (FYI: The ADL of B’nai B’rith is “an organization which was founded on the defense of Leo Frank, a pedophile who raped and murdered a young gentile girl employed at one of his factories, which sought to scapegoat a black man for Frank’s crimes.”)  We previously have covered this visit (here & here) but not the facet of which this post is about ‘tzedakah’.

In ADL’s first private audience with Pope Francis, Mr. Greenblatt thanked the pontiff for his steadfast support of the Jewish State of Israel and for the Holy See’s commitment to carrying out the ideals of Nostra Aetate, the seminal Vatican II Council document that declared anti-Semitism a sin and reversed 2,000-years of church teachings about Jews. He presented the pope with a gift of a traditional Jewish tzedakah, or charity, box and a photographic portrait of the pope with his good friend and associate, Rabbi Avraham Skorka of Buenos Aires, Argentina.   

Jonathan Greenblatt presenting Francis with his own ADL tzedakah box.

And there you have it, what could be more rabbinic than receiving a ‘tzedakah box’ as a ‘gift’?

Whether or not Francis is a righteous among nations noahide or a Jew is for the reader to decide.

Francis’ contributions, to the rabbis over the years, come at the expense of all Catholics and will continue to pay interest to the rabbis even after his reign is over. For every action he undertakes is always with one eye on the amoral compass that points to value$ he so loves, guiding him in creating ‘justice’ by giving to the Talmudists (whom put him in power) what they demand. It’s deranged, diabolical, anti-Catholic, and making the world worse for all of us.

Francis is happy to get his ‘tzedakah box’ and in serving the rabbis.

For those whom have read this far and pine for the days before Francis, when Benedict XVI was in charge, things were no different then.

When Abe Foxman and the ADL came to visit 3 November 2010 Benedict XVI at the Vatican, the ADL National Chair - Robert G. Sugarman, said, “one of the traditions we both share is giving charity, which in Hebrew is 'tzedakah.' We are pleased to give you this tzedakah box to commemorate our visit and our respect for you.” We are certain that Benedict has his box with him at the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery in the Vatican City State and is still making ‘gifts’ to the ADL in order to stay in the good graces of the rabbis.

And the patron saint of pedophiles, John Paul II, was in on the “Maimonides Project” as well.

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