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sodomite Elton John is a fan of Francis!

Francis' words & actions are garnering him fans left and right with the sodomites.  His newest fan is Reginald Kenneth Dwight aka Elton Hercules John. Listen to him umm, umm, umm share his perverted umm, mind.

Sodomy is a Civil Right

7:14  "I will fight for people's rights. Anybody whose human rights uh are wronged or taken away I will try and fight for them. I will go to Russia.  I'm going to Russia in December or November and I will try to me Putin on I will try to talk to him.  I don't know what good it will do but unless you build a bridge ahh, it's no good putting up a wall saying I'm not talking to these people the only thing that gets solved is by talking to people umm"
7:58  "As an AIDS organization we support the marginalized as well umm, you know the very very poor people that are getting left behind, the drug users, the people in prison.  Umm you know if we leave people behind in society, then society is going to crumble.  We have to do on this journey of aids and of human rights we have to try and take everyone with us and uh, I deeply believe that and umm many people might disagree with me but I'm certainly you know if anyone doesn't have their basic civil rights I get crazy!"
8:46  "The new Pope has done wonderful.  I mean he's excited me so much by his humanity and taking everything down to the humility of faith no matter what it is, what faith you have, what religion you have, who you believe in, what you believe in he stripped it down to the bare bones and said it's all basically about love and taking everybody in inclusiveness umm"
9:29  "Of course and and and I don't see why Catholic priests have to be celibate. That's crazy!  You know these are old and stupid things umm and the church hierarchy might be you know uhh, up in arms about it the traditionalists but the times have changed we live in a different time.  If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him as the christian person he was and the great person he was saying this could not happen umm.  He was all about love and compassion and forgiveness and and trying to bring people together and that's what the church should be about."

"Who am I to judge?"

Usury is good according to the Vatican

The “Populorum Progressio” Foundation for Latin America is pushing usury under the guise of micro-loans.  The foundation was instituted by Saint John Paul II in 1992 and he entrusted its oversee to its board & to the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum”.  Usury is great as long as poor people can borrow the money...isn't this what made them poor in the first place?

*Populorum Progressio translates from Latin into English as "the people's program" or "development of the people"

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Selfie Sunday #6 (the joker)

Dear Readers,

Why can't this man named Francis ever shut his mouth?  Recently, he granted an interview (yet another) to Franca Giansoldati. In the interview he was once again himself, making fun of the Catholic Faith.  This time Francis said, 
"The fact is that the woman was taken from a rib .. (he laughs heartily). I'm joking, mine is a joke."  
Francis is joking about the creation of Eve from the account of it in the book of Genesis in the Old Testament.  Let's see: 1) making fun of an altar boy who has hands together out of reverence, 2) telling blasphemous jokes about Our Lord's Crucifixion, 3) kidding with a rabbi that he, Francis, is now a trapped at the Vatican, 4) joking with cardinals who elected him "may God forgive you for what you have done", 5) joking at his Angelus addresses, 6) etc... and 7) now making fun of how Eve was created?  

Could you see Francis telling the joke about the mobile gas vans during the holocaust or how about the one about the women who ate cut diamonds, excreted them and ate them again, day after day in the concentration camp, or what about the joke of how many Jews can fit into a shower room or on an electric conveyor belt?  Did you see him crack jokes during his trip to Israel?  Was he joking and laughing at Yad Vashem, the tomb of Theodor Herzl, or the Kotel (Wailing Wall)?

So what is his religion?  What is he praying and to whom is he praying, if he sees Catholicism as a joke?   

This man is a disgusting embarrassment of a human being.

- Call Me Jorge... 

P.S. We almost forgot, here is a selfie of Francis and Franca Giansoldati on Alitalia.

More :

Addendum to Easter 1996, Bergoglio style

Above Fr. Taborda recounts his witnessing Jorge Bergoglio steal his confessor's crucifix. He then relates how he encouraged him to do it, saying it was OK to Bergoglio because he was the bishop.  Fr. Taborda and Francis would do well to read a good (pre-Vatican II) Catholic catechism and take its lessons to heart.


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Suor Cristina's night out of the convent

Suor Cristina was back on Italian television last night.  She was on the program Donne Ad Alta Quota on the Italian channel Rai Due.  Remember her defenders giving the reason she sang profane songs as opposed to sacred ones was due to her not having any control over The Voice of Italy?  Well, Suor Cristina got her big chance to prove her critics wrong and she... 

...instead proved them right as once again she sang What a Feeling from the movie Flashdance.  Her big opportunity to sing something suitable and she went back to her old favorite.  We republish what we wrote on this song from Is Suor Cristina's sister act finally over?,
We comment on this song even though we have written a previous post on it.  The sole reason for this is, Suor Cristina chose it as her final song and What a Feeling is the theme of the movie Flashdance hence when one hears it they associate the movie with it.  In the film the anti-heroine is a steel welder who is an exotic dancer, pole-dancer, stripper however one would like to term it who chases her dreams of making the big time by dancing for the dance Conservatory in her city.  The movie ends with her incorporating street dance moves into her repertoire, winning the dance audition, and getting her guy.  Remind you of anyone?  Suor Cristina maybe?
Suor Cristina was out there once again glorifying God on Italian television!  She changed back to her blueish grey habit.  In all the pictures of her we have seen of her in the habit before her appearance on The Voice she was wearing this color.  Where as on The Voice she wore black,  leading us to conclude it was for show business.  What a fraud, singing profane songs with worldly lyrics while dressing in the colors one typically associates with nuns all for the false god of television.

