Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Francis gets his own magazine

The Italian magazine 'Il Mio Papa' will hit the magazine racks tomorrow March 5.  It is to be published weekly and will have supplemental material such as DVDs & posters.  The introductory price will be € 0.50 and the first print run is 3 million copies!  A website, twitter, and facebook page are to follow.  The first issue will focus on the first year of Francis' reign.  Special attention will be paid to the words and action of Francis from his countless meetings, Angeluses, and general audiences.  Another section will highlight people and events who have inspired him.  We hope to obtain a copy to peruse and learn more about how the Italian media perceives this revolutionary in the Vatican.
(Premier issue of 'Il Mio Papa' or 'My Pope')
Boy oh boy!  The onslaught continues with no seeming end.  We have to give Francis his due in the sense he never takes a day off!  Every day there is always a new novelty spewing from his mouth.   How long until Francis has his own reality TV show?

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