Monday, May 26, 2014

the end of the Medieval Papacy

"Absolutely. Yes absolutely. 
I believe it is the end of the Medieval Papacy."
- Mrs. Alicia Barrio, Francis' closest female friend - 

"I remember once when visiting a children's hospital for the terminally ill.  It was extremely... It was one of the times when you could see how sad he was... and touched.  He (Francis)  said there was no explanation for the death of a child."
- Mrs. Alicia Barrio, Francis' closest female friend -

Henrique Cymerman: Last June I asked the Pope where does this fraternal relationship with the Jewish people come from?

Mrs. Alicia Barrio: I think it derives from the Jew he carries within him, to which he drew our attention.

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  1. Hi. It all makes me wonder if Bergoglio is a crypto-member of the B'nai B'rith, which I'm sure you know was founded as a Jewish masonic organization.

    As for the comment about "the end of the medieval papacy" I'm sure that this was very deliberately inserted into this interview. She even says herself that she is a messenger for Bergoglio.

    IMO the reference to the "medieval papacy" ties into something I read recently about a Jewish theory that early Christians were simply a Jewish sect. And that this sect was essentially wiped out by the Emperor Constantine. So that essentially there was no Cristian Church from about 300 A.D. until Vatican II (the "medieval Church"). The article I mentions is here:

    The article discusses the Dead Sea Scrolls which I suspect to be a huge hoax and one of the prime justifications of "modernizing" the Church -- but that is anothe subject. BTW, I think the book/movie "The Exorcist" indirectly references the Dead Sea Scrolls. I think this is the evil spirit that is let loose during an archaelogical expedition at the beginning of the movie. And the archaeologist can only be a hidden reference to Malachi Martin -- a double or triple agent IMO (Jewish, communist, freemason???)

  2. Hello again. I noticed the name of the interviewer "Henrique Cymerman". I assumed the original last name to be Zimmerman and that he is probably of Jewish ancestryt. Bingo! You must read the Spanish Wikipedia entry for him (I assume you read Spanish):

    He has lived in Israel since he was 16. He was a professor of Sociology and Political Science at the University of Tel Aviv. He is the one that first proposed to "Pope Francis" that he visit Israel. He is the one that suggested to Bergoglio that he host a meeting between Abbas and Peres at the Vatican...

    So I think we can assume that this interview with Alicia Barrio is completely staged and pre-scripted. In other words it is made to appear spontaneous, but there is nothing spontaneous about it. I suspect that every word that Alicia utters in this "interview" is completely rehearsed.

    It makes me wonder if she might not also be a crypto B'nai B'rith member? Part of what she calls the "Bergoglio family".

    Thanks again for the work you do with this blog and for posting this very important video -- I would never have found it on my own.

  3. Thanks for your comment Michael. We here at Call Me Jorge... were aware he is a Sephardic Jew and have been looking into Bergoglio's associations concerning his latest trip. It is difficult keeping up with Francis as he never is quiet.

  4. Regarding the Dead Sea Scrolls - there is a recent book published by alternative news and UFO researcher Nick Redfern called THE PYRAMIDS AND THE PENTAGON (New Page Books, Pompton Plains, NJ, 2012). Redfern documents the CIA's involvement with the Dead Sea Scrolls, then further goes on to say this on page 25:
    "According to Timothy Cooper, the most sensational revelation related to the crash of the curious flying machine at the mountain-surrounded White Sands in 1947 was that within its wrecked confines nothing less than the remains of an incredibly old Hebrew Bible were carefully retrieved by the military operatives tasked with the recovery of the craft." Now, question? Why is there an old Hebrew Bible on a UFO, purportedly? A conspiracy researcher I listened to today online said the CIA is very involved with promoting the work of Zecharia Sitchin, who was also involved with Ratzinger's theologian coming out a few years ago saying the novus ordo would baptize ET. We know about the CIA's knowledge and involvement with the 1958 conclave takeover of the papal chair.

    What are any of us to make of all this strangeness?