Tuesday, May 25, 2021

Seven occult degrees of Charles A. Coulombe

Seven occult degrees of Charles A. Coulombe. 

• Charles’ family rented from Jerome Criswell who Charles idolized.

• Criswell was employed in movies by cross-dressing occultist director Ed Wood.

• Ed Wood also employs drug addled occultist Bela Lugosi in movies.

• Bela Lugosi marries his fan, Hope Lininger. Uber-occultist Manly P. Hall performs the ceremony.

• Uber-occultist Stephan A. Hoeller is a friend of Manly P. Hall and was employed by Hall as a faculty lecturer at the Philosophical Research Society.

• Stephan A. Hoeller and Charles A. Coulombe perform tarot card divinations inspired by Manly P. Hall in a Theosophical Lodge.

• Charles A. Coulombe founds and runs a Criswell Club whose members go by the moniker Criswellians. Charles also channels Jerome Criswell. And so we are back to where we began.

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