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Jawdrop!! Francis supports the FSSPX!


                                         Bp. Fellay on uber-Zionist Max Krah

The post below has been taken from Rorate Caeli which translated part of Bp. Fellay's remarks from French into English.  (Click here for Rorate Caeli post) (Click here for FSSPX post in French language)  As a bonus following that excerpt, we are including an audio of Bp. Fellay's remarks (in Spanish) at the 8 October 2012 conference for priests in La Roja on the subject of Maximilian Krah.  According to Fr. Bouchacourt, the District Superior of FSSPX in South America, the audio is for internal use only and not to be shared with any priest outside our District or any parishioner without his explicit permission.

SSPX Bp. Fellay on Pope Francis: "He has read the biography of Abp. Lefebvre twice - and he liked it." And some other important revelations

In a visit to the French city of Fabregues on May 11 (that is, the day following Rorate's revelation of his meeting with Pope Francis), the Superior-General of the Society of Saint Pius X, Bp. Bernard Fellay, spoke at length about various matters of relevance to his congregation. The most important part was that related to the personality of Pope Francis:

With the current pope, as he is a practical man, he looks at people. What a person thinks, what he believes, is at the end a matter of indifference to him. What matters is that this person be sympathetic in his view, that he seems correct to him, one may say it like this.

And therefore he read twice Bp. Tissier de Mallerais' book on Abp. Lefebvre, and this book pleased him; he is against all that we represent, but, as a life, it pleased him. When, as a Cardinal, he was in South America, the District Superior [Fr. Christian Bouchacourt] came to ask him for an administrative favor with no relation to the Church; a visa problem, of permanent residency. The Argentine government, which is very leftwing, makes use of the concordat that was established to protect the Church to bother us quite seriously, and tells us, "you say you are Catholic, it is thus necessary for you to have the signature of the bishop in order to reside in the country." The District Superior therefore went to him to present the problem: there was an easy solution, and that would be to declare ourselves an independent church [before Civil Law], but we did not want to do it because we are Catholic. And the Cardinal told us, "no, no, you are Catholic, that is evident; I will help you;" he wrote a letter in our favor to the government, that is so leftwing that they managed to find a opposing letter by the nuncio. Therefore, a 0-0 tie. Now he is the pope, and our lawyer had the opportunity of having a meeting with the Pope. He told him that the problem was still going on with the Society, and asked him to please designate a bishop in Argentina with whom we could sort out this problem. The Pope told him, "Yes, and this bishop is myself, I promised to help, and I will do it."

I am still waiting for it, but anyway he said it, just as he said that, "those people there, they think I will excommunicate them, but they are mistaken;" he said something else that was very interesting: "I will not condemn them, and I will not stop anyone from visiting them [lit. 'd'aller chez eux'.]" Once again, I will wait to see. 

[Source: French District of the SSPX]

Monsignor Fellay defends the Zionist Krah

( Fr. Bouchacourt's email with remarks about conference.)

Above, we have Bp. Fellay relating how Francis has helped the FSSPX in Argentina with visa problems.  He then states how even though Francis disagrees with the FSSPX, Francis still considers the FSSPX part of his Novus Ordo church.  Francis has even read the biography of Archbishop Lefebvre twice!  Why only if the two sides sat down we here at Call Me Jorge... are certain the FSSPX would convert the Novus Ordo church, not!  Was Bp. Fellay born yesterday?  If one is going to war the best way to defeat your enemy is to know how he thinks.  Gen. George S. Patton alludes to this when telling how he defeated the German Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, "Rommel, you magnificent bastard, I read your book!

