Friday, April 9, 2021

Theosophist Gnostic Bishop Hoeller signs incorporation documents of Feeneyite group co-founded by Charles Coulombe and 33 years later Hoeller still serves as the Secretary of the Feeneyite corporation!

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In the 1987/8 article of incorporation for the Saint Benedict Center - West, we see the name Brother Charles Columban, MICM (AKA Roy-Charles A. Coulombe) turn up.

1988 Article of Incorporation - Saint Benedict Center - West

page 1
page 2
page 3

Another thing which jumps out is the name “Stephan A. Hoeller” found on page two.  This same “Stephan A. Hoeller” is also found listed in the 2016 statement of information as the “Secretary” of the non-profit corporation as he is in the 2020 statement of information.

2016 Statement of Information - Saint Benedict Center - West

2020 Statement of Information - Saint Benedict Center - West

So who exactly is this Stephan A. Hoeller?  Well, besides being Charles’ buddy and tarot card reading partner, he is a theosophist freemasonic gnostic bishop whose lineage includes some interesting anti-Catholic characters. Not exactly the type of person whom you would want to be on your articles of incorporation and serve as secretary of the same non-profit corporation if you were a Catholic but then again the Feeneyites are not exactly Catholics.

Whom are these two converting and to what?


  1. Mr Coulombe is a charismatic character who draws a lot of attention. He is a comedian and a Feenyite semi trad who is somewhat mesmerizing in person. He often attends the personal ordinariate of the chair of St. Peter (Anglican ordinariate) in Covina, CA. when he is in town, because the previous pastor, Fr. Andrew Bartus, is a relative of his by marriage. He used to give entertaining catechesis, commentary, and comedy on Wednesday evenings at Catholic Treasures book store in Monrovia. To a new Novus Ordite it seemed real traditional at the time. Thanks for this info - it may explain part of his quirky appeal. Since becoming a sedevacantist traditional Catholic myself, I’ve noticed that his utube videos at Tumbler House have a lot of witty sayings, self confidence, and self importance, but are a bit light on actual objective content and answers for the time you spend listening to him, for my taste. He lost most of his appeal to me before I found out about the Tarot cards and other ocultic stuff. Thanks for the warning about him and the St. Benedict center west.

  2. +Stephan Hoeller is one of the holiest Bishops I have ever had the pleasure of meeting. Say what you will of him, he is more traditional a Catholic than 95% of the Catholic bishops I have met in the many places I have lived around the USA. He is a kind, good natured, and deeply wise human being. His love of God radiates from him. Maybe you should consider coming to know people as human beings.