While we here at Call Me Jorge... are on the subject of music, just to show Suor Cristina isn't an exception we have videos of two priests at weddings.   The first video is already famous having been in the newspapers, on television, and on the internet.  It is Fr. Ray Kelly singing Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah at a wedding he was officiating on April the 5th.  Fr. Kelly modified the lyrics to the occasion.

Fr. Ray Kelly has since gone on to sign a recording contract.  Which bring us to Don Bruno Maggioni, at Italian weddings.  Don Maggioni chooses to sing a disco song, Mamma Maria by Ricchi e Poveri at every wedding he oversees.  What a great gift to the bride and groom!  Some videos of him performing this song from his different performances.  One groom wrote on youtube, "The best priest in the world singing and dancing to the rhythm of Mamma Maria of Ricchi e Poveri during my marriage."  Also, notice the big banner of Francis prominently displayed in the church, which looks like a gymnasium to us, with one of his trite clichés.

Each of the three people were in different situations but what do they all have in common which has resulted in them having no Catholic sense of the sacred?  That's right they all attend and participate in the man created, man centered, work of human hands, the Novus Ordo Missae!  See dear reader, even when the Novus Ordo church has the chance to sing something sacred they instead sing the profane which the world loves.  God not so much...   Their public actions leaves one no choice but to judge them as modernists.  The true colors of the Novus Ordo always shine through for the world to see, if they would only stop trying to explain it all away.  Remember Francis has the cure for this disease, more Vatican II in the correct spirit & more Novus Ordo!

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Francis on youtube

Inspired by the entry, Searching for Francis — on YouTube over at the Novus Ordo Wire, we tried it and look at the results...

Is the public not buying the act Francis & his cohorts in the media are selling?

Francis the joking modernist

***** UPDATED AT 6:03 PM *****

Since Francis is sick, we here at Call Me Jorge... are taking a much needed break from his shenanigans.  As we type he is probably giving another interview while relaxing in Casa Santa Marta, drinking some yerba mate, and phoning his buddy Rabbi Skorka to talk about the World Cup football matches.  Below is a video of Francis acting like the joker he is.  Nothing is too sacred with this man to joke about except the holocaust.  This modernist moment with an altar boy happened in early November 2013.

"Are your hands bound together? It looks like they're stuck."



***** UPDATE *****
Maurice Pinay kindly sent a link to this photo which demonstrates that Francis never jokes around when it comes to his 'true' religion.

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Franciscan Friars in full communion with Rome

(Franciscan Friars of Immaculate celebrate Novus Ordo Missae with Francis.)

No, no were are not talking about the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.  They are currently in Francis' doghouse due to some of the order's members not accepting the documents of Vatican II and for their love of Saint John XXIII's transitional mass of 1962.  We are instead writing about the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence. These Friars are in the Diocese of Boston and are underneath Cardinal Sean O'Malley, one of Francis' favorites and a member of his Super G-8 Committee on how the Novus Ordo church should be run.  

(Jorge & Sean have been revolutionary buddies a long time.)

We can hear you what's the big deal?  Glad you asked.  The Friars set up a booth at the finish line of the Boston Gay Pride 2014 parade.  Well, there is nothing wrong with that is there?  If they were trying to get these sinners to reform and follow Catholic teaching it would be another matter.  Look at the message they were promoting.  

(Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence's booth at Gay Pride parade.)

Straight out of the mouth of Francis, "Who am I to judge?"  It doesn't stop there as the grand marshals for the parade were the 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence'.  These cross dressing sodomites mock the Catholic Faith with regularity and are a grotesquely perverted group.

(The grand marshals of the parade, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.)

Not only did the Friars have a booth at this parade but they also sold t-shirts, buttons, hats, water bottles, dog tags, key chains, clocks, bags, aprons, wall decals, magnets, and bumper stickers with the "Who an I to judge" phrase and the Franciscan crucifix in rainbow colors!  

(T-shirt sold at booth.)

(Tote bag sold at booth.)

(Bumper stickers & magnets sold at booth.)

Unbelievable?  Perverted?  No it's just the fruits of the Second Vatican Council & the Novus Ordo Missae!  Let's look at the website of the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence in Boston, the St. Anthony Shrine.

(Graphic from Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence's website.)