This brings up another question, are the disagreements of Fellay & Francis just a matter of style as opposed to substance?  We have an uber-zionist in one Max Krah who is the trustee of a 90 million Euros (123 million US Dollars) foundation.  This foundation was started by Mrs. Rosa Von Gutmann who left her 30% share of the assets of the Rosa und Wolfgang von Gutmann of Liechtenstein Foundation to the Austrian District of the FSSPX in the form of a foundation.  The Gutmann fortune comes from usury and mining.  Krah is assisting Fellay in transferring these assets into direct control of the FSSPX.  In his remarks Bp. Fellay brushes off Max Krah's Zionism with straw men arguments and acts as if there is no problem.  Would Pope St. Pius X see it the same way?  It appears to us Fellay loves mammon more than Christ.  When you factor in Francis' recent kowtowing to the father of Zionism, Theodor Herzl, as well as his groveling behavior to his rabbinical brethren which took place during his trip to Israel with the shenanigans which took place and are still taking place in the FSSPX concerning these same people, one begins to wonder.  Are they serving the same masters?

Pope St. Pius X was expressly anti-Zionist.  The FSSPX is the acronym for Fraternitas Sacerdotalis Sancti Pii X or in English Priestly Fraternity of Saint Pius X.  Pope St. Pius X is the namesake of their Society.  Recently, we have Francis putting flowers on the grave of Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism.  Francis is essentially thumbing his nose at this saint and at the Priestly Society named after him.  Guess what?  We searched the FSSPX, French and English language, websites and couldn't find a protest against this.  Why the silence from Fellay and company?

Soon we will have another update on Dr. Herr Krah...

Francis asks Bp. Fellay to pray for him

(The actual words exchanged when Bp. Fellay 
met Francis at Casa Sancta Marta in the Vatican.)
Francis :  Pleased to meet you.

Fellay :  I pray a lot.

Francis :  Pray much for me.

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Francis' prayer note at the Kotel

(Francis putting his prayer note in the magic stones of the Kotel.)
(Francis reflecting at the Kotel.)
(The prayer note Francis put into the stones of the Kotel.)
(Francis' prayer is the Pater Noster in Spanish.)

Video of the event

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who could have foreseen the trip to the Holy Land?

The Papal Pilgrimage (1964) British Pathé


A look back at Paul VI's trip to the Holy Land.


Francis' recent trip was in honor of the 50th Anniversary of Paul VI's historic journey in which he met with the (then) Greek Orthodox patriarch of Constantinople, Athenagoras.

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Karaoke (Suor) Cristina is going to the finals!!!

(The trinity of the NWO? A nun, a sodomite, and an immigrant.)
The wannabe rock 'n roll pop star who moonlights as a nun, Suor Cristina, has been victorious in the semi-finals and will be competing in the June 5th finals to be the next Voice of Italy!  Will she get her wish and meet Francis?  After all she believes, as do her fans, that she is evangelizing the world by sharing her love of music.  Tonight, Suor Cristina karaoke(d) her way through three songs: Le copa de la vida, The Time of My Life, and Sally.

Livin' la vida loca, She bangs, 
Adrenalina, Le copa de la vida

Le copa de la vida with 
Suor Cristina starts at 3:30

The Time of My Life

A cleaner version of the hit song 
from the movie Dirty Dancing.


Sally walks down the street without even looking at her steps
Sally is a woman who doesn't want to fight anymore
Sally has suffered too much
Sally already knows what could collapse on her
Sally have been punished yet
for each single distraction ("temptation" in some version) or weakness of her
for each single pure caress
given for not to feel the bitterness

hear, outside it's raining hear,
what a gentle sound
Sally walks down the street and she's sure
she's not thinking about anything
now she looks at people with indifferece
Those moments are so far away
when a glance used to cause excitement
when life used to be easier
and it used to be possible to eat strawberries too
because life is a thrill that flies away
it's a balance fully built on madness on madness

hear, outside it's raining hear,
what a gentle sound

but, Sally, perhaps this is the meaning of your roaming
perhaps you have to feel a little bad in the end
perhaps in the end of this sad story
someone will find the courage
to deal with feelings of guilt
and delete them from this journey
to really live each moment
along with its excitement
and as it was the last one

