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Excerpt from An Interview with a Priest of the Society of Saint Josaphat on the War in Ukraine

CMJ notes: Much of Viganò’s pro-Putin and pro-Russian stance has to do with his rabbi friends and Opus Dei. This should come as no surprise to anyone who has paid attention to his career, to those who haven’t — his regurgitation of Russian propaganda seems bizarre. Recall, Viganò recently spoke at an Opus Dei laden conference Simposio internazionale di Venezia 1° Festival di filosofia “Antonio Livi” (30 March 2021) whose topic was “A great awakening for humanity? The post-Covid era: our future between science and transcendence”. The phrase “great awakening” was coined by Putin’s court-satanist/kabbalist — Aleksandr Dugin — who also spoke at the symposium. Since speaking alongside Dugin, Viganò has adopted Dugin’s rhetoric in his open letters. Keep in mind that Viganò previously in 2020 was telling his readers, “[Trump] is preparing to fight against the demonic forces of the deep state and against the New World Order.” while Trump was pardoning: a fraudster who the sentencing judge said of “defines the word ‘racketeer’”; the man responsible for the K2/bath salts epidemic in the USA; and the largest meth dealer in the US. (Bold in interview excerpt below is ours for emphasis.)

On Viganò and his pro-Russian position

The Okie Traditionalist : 6. Have you read Archbishop Vigano’s declaration on the war in Ukraine? Do you at all agree with it? He criticizes the western globalist elites for provoking war with Russia, for installing a liberal puppet government in Ukraine, to extend the New World Order, that this war really goes back to 2014, etc, while invoking past popes calling for peace and diplomacy. He is essentially outlining how the deep state and deep church have been advancing a modernist agenda throughout Europe to the East.

Fr. Bogdan Vytrykush : Before your request I only heard about the position of Archbishop Vigano, but did not read the article you mentioned. Now I have read it carefully. The content of Archishop Vigano's article is simply shocking and it is unacceptable to Ukrainians. And the main reason of this is the absolutely pro-Russian position of the author.

Some events in the life of Ukraine described in the article do not correspond to reality, but only repeat the narratives of Russian propaganda. I don’t want to judge about the intention of the Archbishop and I think he could make one big mistake: looking for the alternative source of information to western media, he totally accepted the Russian point of view. And it seems that by avoiding one extreme, he falls into another. It is very strange that the author is not interested in the opinion of Ukrainians as another alternative source of information.

For example, he could analyze the position of the Catholic bishops of Ukraine. He instead considers Ukrainians only as an object of manipulations by western globalists and that is offensive to us. Our country is not just a battlefield between the United States and Russia, it is a sovereign country with a population of about 40 million people with one of the biggest areas in Europe. And it is our country that was attacked by Russia, and it is our army that spends a war for the freedom of our people.

The article of Archbishop Vigano takes about 20 pages and I can not to give a full adequate commentary to it here. Also, I am not a politician and I do not know many details on the issues under consideration, but I want to clarify some key points of the Archbishop's position.

I do not deny that globalists try to influence Ukrainian politics in various ways. But Russia is doing the same. Russian expansion politics are not better then American globalism for us. Russian media spread disinformation about life in Ukraine, in their country, and all around the world.

This war really started in 2014 and it was started by Russia, which occupied Crimea, then provoked separatist actions in Donetsk and Luhansk regions and supported them by the Russian army. There is not any justification of Russian military intervention in our country. If they wanted to prevent any danger from U.S. or NATO, why did they attack Ukraine instead of Alaska, for example?

The Russian-Ukrainian confrontation did not start in 2014. We have a very long history of conflicts for centuries. Let us remember for example the act of genocide of our people in 1932-1933, when millions of Ukrainians died in the artificial famine.

The Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church also underwent several stages of liquidation and bloody persecution by the Russian Empire and the communist regime. The last of them lasted in western Ukraine from 1946 to 1989, when our Church existed in deep underground conditions.

There are many more such manifestations of Russian chauvinism. Russia brutally declares that it has a historical right to Ukrainian lands; its propaganda often sound theses that Ukrainians and Russians are one people, that the Ukrainian language is a dialect of Russian, etc.

Why does Archbishop Vigano not mention about Putin’s declaration in Munich 2008, that he considers the collapse of the Soviet Union the greatest world’s catastrophe of the 20th century? That declaration means he wants to restore the Soviet Union, to take Ukraine again under control of Russia.

I just want to show here the deep reason of Russian aggression towards Ukraine. Nobody may say that it is only confrontation between Russia and the globalist West, and Ukraine is just a battlefield.

The greatest insult to our people is the accusation of spreading Nazism. I will not refute here the Russian accusations repeated by Archbishop Viganо because it is not possible to do so within the framework of this interview. But the facts of this war show that it was Russian troops who acted like Nazis.

After the liberation from Russian occupancy of such cities as Bucha, Irpin, and Gostomel, hundreds of corpses of civilians were found there with traces of torture, the bodies of raped and killed women who they tried to burn.

On several occasions, the Russians did not allow humanitarian missions to enter Mariupol or other occupied cities to deliver food or evacuate civilians. This army, which came "to save the Russian-speaking population," almost wiped out Mariupol, a city of more than four hundred thousand people, mostly Russian-speaking.

Thanks again for your request.

Let God bless you!


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