(Logo from Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence's website.)

from the entry, Ministry to LGBT Persons
St. Anthony Shrine & Ministry Center has two existing ministries dealing with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons:
  • A support group for parents, family and friends of LGBT persons to assist them to love and care about their loved ones. The specialized group meetings are designed to inform and enlighten the participants to concerns and issues they may be experiencing.
  • An LGBT spirituality group that is a community of faith where people are provided the opportunity to explore and express their Catholic Christian spirituality and to grow in hope with one another through prayer, sacraments, community and service.
There is nothing in either group contrary to Church teaching.
St. Anthony Shrine strives to reach out to those who are outside the four walls of the church. Echoing Pope Francis’s words, our underlying theme is “Who am I to judge?”
This weekend, our sole activity will be hosting an information booth on City Hall Plaza about the Shrine’s ministries and volunteer opportunities, inviting those who are waiting for an invitation from the Church to join us.
As Franciscans, we continue the long-standing ministry of our founder, St. Francis of Assisi, who always reached out to those on the margins of the community and welcome them with uncompromising love and acceptance.  From the writings of St. Francis, Letter to all the Faithful, “In that love which is God [cf. 1 John 4:16], I, Brother Francis, the least of your servants and worthy only to kiss your feet, beg and implore all those to whom this letter comes, to hear these words of our Lord Jesus Christ in a spirit of humility and love, putting them into practice with all gentleness and observing them perfectly. And may God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, bless all those who welcome them…” Here at St. Anthony Shrine we strive daily to put into action the commitment of our founder. All Are Welcome!

(Graphic from Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence's website.)

or from the entry, Parents Family and Friends of LGBT Persons
I.C.U. Group - Parents Family and Friends of LGBT
I Care Unconditionally… because I love you

(Logo for newsletter from Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence's website.)

The Friars also publish a newsletter for the perverts titled, LGBT Spirituality.  In recent issues they have recommended where to go for a sodomite or lesbian friendly vacation, and advertised a talk by Fr. Matt Malone, S.J. to be given at a reception for the Rainbow Ministry of St. Cecelia.  The topic, The Five Words That Changed Our Church: "Who am I to judge?" 

Remember you will not get information like this from Michael Voris of the Vortex as he considers it spiritual pornography to say anything bad about Francis.  And the solution according to Mike is simple, write Francis a letter.  Yes, if only Francis knew he was promoting sodomy with his public statements he would stop.  We here at Call Me Jorge... believe the moral rot goes very deep in the Novus Ordo hierarchy and is only a symptom but not the disease which has caused many Catholics to lose the faith.  The disease is modernism, the council it spawned and the fraudulent mass it imposed.

sources :

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Sex on the table


Mark Wilkinson aka DJ Wilkinson recently released a new song, Half Life, and music video to accompany it. So far so good, but here is where it gets interesting... the Belfast Telegraph relates,

Half Light depicts a young couple – played by Irish actors Joanna Nixon and Diarmuid Noyes – simulating a sex scene on the altar of Good Shepherd Catholic Church on south Belfast's Ormeau Road....
...The video shows the pair – portraying a Catholic and a Protestant – meeting on a night out in a club and enjoying a drink and drug-fuelled evening together.
The pair take in some of the sights of Belfast while drink-driving and having a hedonistic dance-off atop a mountain.
The man then carries the girl over his shoulder into the chapel where he proceeds to quench his thirst by drinking from the holy water font before blessing himself.
The pair then jump and slide across the pews before stripping off and having 'sex' on the altar. Local director Aoife McArdle was given permission to film in the church, but local priests Father Patrick McKenna and Father Robert Fullerton were horrified when they viewed the video's content and successfully got the illicit scenes removed.
Another one from the you have to be kidding me file. Are these priests so stupid as to think, "Hey let's give permission to film a music video in a Novus Ordo church." Haven't they ever heard of the phrase sex, drugs, and rock 'n roll? Do they not know what this means? These priests gave permission  to film in the church  but decided not to surpervise the rock 'n roll video filmmakers.  Did they not ask around about Aoife's work or DJ Wilkinson's?  Is this the sorry excuse that passes for a, post Vatican II Novus Ordo, priest?

No dear reader, they didn't take Francis totally to heart with, "Who am I to judge?" When the dioceses was informed by parishioners they took action!  Fr. Fullerton read a statement after the Sunday service from the Diocese of Down and Connor,

"For these reasons, to protect the church and its parishioners, the Diocese of Down and Connor immediately brought these concerns to the attention of the distributors and creators of the material."
"No permission was either sought or granted to film the interior of the parish church within the context of any conduct or activities that were not relating to prayer or homage and in accordance with the sanctity of the church."
...And so the video was taken down from the internet and another more suitable video was put up in its place.  The subject matter and theme are the same in the edited version of Half Life, but none of the video takes place in a church anymore.   

We here at Call Me Jorge... just wrote about another blasphemous video El Cuerpo De Cristo which was shot in Argentina (see, Barf!) and now this from "Catholic" Ireland?  To think, Ireland used to export missionary priests to the world, now the priests & bishops they have in Belfast need to be catechized and given a good dose of common Catholic sense.

 Mark Wilkinson aka DJ Wilkinson

music video director, Aoife McArdle

Screenshots from video of the described scene. 

"Who am I to judge?"