Sally walks down the street and she's thoughtless
it's about evening
the lights of street lamps light up
all people runs at home in front of the televisions
and a thought goes through her head
perhaps life wasn't all lost
perhaps something was saved
perhaps it wasn't really all wrong
perhaps it was right just so
perhaps... perhaps... yes, it was

so, what can I say?
hear, what a gentle sound

Let's get started in recapping tonight.  Nothing says you're a nun like singing a song with an open sodomite, Ricky Martin.  On his website Ricky wrote, "I am proud to say that I am a fortunate homosexual man. I am very blessed to be who I am" and he further states happiness comes from sodomy!  Next Suor Cristina sings The Time of My Life the melody associated with the movie Dirty Dancing.  In the movie the anti-heroine played by Jennifer Grey borrows money from her father to finance an abortion and also learns to dirty dance so this same woman can go get her abortion!  Singing this song is definitely not Mary-like behavior.  To finish the night, Suor Cristina warbles her way through Vasco Rossi's song Sally.  As the translated lyrics above attest, it is not exactly an uplifting song nor one about God.  So it fits the bill for Novus Ordo Cristina!  We almost forgot to mention Suor Cristina brought her coach, J-ax, to tears once again.  Oh see, she has to be of God if she is making him cry.  Remember with modernists it is all about a personal 'faith' experience!

Could someone please put a fork in this woman?

Sodomy, abortion, and sacrilegious behavior, 
it's all good in Francis' Novus Ordo church!

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it's always about the...BLANK

Pope Francis 'aids' the Palestinian people 
directing attention to the Warsaw ghetto

to read more see Maurice Pinay's

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six hands kissed for six million!

The hand kissing starts at 4 minutes and 
continues until the video finishes.

Francis kissed  the hands of six holocaust survivors at the Yad Vashem memorial.  According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, a holocaust survivor is "any Jew who lived for any period of time in a country that was ruled by the Nazis or their allies."  This means one need not have been in a concentration camp during the second world war to be a holocaust survivor.  Did you know that dear reader?  You could have been a Jew living in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast of Russia or one of Hilter's Jewish soldiers and still have been a holocaust survivor.

So why did Francis kiss the hands of six Jews?  The significance of this number comes from Gematria a system of numerology used by Jews.  Its practitioners are most often but not always steeped in the esoteric Kabbalah.  According to Rabbi Geoffry W. Dennis, in The Encyclopedia of Jewish Myth, Magic, and Mysticism on page 104, gematria "is a complex hermeneutic technique in which numbers are used to reveal messages in texts and thereby derive insight into the order of the universe."  As Rabbi Benjamin Blech relates in the last two pages of his book, The Secret of Hebrew Words,  the word TaShuVU (in English this translates as, "you shall return") is misspelled in the Torah. This has been done for a very important reason by God.  For when one adds up the numerical value of misspelled TaShuVU one gets the year 1948 AD (5708 jewish date). This is the year the state of Israel was founded!  Are you sitting down?  When you take the value of the missing letter, vav,  from the misspelled TaShuVU one comes up with the number six.  So the Rabbi Blech tells us this predicts the Jews shall return to Israel without six!  He then take a further leap of insanity and multiplies this by 1,000,000 to get the 6,000,000 who perished in the holocaust.  This is the religion Francis esteems so much!  We couldn't in our  wildest imaginations make this stuff up!

Once again we see Francis turning papal protocol on its head.  The last time we saw Francis kiss a hand, it belonged to the 93 year old Salesian priest Don Michele De Paolis who believes sodomy is a gift from God and the Church is in error.  (click here to read about Don Michele) At Yad Vashem, Francis kissed the hands of six people of both sexes.  Is he the sovereign of the Holy See or not?  Kissing another person's hand in Church protocol is a gesture of formal submission.  Are these six people somehow living saints or examples to be revered by members of the Novus Ordo church?  Any way we try to spin it, to us at Call Me Jorge... it seems like Francis is groveling towards his Talmudic brethren.  In interview number ? (who knows we've lost track of which interview he is currently granting) Francis said, "But my gestures were not pre-planned, I just do what comes to me spontaneously."  Maybe Francis' inner Jew, recognized a kindred spirit in those six people and spontaneously moved him to action? 

