Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Nothing demonstrates Francis’ ‘humbleness’ more than standing for Adoration

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 Francis, like his good friends the rabbis, has no problem correcting God.

“God smiled and said: ‘My sons have defeated Me, My sons have defeated Me!’ God’s sons ‘defeated him’ with their arguments. Rabbi Yehoshua was correct in his contention that a view confirmed by majority vote must be accepted, even where God Himself holds the opposite view.”
source: Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Bava Metzia 59b, Steinsaltz Edition [NY: Random House 1990], Vol. III p.237

Thanks to Catholic Sat for pointing out Francis’ behavior.

Monday, February 19, 2018

Francis the Merciful

The Dictator Pope was in a merciful mood.

The kerfuffle between the Vatican and the Diocese of Ahiara in Nigeria looks to be over. Francis the Merciful, resolved the situation when he accepted the resignation of the rejected Bp. Peter Ebere Okpaleke and decided not to proceed with his promised canonical sanctions against the priests of the diocese.  He did however offer them a stern warning to never again repeat such unreasonable actions opposing a bishop legitimately appointed by the Supreme Pontiff!  After much bad press — ranging from lying about evidence of sex crimes in the Novus Ordo church to the betrayal of Catholics in China — here’s Francis throwing his opponents a bone and letting them claim a small victory.  See he really is a good guy!  We at Call Me Jorge... suspect that Francis could care less about Benedict XVI’s appointee, Bp. Okpaleke, because now he’ll get to give the diocese to one of his representatives of revolution.


More Opus (Ju)Dei propaganda to 
rebuild Francis’ faltering image

Look! Francis is a normal humble guy!

Sunday, February 18, 2018

Francis declares, “Benedict and I are on the waiting list” to become saints!!!

“There are two [recent] Bishops of Rome already Saints [John XXIII and John Paul II].  Paul VI will be a saint this year. One with the beatification cause in progress, John Paul I, his cause is open.  And Benedict and I, are on the waiting list: pray for us!”

Saturday, February 17, 2018

Msgr. Pietro Amenta, bishop of Matera and member of the Vatican’s Roman Rota, pleads guilty to possession of 80 photos of child pornography

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The happy day that the troubled prelate, Msgr. Pietro 
Amenta, became a member of the Roman Rota.

The Roman Rota is the highest appellate tribunal of the Roman Catholic Church. The Roman Rota’s official records begin in A.D. 1171 however the famous Constitution of John XXII, Ratio Juris (16 December 1331) which lays out the form of the oath of office for the auditors and notaries of the Rota is considered by some historians as the beginning of the appellate tribunal.  Either way, the Church’s legal system is still the oldest in the West in use.  The Roman Rota judges by turns of three auditors and is essentially a court of appeal.  The cases before the Roman Rota  consist of litigation and criminal cases (excluding those reserved to the pope) and its jurisdiction extends over both citizens of the Vatican City and the faithful from all over the world.  Many of the cases before them deal with matrimonial nullity or annulments.

 The moral perversion and rot goes all the way to the top in the Vatican.

On 19 November 2012, Pietro Amenta was sworn in as a member of the Roman Rota (see photos).  This appointment was carried out under the supposed hard-liner Benedict XVI.  We say supposed because Amenta was known at the time by the Carabinieri (Italian police) as the subject for a complaint of obscene acts in 1991 and for sexual harassment in 2004.  Shortly after being sworn in, Amenta filed a complaint with the Carabinieri after being robbed by two transsexuals.

 The homosexual pedophile putting his robes on.

