Saturday, May 24, 2014

the true face of Talmudism shows itself

(This rabbi like Suor Cristina is giving the devil horns.)

Maurice Pinay's Blog has done it again with another excellent post about the 'welcoming party' of youths who follow the teachings of the orthodox rabbis & the Talmud.  Below is a scan of a pamphlet these youths were passing out.  In recent days they have also hung anti-Catholic banners, sprayed 'price-tag' graffiti on Churches, and damaged Christian properties.  We expect Francis to remain silent on these matters and instead mouth a pithy platitude similar to the late Rodney King's, "Can we all get along" while he holds hands with the perfidious Rabbi Skorka and the heretical Iman Abboud.  Interestingly, in a state filled with terrorism which detains Moslems and Christians without formally charging them, these Judaic youths are let off.  Arutz Sheva 7 has an article, Court Rejects Police 'Restraining Order' to Stop Pope Protests, explaining all this.  We guess some people in Israel are more equal than others.  One other thing to point out is the name which the pamphlet uses to refer to Jesus the Christ.  It is the same rabbinical acronym we wrote of earlier in, update on the White Crucifixion, which is simply "YESHU = May his name and his memory be wiped out."  Remember Francis believes everyone prays to the same God regardless of their religion & these Judaic criminals are God's chosen people who have a covenant with God which is still valid.  Please take the time to read Maurice Pinay's most important post.

Read the pamphlet the Judaic youths were passing out to see the real face of the Talmudic religion and not the censored false 'we are the eternal victims' version shoved down the world's throats by the media!

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Anti-Christian graffiti reads, “Price tag, David (is) the king, Jesus (is) Junk for the Jews” 
It was spray painted recently on the Romanian Church in Jerusalem.


  1. True Roman Catholics know The Faith because it is the same one handed down to us by our Apostolic Forefathers. They would never have bowed the knee to the Talmudic racists and their supremacist mendacity, nor their Anti-Christ propaganda.
    We can see through their veil of hatred and lies as much as we can see through the erroneous pontifications of the post-conciliar neo-papacies who are cap-in-hand and hand-in-glove with these enemies of Our Blessed Lord.
    May Our Blessed Lord and His Blessed Mother guide us through this era of ecclesiastical apostasy and give us wisdom, counsel and fortitude by the gifts of The Holy Ghost to maintain our sights on the eternal life to come.

  2. I've seen that the Jews interpret the man of pains from Isaiah 53 as themselves.

    This is quite interesting since the king David in Psalm 143 says that no living man is just before God.

    How can iniquitous people satisfy for other iniquitous people that their interpretation of Isaiah 53 be true? Didn't God destroy majority of His chosen people in the desert for their iniquities?

    When it's obvious that the Jews aren't the man of pains from Isaiah 53 the question is: who is that living man of pains who is just before God when no living man is just before God? How about the God-man (Immanuel) as Isaiah 7:14 foretells?

  3. A lot of this is covered in Msgr. Henri DeLassus' book AMERICANISM AND THE ANTICHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY which is highly recommended. It's back in print in english translation. Also in the works of Fr. Fahey.

  4. The Nation of Israel should think about why the single God's Name throughout The Holy Scripture is generally in plural form "Elohim" and much rarely in singular forms "El" and "Eloah". The single God certainly didn't name Himself(!) in plural(!!) after plurality of mere creatures.