Saturday, July 4, 2020

Sometimes, pictures say a thousand words...

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In the middle of the CCP Virus (aka Wuhan Flu, Kung Flu, Coronavirus) pandemic, Francis turns the grounds of the Vatican City State into a summer camp for children.

The monstrous sculpture on the stage of the Paul VI Audience Hall is joined by inflatable jumping castles.

 One of the inflatable jumping castles is the sinking RMS Titanic. How apt! 

The themes are “be happy”, “mercy”, and the Beatitudes.

A map of the fun and games.

Let’s review: fun and games, watered down Bogus Ordo catechism, happiness & mercy, Francis’ beatitudes, and sliding down the sinking RMS Titanic in a hall designed in the shape of a snake’s head in front of ‘Jesus’ resurrecting from a nuclear bomb blast; all in the middle of a ragging pandemic. 

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