So dear reader to recap, Francis kissing the hand has a triple meaning:
  • subservience to the modern day religion of Talmudic Judaism,
  • recognizing the magical number '6' & the power of Kabbalistic numerology,
  • demonstrating to his puppet masters he is on board with the program.

And to think, we haven't even gotten around 
to what Francis said!

Notes :
(The Secrets of Hebrew Words by Rabbi Benjamin Blech)

(Copyright page of The Secrets of Hebrew Words)

(page 214 of The Secrets of Hebrew Words)

(page 215 of The Secrets of Hebrew Words)

hide the pectoral cross...

(Sephardic rabbi Yitzak Josef, Jorge Bergoglio, and Ashkenazi rabbi David Lau.)

Is Francis playing hide the pectoral cross  again with his rabbinical friends?  Remember he last played this game, in the Vatican, when he had all those rabbis over for the kosher "Last Lunch"?   (click here to read "I spy with my little eye something hidden...")  Even if his pectoral cross inadvertently slipped into his sash, this is still symbolic of how Francis hides Christ from the Jews.  We here at Call Me Jorge... have yet to see any evidence of Francis evangelizing the Jews.  For more on this subject see, 

fire at Bethlehem's Nativity church

Less than 48 hours after Francis visited Bethlehem's Nativity church, a fire broke out in the Grotto of the Nativity.  The Daily Star of Lebanon has the story, Fire damages Bethlehem's Nativity church

Bethlehem Governor Abdel-Fatah Hamayel told AFP it was a small fire that had broken out accidentally when an oil lamp fell over just before dawn, causing some damage to fabric wall hangings inside the Grotto of the Nativity itself.

"It was an accident that started when an oil lamp fell over. The fire started on its own, then burned itself out," he said.

The fire, which was discovered at around 4:30 a.m. (0100 GMT) when the security guard smelled smoke, broke out in the cave underneath the 4th-century basilica where Christians believe Mary gave birth to Jesus.

Inside, the charred remains of several brightly-coloured wall hangings hung limply against the cave walls which were blackened with soot. Two ornate icons of Mary holding Jesus sustained smoke damage.

Is this a mere coincidence or another sign from God?  Wherever Francis goes disaster always seems to follow.  Think about it for a minute.  We will help start you off with his flooded out adventure in Rio for World Youth Day 2013.  Can you come up with more?  Reflect on what happens to those he prays for.  Ditto, more disaster and who can forget the tragic death of 21 year old Marco Gusmini?  People often lament God doesn't send them signs.  We at Call Me Jorge... believe that God does but most people are too busy with their lives and not paying attention.

the triumph of Theodor Herzl

Here is one Israeli's perspective on Francis' visit to the grave of Theodor Herzl and the signal it gives the world as to whether  Pope St. Pius X or Theodor Herzl, the founder of Zionism, was the winner in the idea of a Jewish homeland.  (Click here, to read the article on the Israel Hayom website.)  The underlines & bolds in the article below are ours for emphasis.

Closing a circle
by Uri Heitner
On Jan. 23, 1904, six months before he died, an exhausted Theodor Herzl met with Pope Pius X. The multilingual Herzl tried to gauge whether the pope would support the Zionist movement, and lobbied him in Italian.

But the pope's response was unequivocal -- he was outright against the idea of founding a Jewish home in the Land of Israel, and he opposed in principle the idea of recognizing the Jewish people.

"The Jews have not recognized our Lord, and therefore we cannot recognize the Jewish people," he said.

Despite this stance, Pius was not opposed to Jews immigrating to the Land of Israel.

"We pray for them, that their minds be enlightened ... and so, if you come to Palestine and settle your people there, we shall have churches and priests ready to baptize all of you," he said.

Pius stressed that Jerusalem "must not fall into the hands of the Jews."