Francis the modernist returns

Francis has been at it again in his homilies and Angelus addresses.  This time he tells an audience, "Torture is a mortal sin!"  No kidding, shouldn't even children know this fact?  Oh that's right, no one in Francis' Novus Ordo church knows what a catechism is but they do know all about the 'Cosmic Christ' of de Chardin. Next we have Francis with his favorite gem of wisdom, "Who am I to judge."  This time he changes it slightly to proclaim, "Don't judge others!"  That's right Francis says one shouldn't judge others as God is the final arbitrator lest you be judged.  One should judge the actions of a person but Francis doesn't even make this distinction.  He says not to correct someone's behavior out of concern for their souls rather, just pray for them.  One wonders if he has trademarked the phrase, "Who am I to judge!" as he spouts it off almost bi-weekly or some variant of it.  In the last video we see him go after the straw man of the mafia as he tells them they are excommunicated.  Why not name names?  Why stop with the mafia?  Why not include politicians who support abortion?  Remember,  the mafia is a pet peeve of Francis.  (see, Compassionate Francis?)  It amazes us he condemns one freemasonic group (mafia) but partners with other freemasonic groups (communists & sodomites) to fight the same first group.  Did he just judge someone?  We here at Call Me Jorge... are confused.  Do the words Francis the modernist uses mean what they have traditionally meant to Catholics or does the modernist give new meaning to them.  Alas, but who are we to judge?

Torture is a mortal sin!

Don't judge!

Mafia, you're excommunicated!

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that's how he rolls

Francis departing Rome for Jordan on Alitalia

Francis leaving Israel on EL AL flight 

the magic #6 at Yad Vashem

or the ravings of a madman


Remember this rabbi above?  We used a picture of in the blog entry, the true face of Talmudism shows itself.  Well, the rabbi pictured giving the devil horns is none other than Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh an American born chabad rabbi currently living in Israel.  In another entry, six hands kissed for six million!, we discussed the significance of Francis kissing the hands of  six people at Yad Vashem.  The excerpt below is from Rabbi Yitzchak Ginsburgh's book on the mystical dimensions of the Hebrew alphabet, "The Alef Beit."  We provide this for our readers in case they know anyone who still thinks modern day Judaism has anthing to do with the Old Testament and to demonstrate these modern day Talmudists are the spiritual heirs of the people Christ referred to as following the man made "traditions of the elders."  So read on and learn all about the magic & mystical powers of the number six.  Thanks to Paul VI a reader of Call Me Jorge... for sending us this information.  The underlines are ours for emphasis.

The Hebrew letter vav.

The Hebrew Letters
The Mystical Significance of the Hebrew Letters

- VAV -

In the beginning of Creation, when Infinite Light filled all reality, G d contracted His Light to create hollow empty space, as it were, the "place" necessary for the existence of finite worlds. Into this vacuum G-d drew down, figuratively speaking, a single line of light, from the Infinite Source. This ray of light is the secret of the letter vav. Though the line is singular in appearance, it nonetheless possesses two dimensions, an external as well as an internal force, both of which take part in the process of Creation and the continuous interaction between the creative power and created reality.

The external force of the line is the power to differentiate and separate the various aspects of reality, thereby establishing hierarchical order, up and down, within Creation. The internal force of the line is the power to reveal the inherent interinclusion of the various aspects of reality, one in the other, thereby joining them together as an organic whole. This property of the letter vav, in its usage in Hebrew, is referred to as vav hachibur, the vav of connection"--"and." The first vav of the Torah--"In the beginning G d created the heavens and [vav] the earth"--serves to join spirit and matter, heaven and the earth, throughout Creation. This vav, which appears at the beginning of the sixth word of the Torah, is the twenty-second letter of the verse. It alludes to the power to connect and interrelate all twenty-two individual powers of Creation, the twenty two letters of the Hebrew alphabet from alef to tav. (The word et [which appears before the two instances of the word "the" in this verse, and is spelled alef-tav] is generally taken to represent all the letters of the alphabet, from alef to tav. Our Sages interpret the word in this verse to include all the various objects of Creation present within heaven and earth.)

In Biblical Hebrew, the letter vav also possesses the function of inverting the apparent tense of a verb to its opposite from past to future or from future to past (vav hahipuch). The first appearance of this type of vav in the Torah is the letter vav" which begins the twenty-second word of the account of Creation, "And G-d said...." This is the first explicit saying of the ten sayings of Creation: "And G d said [the verb 'said' being inverted from the future to the past tense by the vav at the beginning of the word--'And']: 'Let there be light,' and there was light." The phenomenon of light breaking through the darkness of the tzimtzum, the primordial contraction, is itself the secret of time (future becoming past) which permeates space.

In the Divine service of a Jew, the power to draw from the future into the past is the secret of teshuvah ("repentance" and "returning to G-d") from love. Through teshuvah from fear, one's deliberate transgressions become like errors; the severity of one's past transgressions becomes partially sweetened, but not completely changed. However, when a Jew returns in love, his deliberate transgressions become like actual merits, for the very consciousness of distance from G-d resulting from one's transgressions becomes the motivating force to return to G-d with passion even greater than that of one who had never sinned.

Every Jew has a portion in the World to Come, as is said: "And all your nation are 'tzadikim'; forever they will inherit the land."  The power of teshuvah to completely convert one's past to good, is the power of the vav to invert the past to the future. This transformation itself requires, paradoxically, the drawing down of light from the future to the past.

