Friday, April 11, 2014

Jorge is a Joker

In a letter from 25 March 2013 to the Argentine Episcopal Conference, Jorge started it with these sentences joking about becoming Pontiff:
I send these greeting lines, also to excuse myself for not being able to be present, due to "commitments undertaken recently" (does this sound good?) [sic] I am spiritually close to you, and I beg the Lord that he may join you strongly on these days.
Could you see Our Lord quipping like this to the Blessed Mary, ever Virgin when asked to start his ministry by her at the Feast of Cana? Or replying to the Roman soldiers whom were flagellating Him at the pillar with a cute comment? Does this man, Jorge, take the office seriously?

Jorge’s good friend the Rabbi Abraham Skorka related this:
He said that the first time the Pope had called from Rome he had picked up the telephone to hear a voice telling jokily: "Hello it's Bergoglio.” "They trapped me here in Rome and they won't let me come home."
Who is the THEY Jorge is referring to? Once again, Jorge remarks lead one to conclude the Holy Ghost had nothing to do with electing him in the conclave and neither did God just THEY.


  1. It doesn´t surprise me, because Pope Francis actually thinks "they" made Peter Pope. He said this (published on the Vatican website since August 2013):

    "Many times I think of Saint Peter. He committed one of the worst sins, that is he denied Christ, and even with this sin they made him Pope. We have to think a great deal about that."

    and he said this in the same press conference:
    "The Pope is a bishop, the Bishop of Rome, and because he is the Bishop of Rome he is the Successor of Peter, Vicar of Christ. There are other titles, but the first title is “Bishop of Rome” and everything follows from that. To say, to think that this means being primus inter pares, no, that does not follow. It is simply the Pope’s first title: Bishop of Rome. But there are others too ... I think you said something about ecumenism. I think this actually helps ecumenism. But only this ..."

  2. Thanks, again Martina.

    Wait until you see what we are going to post this coming week. A preview tomorrow!

  3. joker francis cannot deceive Catholics who know their Faith, and are not friends of this antichrist like his predecessors upto John 23. SEDEVACANTE is the truth. Read La Salette message, 1846. Christ founded a True Church, One Holy, Catholic Apostolic . ... infallible, indefectible, perpetual.. Holy...makes TRUE SAINTS