"The Jews, who ought to have been the first to acknowledge Jesus Christ, have not done so to this day," he said.

Some 110 years later, Pope Francis is holding an official state visit in Israel, the nation-state of the Jewish people and its capital, Jerusalem. All the trappings of sovereignty are on display during this visit. The pope was scheduled to meet with President Shimon Peres, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and the chief rabbis; he was to visit the Yad Vashem Hall of Remembrance and the Western Wall.

But in my view, his visit to Mount Herzl was the crown jewel of the visit, because it meant closure. It has a single overarching meaning: Zionism has triumphed.
The rapprochement between the Holy See and the State of Israel was long and laborious. Pope Paul VI's visit to Israel in 1964, which lasted just 11 hours, was a milestone that bode well for bilateral relations as it allowed de facto recognition of the Jewish state. He refused to meet with Israeli leaders in Jerusalem, as this would have been interpreted as a recognition of Jerusalem as its capital. President Zalman Shazar and Prime Minister Levi Eshkol put their pride to one side and agreed to meet him in Megiddo. Only 30 years later did Israel and the Holy See announce the opening of formal diplomatic relations; it took another six years for a pope to make an official visit.

Israel is often portrayed as a pariah state, an entity whose control over contested territory has turned it into an outcast. But that is a far cry from Israel's real standing on the world stage. In 1964, three years before the Six-Day War, when Jerusalem was still divided and Judea and Samaria were still under Jordanian rule, Israel's image was much worse than it is today. Pope Paul VI's visit and the way he conducted himself during his pilgrimage attest to that.

Pope Francis' visit to Mount Herzl was a tribute to the visionary who foresaw the establishment of the Jewish state. His predecessor refused to make the same gesture. Herzl has won; his vision is being realized. Yes, Israel still faces a delegitimization campaign, some seven decades after its founding (this effort is embraced by some inside Israel, as well,) but its overall standing on the world stage is on the rise. Not for nothing do world leaders keep coming. One almost feels as if there is a constant airlift to Israel. The greatest performers hold concerts here, too. Israel has also enjoyed a boost in its economic ties worldwide. This is the triumph of Zionism. The pope's visit to Mount Herzl attests to that.

(Reporter Uri Heitner)

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the end of the Medieval Papacy

"Absolutely. Yes absolutely. 
I believe it is the end of the Medieval Papacy."
- Mrs. Alicia Barrio, Francis' closest female friend - 

"I remember once when visiting a children's hospital for the terminally ill.  It was extremely... It was one of the times when you could see how sad he was... and touched.  He (Francis)  said there was no explanation for the death of a child."
- Mrs. Alicia Barrio, Francis' closest female friend -

Henrique Cymerman: Last June I asked the Pope where does this fraternal relationship with the Jewish people come from?

Mrs. Alicia Barrio: I think it derives from the Jew he carries within him, to which he drew our attention.

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Francis & the Shekinah

(Benedict XVI praying like a Jew at the Wailing Wall while under the supervision of two rabbis.)
A favorite ploy of the talmudic jews  is to have a religious leader or politician go to the Kotel (aka Western Wall or Wailing Wall) and pay homage to their man made rabbinical religion.  It is an outward public profession of submission to the pharisaical faith for the whole world to see.  Benedict XVI and the new saint John Paul II both went to the Wailing Wall to demonstrate their faith not in Catholicism but modern day Judaism. During his trip, to Jordan, the occupied Palestinian territories, and Israel, Francis is scheduled on Monday 26 May 2014 at 09:10 to visit the Western Wall in Jerusalem.  This is to take place 35 minutes before he goes to Mount Herzl to lay a wreath at the grave of Theodor Herzl.