Drawing the future into the past in the Divine service of man is the secret of learning the inner teachings of the Torah, that aspect of the Torah which is related to the revelation of the coming of the Mashiach. Rashi explains the verse in the Song of Songs: "May he kiss me with the kisses of his mouth, for your love is better than wine" as alluding to the sweet teachings that will be revealed by the Mashiach. When a person intently studies the secrets of the Torah, he draws from the future into the past, in order to strengthen himself to return in complete teshuvah from love and thereby convert his past into future.


A vertical line.
A pillar.
A man standing upright.

  • Twelve pillars of Creation - the twelve lines of a cube. The twelve tribes.
  • Seven pillars of Creation - six directions and time. The seven shepherds.
  • One pillar of Creation the future Mashiach.
  • The connecting rods in the Tabernacle.
  • Complete stature of man - standing on earth with head reaching up towards heaven.
  • The Jewish People standing together.
  • The "Golden Path" in the service of G-d.
  • The torso in relation to the hands, feet, and brit.
  • The pillar of Truth.
  • Consistency of the middle pillar.
  • Divinity piercing through the middle point of every Creation.


A Hook

  • The connecting hooks of the pillars in the Tabernacle - concealment and revelation.
  • The axis of symmetry and the equilibrium between symmetry and asymmetry.
  • The power which links together the souls of Israel.
  • The points of will to do G-d's Will engraved in the heart of every Jew.
  • The axis which connects the good points present within every Jew.
  • The connecting link between the separate Laws - engraved letters of Divine essence - of the Torah.
  • The force of connection between the Divine sparks inherent throughout reality.



  • Six Days of Creation, and their six corresponding Divine forces active in creation.
  • Six letters of the word bereishit, "In the beginning."
  • Six alefs in the first verse of the Torah.
  • Six-millennium duration of the world.
  • Six directions of the physical world.
  • Six wings (states of love and fear in the soul) of the fiery angels.
  • "Give truth to Jacob."
  • Six orders of the Mishnah.
  • The six "wings" of the "Magen David."
  • Six cubits - the dimensions of the
  • Tablets received by Moses at Mt. Sinai. 

Did you catch all that dear reader?  The letter vav has many meanings to Talmudists besides representing the number six.  It connects the the internal with the external, the creative power with created reality.  What reality was being created by Francis appearing at Yad Vashem and kissing six hands?  

Not only that but the rabbi teaches vav or the number six can mystically draw from the future to influence the past!  What a deluded mind Rabbi Ginsburgh has!  Is the future they hope for a Novus Ordo church subjected to the Noahide Laws?  

Our favorite is this dandy, when a Jew sins if eventually he returns to G-d, his sins now become merits!  So don't worry about the well being of your fellow man, you can abuse and abandon him, it is all good so long as you return to G-d.  Dear reader have you seen this played out before?  

Another gem  is when one studies the Torah, what we would properly call the Talmud, one can convert the past into the future.  Lastly, the vav or number six represents all the souls of Israel or the Jewish people standing together which are the divine essense, the spark of light, the foretold messiah as they look skywards towards heaven.   

One more we forgot is the vav or number six represents concealment and revelation.  This is what author Michael A. Hoffman has referred to in his writings as the Revelation of the Method.  In the end days, the cryptocracy in order to process the minds of the enslaved even more deeply, will reveal the methods they used to get their victims to subject themselves to voluntary slavery.

Francis is many things but he is no idiot.  He knows all the minutiae concerning the modern day religion of Judaism.  It has come out in interviews he looks to the rabbis on how to interpret the Bible & the teachings of Christ and keeps several rabbinical tomes in his 'apartment' which he regularly consults.  We would bet Francis knows all the above and more.  So his act of going to Yad Vashem where he kissed six hands was an act of mystical rabbinical magic in which he spiritually submitted to the supremacy of talmudic rabbinical Jewish religion.  At least, this was the sign the deluded minds of the rabbinical practitioners of Jewish magic saw Francis giving at Yad Vashem.  All this leads us to another question we here at Call Me Jorge... will , God willing, one day answer.  Why is Francis kowtowing to these insane individuals?

the hermeneutic of continuity

Do you remember what happened on the first anniversary of the announcement of Benedict XVI's intention to resign from the papacy?  Archbishop Georg Gänswein gave an interview in which he related the following,

Radio Cristiandad posted two videos, in their post LA IGLESIA DE BENEDICTO XVI Y LA DE FRANCISCO, which demonstrate how the Novus Ordo religion looks under Francis  and how it looked under Benedict XVI. 

This is the Novus Ordo church with Benedict XVI (Germany)

This is the Novus Ordo church with Francis (Argentina)

Can you spot the difference?

Monday, June 23, 2014

addendum to the White Crucifixion

We are indebted to an intrepid reader of Call Me Jorge... who sent us this paper but wishes to remain anonymous.  The paper, The Holocaust is a Christian Issue by Richard A. Cohen, can be read (and should) in its entirety by (clicking here).  It gives the reader a peak into the psyche of an alchemist who is in the process of transforming his most hated enemy's religion into a golem to serve Talmudic Judaism.  Below is an excerpt from this paper on the artist Marc Chagall and his work the White Crucifixion.  Underlines are ours for emphasis.

