Monday, September 7, 2020

What’s worse than coronavirus and who is coronavirus for?

Francis, “Criticizing others is worse than Covid”

Rabbi Eliezer Berland, “The Corona is for the goyim”

**** UPDATED 14 SEPTEMBER 2020 **** 

Saturday night selichot services at 770 Eastern Parkway demonstrating that coronavirus restrictions are for the goyim (13 Sept. 2020)

A little bit of clarity for those confused.


  1. However, Jews are also getting Covid-19, so what does Rabbi Berland really know? Not much, it appears. See,, and

  2. Hey and if you actually look at who is behind PUBLISHING Vigano initially (other than Opus Dei) there are a bunch of Gladio figures (including a newspaper which gave a column to a terrorist bomber) and the Angelli family (who are playing both sides in the East-West, technocrat-alt right paradigms) comes up. Look at the Malcolm Forbes birthday party in pedophile and Nazi capital of the Mediterranean and see what guests show up alongside Robert Maxwell, Donald Trump, Henry Kissinger and Gianni Agnelli. Then recall Gianni Agnelli was very much involved with the Soviets, created the "Crisis of Democracy" Trilateral Commission project which is playing out today with COVID and Post-Trump era. Recall that the same Trilateral Commission is behind the "Clash of Civilizations" thesis which targets Muslims and pits a Judeo-Christian alliance against them. This is the same Trilateral Commission, whose ideological lead, Zbigniew Brzezinski, ran the foreign policy of Jimmy Carter, Barrack Obama and now Joe Biden.

    Vigano and his editor Marco Tosatti are products of the Trilateral Commission's Agnelli and the Propaganda Duo Lodge. Tossati's entire career was working for Agnelli at La Stampa. Until, of course, it was time to publish Vigano and then he went straight to GLADIO associated publications. He has had the privilege of having interview access to Opus Dei Donna Princess Borghese, also of GLADIO pedigree.

    Marco Tosatti who is Opus Dei, and hates the Papacy and Curia... not just the Vatican II Papacy and Curia but going back to the times of his Mascot the venetian excommunicated Fr. Paolo Sarpi. Sarpi was the main inspiration for Francis Bacon et al.

    So Vigano is supporting both the Bnai Brith and Chabad takeover while being propped up by figures of the Deep State.