A few things about the Kotel which the dear reader may or may not be familiar with.  The Western Wall we are told by the rabbis is the only vestige which remains from the Holy Temple in Jerusalem.  They also tell their followers that God's blessing and bounties emanate from this spot as it is near one of the gates to heaven.  Hence, by having your prayer placed on paper in the wall, the prayer will reach God in heaven.  In the 20th century, the rabbis started a lucrative racket of charging fees for having a rabbi act as a surrogate for you, by writing a note and placing it in the mystic stones of the Kotel.  One much recommended practice is by having this done for 40 consecutive days which will result in finding a husband or wife.  Ka-ching for the rabbis!

Now onto the facts concerning the Western Wall.  According to Rabbi Yehoram Mazor, in a 24 September 1999 article from Ha'aretz, Rabbis question relevance of Western Wall,

"The Western Wall is merely one of the four supporting walls built by King Herod when he enlarged the Temple Mount. All four of these walls are still standing, and at different times each of them has been a place of Jewish worship.

"The Western Wall only achieved its current status during the Ottoman period, for the simple reason that it was the wall closest to the Jewish Quarter.

"It has no religious connection to the Temple, the remains of which are buried beneath the Mosque of Omar [the Dome of the Rock]."

English historian Simon Goldhill says of it on pages 4 & 7 in his book, The Temple of Jerusalem,

"The wall actually had no religious significance at all in Herod's time: where people now pray was no more than a road at the bottom of the wall which held up the platform on which the Temple stood. It was a functional solution to the architectural problem of the platform, and not part of the Temple itself."

Again referring back to the article from Ha'aretz, Rabbis question relevance of Western Wall,

Among those who have set out to discredit Mazor's claims is Rabbi Regev, director of IRAC (Israel Religious Action Committee), the public affairs and legal arm of the movement, which has represented various religious groups before the High Court regarding the right of all Jews to pray at the site as they wish, including the holding of egalitarian services.

Regev believes that the historical facts surrounding the origins of the Wall are immaterial to the site's significance. "Religion belongs as much to the sphere of emotion as it does to logic. The overriding historical fact is that the Western Wall occupies a vitally important place in Jewish consciousness, and that is what is relevant. Once a site is so powerfully imprinted on collective consciousness, it matters not a whit whether its authenticity is based on cold irrefutable facts. Almost every Jew who comes to Israel considers a visit to the Wall the high point of their trip."

So dear reader you see, it is all made up by the rabbis.  It is a fantasy land for those shackled by the rules of talmudic judaism.  Speaking of rules, at the Kotel, the men and women are kept apart by a wall!  What happneded to the liberal Jewish doctrine of equality?  Well, this is nothing compared to what the Talmud has to say about the inferiority of women.  Guess some people are more equal than others.

Now onto Benedict XVI's and John Paul II's groveling at the Kotel.  John Paul II set the precedent on 26 March 2000 by being the first to visit the Western Wall and place a prayer there.  As Benedict XVI continued this sacrilegious and apostate practice, on 12 May 2009, nothing less is expected from Francis.  There was much hemming and hawing by the Talmudists before John Paul II and Benedict XVI were allowed to go to the Wailing Wall and place their prayers in the magic stones.  Expect the same behavior towards Francis.  Remember dear reader, Francis will be following modern day Jewish religious rituals in this physical act.

The excellent website, Tradition In Action, has more to say about the latest of these transgressions against God, in their entry, Benedict defying God's wrath at the Wailing Wall,

As one recalls, the Temple was destroyed as part of the punishment for the crime of Deicide perpetrated by the the Jews - the high priests, scribes and Pharisees together with the people, who asked that the Blood of Jesus Christ, Son of God, fall over them and their offspring - as reported in the Gospels.

After the destruction of the Temple by Titus in the year 70 A.C., one attempt was made by Emperor Julian the Apostate to rebuild that edifice. He meant to destroy the belief that the chastisement was due to the Death of Our Lord. His initiative was prevented by earthquakes and balls of fire falling from the sky that destroyed what had been made and frightened the workers. Julian died in June of 363 during that attempt to rebuild the Temple. Confessing his failure in his struggle against Jesus Christ, he cried out while dying: "Thou hast won, O Galilean!"