The Holocaust is a Christian Issue 
by Richard Cohen,
Lecture presented in Jerusalem June 20, 2001

Excursus: Chagall

Let me say, in an autobiographical note, that my thesis was inspired by crucifixion and resurrection paintings of Marc Chagall, the most famous of which is probably the "White Crucifixion" of 1938. In these painting, made from 1938 to 1948, Chagall depicts the crucifixion. But the man crucified, clearly Jesus, wears a loincloth that is a Jewish prayer shawl, a tallit. Thus he is unmistakably a Jewish Jesus. And he is set among figures of contemporary oppression: Nazis, Stalinists, and angry mobs. Art historian Monica Bohm-Duchen, in her excellent 1998 book on Chagall, is no doubt right in seeing in these paintings, and the White Crucifixion, in particular, ä direct response to specific historical events: in the case of this work, the German Aktion of 15 June 1938 in which 1,500 Jews were dispatched to concentration camps; the destruction of the Munich and Nuremberg synagogues on 9 June and 10 August respectively; the deportation of Polish Jews at the end of October; and the outbreak of vicious pogroms, including the infamous Kristallnacht, known as the Night of Broken Glass, of 9 November 1938."[x] These paintings graphically depict the concrete anguish of the Jews by means of the central symbol of Christianity.

When I first saw Chagall's resurrection and crucifixion paintings I was repulsed and perplexed by them. I wondered why a Jew would work on such themes, when for Jews the cross and crucifixion have always been, in both their Roman and their Christian manifestations, dark symbols of murder, violence, and destruction, symbols of Jew hatred. But then I realized that Chagall did not paint these pictures for Jews. Rather, they are for Christians. Already, in 1938, and then throughout the Nazi mass murder of the Jews, Chagall was saying to the Christians of Europe: "Don't you see? Don't you understand? When the Nazis kill Jews they are killing Christ." Thus I came to see that these paintings were no less political, no less spiritual, and no less powerful than Picasso's "Guernica," which graphically depicts the horrors of modern aerial warfare in order to make a visceral and powerful statement against it. I wondered, then, what might have been if Chagall's paintings had been displayed - and understood - throughout Europe. It is the same hopeful wondering that I have had with regard to Charlie Chaplin's brilliant 1940 motion picture "The Great Dictator," which mocked Hitler, and made him a laughingstock. Had these paintings, or had that movie, been shown throughout Europe, and been understood, could the Holocaust have happened? Could Christians have allowed their own Christ to be crucified again, six million times again? Well, it is an experiment that cannot be undertaken; the paintings were not shown, and hence they were not understood, and more profoundly, history, alas, cannot be undone.


If the Jews killed Christ then they are forever like Cain, a marked people, a people of evil, deserving of contempt. If the Romans killed Christ, then one can still flee from their tyranny into a safe haven of sentimental spiritual salvation, as the Jews fled to the desert leaving Pharaoh's Egypt behind and intact. In both cases, someone else is responsible, not me but him, not us but them. They are damned but we are saved. But if, to the contrary, the Christians killed Christ - like the ancient Israelites who after receiving God's revelation at Mount Sinai nonetheless, in less than two months, erected and worshipped a Golden Calf, thereby committing, they themselves, their greatest sin, for which they themselves have forever thereafter taken responsibility - then Christians, too, can begin to accept culpability and take responsibility for their greatest sin. The true image of the Christian, then, is not the opposite of perfidious Jews or the cruel Romans, of Pilate the Roman or Judas the Jew. Rather, and precisely, like all the disciples of Jesus, it is the image of Judas the Christian.

Jews and Romans killed Jesus; such is the unalterable narrative of the Gospels. When did the Christians kill Christ? When do they kill Christ? When they are irresponsible, when they blame others for the sins of the world. First, when they demonized the Jews, which led to countless humiliations and slaughters, and finally to the Holocaust. Second, when, in response to Rome, they rendered unto Caesar what was his, which led to political apathy, abdication, escapism, and abandonment of the redemptive struggle for human liberation. Third, and finally, when they narrowed Christ's love into hatred - however sweet - of all other spiritual paths not Christian. Christian exclusivity, of which hatred of the Jews, however gentle, is but one subset, even if a very special subset, remains today as the great unresolved sin of Christianity against Christ.

This, it seems to me, is the burden and the task that Christian theology must take upon itself and comes to grips with in the new millennium. If Christ is to be the "Prince of Peace," as Christianity claims, then it must come to understand that true peace is found in the harmonization of differences, not in their elimination.

Dear reader is it any wonder why this blasphemous 
painting is Francis' favorite piece of artwork?

Who is Nikolaus von Ankershofen?

(Nikolaus von Ankershofen at the dedication of a FSSPX chapel.)
We have covered Maximilian Krah on Call Me Jorge... with a few entries on him. The Non Possumus blog has done more digging into the Jaidhof Foundation which is so crucial to the finances of the FSSPX. In particular they examine who Nikolaus von Ankershofen is and whom he associates with. While we don't agree with all their conclusions, the facts they have uncovered are very, very interesting. It appears the FSSPX has this interfaith game down pat. We wonder how long it will be until Robert Siscoe happens to chance into Nikoluas von Ankershofen on an elevator which results in an impromptu interview for The Remnant Newspaper? (see,  Krahgate  An Interview with Maximilian Krah)  Our apologies, the entry NIKOLAUS VON ANKERSHOFEN from the Non Possumus blog, does have some grammatical errors as we used google to translate it as we were all pressed for time.

