Monday, January 31, 2022

The Charles A. Coulombe Arcana

The Feeneyite Knight on his tarot card divination

Roy-Charles Coulombe is a Feeneyite religious brother in charge of his own order with a penchant for tarot card divination.  He is failed comedian who frequents a theosophical lodge and participates in gnostic activities. When not there he can be found online on a variety of ‘Catholic’ podcasts hocking his books and slyly inculcating listeners with the idea that the Catholic Church needs to “baptize Hermeticism” and “embrace a magical view of life”.  A penchant for the occult is shown whenever and wherever his makes his appearances.

  • Why does Charles Coulombe frequent a Theosophical Gnostic Lodge? — Charles Coulombe is a regular at the Theosophical Society – Besant Lodge of Hollywood.  This lodge is ‘coincidentally’ run by the same Gnostic bishop who signed the incorporation documents and still serves as the secretary of Coulombe’s St. Benedict Center - West.  Coulombe shows up there for a multitude of reasons: to lecture, celebrate his birthday, attend Halloween parties, read tarot cards, visit old friends.

  • Charles A. Coulombe’s unhealthy obsession with The Amazing Criswell — Coulombe is a self described, “devoted follower of ‘The Amazing Criswell’” a “Criswellian” who has an annual candlelight procession to the old Criswell House, where at midnight a vigil is held with Charles donning a wig and channeling The Amazing Criswell. All this for a man Charles says was a homosexual and psychic.

  • Feeneyite Brother Charles Coulombe (aka Br. Charles Columban, MICM) — Few know that Charles Coulombe is a religious brother who heads his own order. The names “Coulombe” and “Columban” turn up in records all over the place. Why is a religious brother always wearing a tie? What group rehabilitated Charles’ image after he was exposed as an occultist the first time?

  • Look who likes The Gnostic Society of Los Angeles on facebook — Coulombe claims he isn’t a gnostic unless by gnostic you mean a Catholic but for some strange reason he not only likes The Gnostic Society, he participates in their lectures, divines tarot cards for them, attends their Hallowe’en parties, and frequents their headquarters.
  • Charles A. Coulombe & Satanic holidays — The author just happens to write the Introduction and Afterword to his book, Haunted Places in America, on two out of the three highest holidays in Sataniusm. And that third holiday was spent in the Besant Lodge.
  • Brother André Marie, MICM caught lying about Charles Coulombe’s Feeneyite corporation — Feeneyite Brother André Marie states that fellow Feeneyite Brother Charles Columban’s nonprofit religious corporation is “a secular corporation” which is contrary to the Feeneyite order’s website (which Br. André Marie is in charge of) and the incorporation document of the corporation say. Feeneyites following in the footsteps of their leader who himself had a difficult time with the truth.

  • Ignorance or malefice? — Charles Coulombe speaking on the papacy at the Feeneyite Saint Benedict Center in Richmond, New Hapshire tells his audience that the first act of the Pontiff was to deny Our Lord three times.

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