Which bring us to the night of 2 March 2017 when a twenty year old Romanian escorted his girlfriend to the Piazza San Giovanni di Dio, in the Monteverde, Gianicolense neighborhood in Rome for her evening classes.  While waiting for the school to dismiss, the Romanian went to a nearby market where Msgr. Amenta grabbed him by the genitals.  The Romanian complained but the prelate repeated the gesture again.  This rightfully set the Romanian off who began to complain loudly and Amenta proceeded to apologize explaining that there wasn’t much room between the stalls.  The Romanian, rightfully, wasn’t satisfied with and told Amenta he wanted this incident reported to the police.  At this point Pietro Amenta said, “You do not know who I am...” and then fled the scene.  The Romanian gave chase and both were caught by an off duty municipal officer who then called the Carabinieri.  After the Carabinieri arrived they questioned both men and based on a clean record and a believable story let the Romanian go and detained Amenta.  The following day Msgr. Pietro Amenta’s home was searched.  In this search the Carabinieri found 80 pornographic photos with under age children as the subject matter.  When confronted with this evidence, Pietro denied having downloaded them.  He later changed his story, plead guilty in a plea bargain with the Italian court system.  Two days ago, Amenta was given a suspended sentence of one year and two months for two charges, one of sexual assault and the other, possession of digital child pornography.

How many other sodomite perverts sit as judges on the Roman Rota?

This is the second case in the past year involving a Vatican official in possession of child pornography.  The other was Msgr. Carlo Alberto Capella, who worked in the nunciature of Washington, D.C..  Which bring us to humble Francis and his ‘zero-tolerance’ policy.  Unless Francis takes some action and soon, his self vaunted ‘zero-tolerance’ policy will be seen for what it truly is, ‘zero-tolerance’ for anyone who brings forth evidence of presiders committing acts of homosexual sodomy.  This shouldn’t come as a surprise, as what message has Francis been sending the world when he has knowingly promoted and surrounded himself with homosexuals?  The unwritten message is that Francis too, belongs to this morally degenerate club.

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Friday, February 16, 2018

It’s absurd to say that Vladimir Putin is rebuilding Christianity in Russia

As you watch the video and read the article excerpt from RT (an official propaganda outlet of the Russian government), remember that everything Putin said could have come straight out of Francis’ blasphemous blabbering mouth.  

Russian President Vladimir Putin has likened communism to Christianity and Vladimir Lenin’s mausoleum in Moscow’s Red Square to the veneration of the relics of saints. 
“Maybe I’ll say something that someone might dislike, but that’s the way I see it,” Putin said in an interview for the documentary Valaam, an excerpt of which was broadcast on Russia 1. “First of all, faith has always accompanied us, becoming stronger every time our country, our people, have been through hard times. 
“There were those years of militant atheism when priests were eradicated, churches destroyed, but at the same time a new religion was being created. Communist ideology is very similar to Christianity, in fact: freedom, equality, brotherhood, justice – everything is laid out in the Holy Scripture, it’s all there. And the code of the builder of communism? This is sublimation, it’s just such a primitive excerpt from the Bible, nothing new was invented.” 
Putin went further by comparing the Communists’ attitude to the Bolshevik leader Lenin to the veneration of saints in Christianity. “Look, Lenin was put in a mausoleum. How is this different from the relics of saints for Orthodox Christians and just for Christians? When they say that there’s no such tradition in Christianity, well, how come, go to Athos and take a look, there are relics of the saints there, and we have holy relics here,” Putin concluded.
source: RT news, Putin: Communist ideology similar to Christianity, Lenin’s body like saintly relics

“Once a KGB, always a KGB!”

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Rabbi Reuven Wolf, declares ‘Moshiach is coming’ because of Putin's & Trump’s connections to Chabad-Lubavitch

‘Moshiach now!’ because of the ascent of Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin the “greatest revelation” is at hand

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Georg Ratzinger fires the Vatican rumor mill back up by stating that his brother Benedict XVI suffers from a “paralyzing illness”

Call Me Jorge...’s diagnosis: Benedict XVI is suffering 
from an acute case of full blown modernism

***** UPDATE 16 FEBRUARY 2018 *****

“This is pure fantasy... mentally he is doing well.”