Sauturday, June 21, 2014 
"Do not think for a moment that this wonderful" tolerance "will be granted without a price-without a quid pro quo would require a morally intolerable silence over the grave errors of the Conciliar Church. It's the same old arrangement Ostpolitik did Casaroli with communist regimes of the Iron Curtain, by which the Church paid for tolerance priced silence intolerable, and thus became the "Church of Silence." Father Paul Kramer, 21 May 2014.
These wise words of Father Kramer have much more meaning than anyone can imagine.We will tell the story of the Ostpolitik of the SSPX.
We said in a previous post regarding the Jaidhof Foundation:
- After some pressure exercised against members of the Council, this is disbanded. They ordered the members of the Foundation to appoint in his place Maximilian Krah and Nikolaus von Ankershofen. The Foundation is replaced by the St. Josef und Jaidhofer Privatstiftung Marcellus  was legally registered on January 14, 2009 Members of the Board are:. Nikolaus von Ankershofen, Maximilian Krah  and P. Vonlanthen (representing Menzingen).

We already know well Maximilian Krah, but who is Nikolaus von Ankershofen?
Lawyer, member of the firm . Ankershofen goess Hinteregger Look at your home:
Plankengasse 7 / Third floor 
1010 Vienna 
Now let's address the Jaidhof Foundation: 
Plankengasse 7
Yes, the Jaidhof  Foundation and the lawyer Ankershofen have the same address.
But Mr. Ankershofen is also the director of the company Mayr-Melnhof Karton AG. A company of over 8,000 employees and sales of 1.6 billion Euros (2009).
But not only that. It is also one of the owners of the logging company Mayr Melnhof Holz Holding AG , with 1700 employees in 5 countries and profits 526 million. http://de.wikipedia .org / wiki / Mayr-Melnhof_Holz_Holding
Mr. Ankershofen Franziska Melanie is married to Maria Gabriela Ilona Elisabeth von Mayr-Melnhof Saurau.
This powerful dynasty founded the Mayr-Melnhof Mayr-Melnhof Christian East Institute, headquartered in La Casa Edith Stein. What is this school? This institute is the branch of Salzburg Pro Oriente 
Pro Oriente "Ecumenism must go on" Franz Konig.
This is the story:
The foundation Pro Oriente was created in 1964 by Cardinal Franz Konig to promote relations between the Catholic Church and the Eastern Orthodox churches in eastern and southeastern Europe. It has the status of observer in the World Council of Churches. Baroness Maria-Anna Mayr-Melnhof (Aunt Ankershofen wife) was the President of the Foundation and actively supported their work. In 2009 Anna Maria Mayr Melnhof was appointed by Cardinal Christoph Schönborn as an honorary member of Pro Oriente.
Baroness Mary-Ann Mayr-Melnhof
The Mayr-Melnhof Institute for Eastern Christian (which, as mentioned, is actually the branch of Pro Oriente to Salzburg) was founded by the Baroness through Privatstiftung Mayr-Melnhof. He was named director Dr. Dietmar W. Winkler who, in 1989-1990 he was awarded a scholarship by Rotary International and the Austrian government for its ecumenical studies. 
In 2008, he was appointed consultant to the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity by Pope Benedict XVI. The Doctor Winkler is also on the Board of Pro Oriente.
Mayr Melnhof The Institute for Christian East works on three levels: research, pastoral and ecumenical. His ecumenical activity is structured by Pro Oriente.
Council President Pro Oriente is the Archbishop of Vienna, Cardinal Christoph Schonborn. ( In the official Vatican website mentions that a member of Pro Oriente)
Fees (protective) members are: On motion of Council, the Archbishop of Vienna appoints these officers to serve under the title of "Protector of the Pro Oriente Foundation" some schismatic Orthodox, Cardinal Konig, Cardinal Walter Kasper and Cardinal Willebrands.
"The President of the Pontifical Council for Promoting Christian Unity, Cardinal Walter Kasper, has been appointed as the protector of the foundation" Pro Oriente ".
The Pro Oriente Foundation is funded by donations, including support of the Mayr-Malnhof dynasty.
Pro East and Mayr-Melnhof Institute for Eastern Christian have the same contact address.
Cardinal Konig
Cardinal Franz Konig, the founder of Pro Oriente, played a major role in the preparation of Vatican II was a member of the Committee on preparation of the council and was part of the theological commission. I visited Athenagoras, Patriarch of Constantinople to prepare his meeting with Paul VI in 1964.
To encourage ecumenical meetings that year created Cardinal Pro Oriente, whose aim was to "maintain and promote ecumenical relations between the Catholic Church and the Orthodox churches to deepen and promote ecumenical ecumenical initiatives mentality among Christians."
Casaroli with John Paul II
In addition, Cardinal Konig participated actively in the Ostpolitik, one of the main architects of the opening to the East along with Cardinal Casaroli, Vatican Secretary of State. Casaroli Pecorelli appeared in the list as a Mason. (See here )
The Cardinal was also one of those who shaped the conciliar document Notra Aetate also wrote articles praising this document.
The Italian magazine 30 Giorni met the Grand Master of Freemasonry Armando Corona, in which he reveals the association of several Catholic prelates with this organization;including Cardinal Konig, who allegedly received money from Freemasonry:
CARDINAL Schonborn