After that, no one ever tried to rebuild that cursed edifice.

Benedict XVI, like John Paul II before him, defied the wrath of God when he went to "pray" in that place - purposely ignoring the punishment of God it represents.

In the prayer he wrote, the Pope depicts himself neither as a representative of Jesus Christ, whose Name he did not mention, nor as the Sovereign Pontiff of the Catholic Church, but rather as a self-appointed ambassador of "all who call upon God's name." Ignoring the Passion of Our Lord which He suffered in that very City of Jerusalem, Benedict XVI addressed the "God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob," supposedly the same God of Catholics, Jews and Muslims.

(A jew davening or copulating with the Shekinah.)

Rabbi Isaac ben Solomon Luria Ashkenazi (aka Ha'ARI) was a 16th century Kabbalistic rabbi who claimed to have conversations with Elias (Elijah) from the Old Testament.  Many of his teachings went against and were contrary to earlier rabbinical teachings.  We are digressing.  The reason Jews pray at the Western Wall is because Rabbi Luria told his followers that this site, which Christians were using at the time as a dump, was where the Temple had been located.  The reasoning Rabbi Luria gave behind this, is the Christians are the enemies of the Jews so they are defiling a jewish holy place.  He further told them the Shekinah emanates from the wall.  For those who don't know about Judaism, the Shekinah is the female aspect of God.  It suffices to say when God was in his original form he was a hermaphrodite and it is the Jews responsibility to reunite the Shekinah with the masculine Godhead the details of this are laid out in the Zohar a kabbalistic book.  When at the wall the Talmudists daven.  Davening is a ritualistic form of chasidic jewish prayer which involves using the whole body.  If you have seen a Jew rocking back and forth you dear reader have seen one davening.  Rabbi Luria and later Hasidic Kabbalists taught in proper davening one is copulating with the Shekinah.  Sounds like a sex cult to us at Call Me Jorge...

Rabbi Skorka who will accompany Francis on his trip said, “I dream of embracing him at the Kotel, or Wailing Wall."  Elsewhere he has shared that he and Francis have a dream “to pray together” at the Wailing Wall.  Since Francis loves novelty, as well as understands the minutiae of the man-made Talmudic religion we wonder if when at the Kotel will he pray in the manner proscribed for the Jews?

(Will Francis daven when at the Kotel?)

- Some pictures -

(John Paul II reading his prayer at the wall.)

(John Paul II placing his prayer in the mystic stones.)

(Text of John Paul II's prayer.)

(This act by John Paul II even made the cover of a book.)

(Benedict XVI putting his prayer in the mystical stones.)

(Benedict XVI's prayer shown after being pulled out.)

(Text of Benedict XVI's prayer.)

(Look, it's African workers cleaning the wall.)

(Arabs picking up 'prayers' at wall and placing them in trash.)

(Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch overseeing his African help at the wall.)

(Rabbi Shmuel Rabinovitch overseeing his Arabic help at the wall.)
- Notes -
(Cover of The Temple of Jerusalem by Simon Goldhill.)

(Title page of The Temple of Jerusalem.)

(Page 4 of The Temple of Jerusalem.)

(Page 7 of The Temple of Jerusalem.)

humbleness in action

Thank goodness, Francis' public relations team headed by Greg Burke of Opus (Ju)Dei orchestrated another public act of humbleness for Francis to partake in.  We were beginning to forget he was so humble!  Way to notify the paparazzi ahead of time where Francis was going to be and what he was going to do, Mr. Burke!  Francis' papal hooptie, the Renault 4, must be in for repairs at the papal garage as he instead was riding in the papal econobox, the Ford Focus, for this trip.

Instructables for an 'impromptu' papal photo-op 

 Make a banner, with wish on it, old skool style!

Place old skool banner in prominent place.

Hang more banners & papal flag for photo-op.

Papal econobox will make an 'impromptu' stop.

Take photo of 'compassionate' Francis.

See story in the newspaper & on television!

Repeat as needed!