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Charles Coulombe has been up his occult shenanigans for decades

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Findings & Footnotes: A Bi-Monthly Supplement of Religion Watch — July/August 1990 

Findings & Footnotes 
— A Bi-Monthly Supplement of Religion Watch —
PRESS NOTES                                                                     July/August, 1990
* The current issue of the occult magazine Gnosis (Summer) suggests that there may be an unusual dialogue developing between some orthodox Christians and those involved in esoteric (or occult) spirituality. The issue is devoted to "Orthodoxy," in various forms, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox, Jewish or Islamic, and shows considerable appreciation for traditional religion. What is more noteworthy is that the appreciation is coming from the other direction as well. John Garvey, an Eastern Orthodox writer for the mainstream Catholic magazine, Commonweal, examines the differences and similarities between Orthodox Christianity and Gnosticism in his article and sees the two spiritual approaches as complimentary to each other in some ways. Charles Coulombe, a leader of a movement of young orthodox Catholics (and a columnist for the conservative Catholic newspaper, the National Catholic Register), goes a step further, advocating a return to "magic" and the "baptism" of the occult or hermetic traditions by the church, which he says has become too rational. For a copy of this issue, send $4.00 to: Gnosis, P.O. Box 14217, San Francisco, CA 94110. 

The issue of Gnosis mentioned above:

Charles Coulombe’s article (keep in mind he is a Feeneyite Brother — Br. Charles Columban, MICM), ‘The Esoteric Orthodoxy of Catholicism’:

Charles Coulombe’s (aka Br. Charles Columban, MICM) conclusion to the article:

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