Cardinal Schonborn
Cardinal Schonborn was ordained a priest by Cardinal Konig in 1970. Studied in Regensburg under Cardinal Ratzinger.
The Cardinal made ​​it very clear, in January 2009, referring to the SSPX and Bishop Williamson: " The Pope's intention is clear. He wants a reconciliation with this group"... but" someone who denies the Holocaust deniers of the Holocaust can not be rehabilitated for office
And do not forget the news that appeared in Cardinal Archbishop of Vienna, Christoph Schönborn, could belong to the Masons, as did his father, whom he celebrated after his death in 1979, not just a funeral Catholic but also a funeral ceremony according to the Masonic ritual, saying "was received in the Eternal East"
In addition, in 2013, Cardinal Schonborn was awarded by the B'nai B'rith Europe with the "Menorah" award for "Outstanding Humanitarian Service". 
We can not let the "last" of Schonborn: Cardinal Christoph Schönborn is happy with the victory of the drag queen Conchita Wurst in the Eurovision Song Contest. There is "diversity" in the garden of God, told the Austrian magazine "Heute." Even people who do not feel comfortable with his performance, giving him "the respect that everyone is entitled."
Georg Mayr-Melnhof
 Georg Mayr-Melnhof, son of the former co-chair of Pro Oriente, founded and directs a charismatic ecumenical movement called Loretto.

Georg is also "pastoral assistant" of the Diocese of Salzburg. "Converted" in Medjugorje and follows the charismatic movement. 

He says he likes to be, especially since Friday night in Jerusalem at the Western Wall for Shabbat.
Pro Oriente ecumenical and Cardinal Schonborn are financed through Privatstiftung Mayr-Melnhof, Georg Mayr Melnhof is on the Board of the core business of the Mayr-Melnhof dynasty, the Mayr-Melnhof Karton AG.
One of his colleagues in the Council (and cousin) is Dr. Nicholas Ankershofen, who heads the Jaidhof (Jaidhofer Privatstiftung) Foundation that manages the vast financial SSPX funds.
The Ostpolitik and Pro East:
Paul VI and Gromyko
The Encyclical Pacem in Terris of John XXIII, seemed to have adopted the communist doctrine of peaceful coexistence developed by Lenin, then taken by Stalin and Khrushchev: applying the terms of a protective Catholic Church for the temporary needs of the faithful, as if they were more important than their daily struggle against sin and more important than his immortal soul; and the conflict between the spirit world and eternity no longer looked as if the spiritual battle was over. The idea that the Catholic Church could coexist peacefully with non-Catholics said.
The Ostpolitik was the logical application of these new ideas, putting man in the place of God, caused the Church to abandon the truth to live in "peace" with evil. Then the Church remained silent about the truth of Communism, the gulags, the persecution of Catholics ... The Church was not prepared to publicly embarrass Moscow to accommodate the agenda of Vatican II, the aggiornamento , abandoning their anathemas, their convictions everything ... get a new "mercy" of the Russians.
So modern ecumenism (condemned by the Church as always), where no errors, heresies and schisms are condemned, as if the dogma and doctrine were not necessary for salvation was born.
Promising not to mention the truth, observers from the Orthodox Church of communist countries were allowed to attend the council, where no attempt was made to convert them, they knew that many of them were police undercover KGB, he knew that they were pursuing Catholics. In fact, the genocide against Ukrainian Catholics was one of the best kept secrets.
In this spirit, the veiling of reality, Cardinal Konig of Vienna created Pro East.
This is where the wise words of Father Kramer we put at the beginning of this article, referring to the recognition of the SSPX Rome explains:
"Do not think for a moment that this wonderful" tolerance "will be granted without a price-without a quid pro quo would require a morally intolerable silence over the grave errors of the Conciliar Church. It's the same old arrangement made Casaroli Ostpolitik with communist regimes in the Iron Curtain, by which the Church paid a price tolerance for silence intolerable, and thus became the "Church of Silence".
Maybe someone SSPX-at this point would be rather naive, would not - I would argue that correspond to the above-mentioned links Ankershofen wife and not directly to the "successful lawyer" (as Bishop Fellay Krah As we say. Bishop Fellay knows exitosísimos surround himself with men), but how can this man seriously dissociated knowledge of this whole network of harmful influence which is so damaging to the Church? And if so, can tossing suspicions that seek not the welfare of the Society of St. Pius X, as it was founded by Archbishop Lefebvre to combat everything that the Conciliar Church and the world passed, but seek all opposite? 

But mostly we wonder how is it possible that Bishop Fellay has appointed this man to handle financial SSPX funds with Maximilian Krah and how would you control off (legitimate) his brother, Father Weigl, accusing wanting  not to steal but to control the money and in return gives you control these two characters? 

Watch for it on a later analyze the relationship between the cardinals mentioned in this article and the persecution of Bishop Williamson by the Jewish lobby.