Saturday, February 19, 2022

Gnostic Bishop Hoeller, “[Charles Coulombe] wishes that he was with us [at the 2022 Tarot Reading]...the days will come when [Charles] will make his great return!”

Coulombe claims to be a reformed man but according to what his best buddy, the Gnostic bishop — Stephan A. Hoeller, said at the latest tarot card reading at the theosophical lodge it doesn’t sound like it,

“And also from long distance from across the Atlantic Ocean and clear on the outskirts of the city of Vienna my kinsman and very good friend Charles Coulombe who even called today — telling us that he is still getting his academic program and he wishes that he was with us — and he has always helped me interpret the cards before but that the days will come when he will make his great return from across the ocean and hopefully that will be soon. So I think that is probably all that needs to be said...”

**** UPDATED 25 APRIL 2022 **** with video of Hoeller mentioning Coulombe twice at the Tarot Reading

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  1. It's 2022 and I'm still waiting for any Feenyite to condemn Chucky Coloumbe.