Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Is Max excited about Francis' trip?

We here at Call Me Jorge... were wondering, is uber-Zionist Herr Dr. Max Krah excited by Francis trip to Israel?  He should be, as what puppet wouldn't love to go on a trip to meet his puppet masters?  Some photos below of Max getting the word out for the Zionists in Dresden from the facebook page of  Dig Deutsch-Israelische Gesellschaft Dresden or in English, The German-Israeli Society of DresdenMax serves on their board as co-chairman. How does he keep all his alliances straight?

(Max on the left back to camera.)

(Camera shy Max with back to camera.)

(Max explaining why Israeli is #1.)

(Camera shy Max on left with boss looking at camera.)

(SUPPORT ISRAEL, Now more than ever!)

(Max explains that Israel didn't kill Rachel Corrie.)

(Max asks boss if he can have some of the flags to take home for his children.)

(The header on the facebook page.)

(Click to enlarge to see Max Krah.)

The last photo translates as follows:

German-Israeli Society
The board of directors of the Workers’ Association of Dresden

Chairman: Ralf Wilhelm

Co-Chairman: Dr. Maximilian Krah

Treasurer: Ingrid Richter

Members: Ekkehard Kämmerer, Jürgen Ebeling

(click here to see original page with co-chair Max)


  1. The fact of there being a Zionist organisation in Dresden, of all places, is a depressing thought.

  2. Germany is a lost cause.

  3. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fV-s_kUS5jU