Wednesday, June 18, 2014

another novelty wrist band

Francis met with 500 poor children between the ages of 9 and 10 from Naples and Rome on Saturday 31 May 2014. Some of the children presented Francis with a rainbow colored loom bracelet and another in papal colors.  Remember when Cardinal Wilfrid Fox Napier of South Africa gave Francis a yellow bracelet for Lent? (click here to read, Jorge and His Love of Novelties)  The colors of the loom bracelet are the colors of the rainbow.  Since Francis has told us repeatedly that his brand of catholicism has jewish roots we take this to symbolize the noahide laws. (click here to read, Francis ❤'s balloons)  Recall that when Francis speaks of Judaism he is talking about the modern day conterfeit religion of the talmudic rabbis which maquerades as the Old Testament religion of Israel.  The act of children giving the rainbow color bracelet shows how commonplace the values & symbols of the Talmudists & sodomites have become in European culture.  We hear your objection that it represents God's promise to Noah after the flood.  There is only one problem,  these children are atheists or secularists.

Now that Francis  has accepted bracelets on two occasions, which we are aware of, is it now a papal tradition?  This meeting between the children and Francis was organized by none other than Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi.  In addition to being a rock 'n roll loving fan of Lou Reed, Amy Winehouse, and Suor Cristina, he is also the President of the Pontifical Council for Culture and controls the foundation, Courtyard of the Gentiles.  It was under the auspices of the Courtyard of Gentiles that Ravasi gathered these children to meet Francis.  For those who have no knowledge of the Courtyard of Gentiles the following is from the Vatican's website, What Is the Courtyard of Gentiles? :
In the year 20-19 BC, King Herod began a major renovation, almost a restructuring of the Temple of Jerusalem, the second, one that had been built after the exile. In addition to the areas reserved to the members of the people of Israel (men, women, priests) in this temple there was a space in which everyone could enter, Jews and non-Jews, circumcised and uncircumcised, members or not of the chosen people, people educated in the law and people who weren't. Here gathered the rabbis and teachers of the law ready to listen to people's questions about God, and to respond in a respectful and compassionate exchange. This was the Court of the Gentiles and pagans, in Latin the atrium gentium, a space that everyone could traverse and could remain in, regardless of culture, language or religious profession. It was a meeting place and of diversity. 

From such a place comes the inspiration for this initiative of the Pontifical Council for culture: 'the Courtyard of the Gentiles.' It deals with encounter and dialogue, a space of expression for those who do not believe, and for those who are asking questions about their faith, a window open to the world, to contemporary culture and to the voices that resonate.
For more information on the Courtyard of the Gentiles see the official website of Cortile dei Gentili. (click here) 

 The loom bracelets on Francis' wrist.

 What time is it?

 It is selfie time!

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Don't grow up to be a rosary counter children!


  1. Francis give the blessing to the coca leaves

    Francis welcomed an indigenous group from Argentina to the Vatican's Apostolic Palace.
    As a gift, they gave the Pope coca leaves, which they consider to be a sacred plant. Even though some misuse it, she said, they represent wisdom from their elders, who for generations have 'read' the leaves.
    Francis give the blessing to the coca

    Milagros Salas receives monthly assistance from the government because she has extorted, the government and she uses the money to help the gay lobby
    Tupac Amaru Organization inaugurates gay neighborhood in Argentina
    Wednesday June 4, 2014
    San Salvador de Jujuy Argentina.
    - Milagro Sala jujeña the social leader and the head of INADI, Pedro Mouratian inaugurated a hundred homes in San Salvador de Jujuy intended group of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transsexual (LGBT) and persons with disabilities belonging to Tupac Amaru organization. The hundred homes were built in the Alto Comedero neighborhood of the provincial capital and allocated to members of the gay community and people with disabilities, said Carola de la Parra, coordinator of the Gender Diversity of Tupac Amaru.

    The leader said that the social organization has about 500 adherents to the LGBT group which already have their one hundred new homes in the capital district. They also have 300 in other parts of the province where the cooperatives also built homes controlled by Milagros Salas

    Gay Pride: The Tupac Amaru accompanied the party for Gender Diversity in the downtown jujeño

    1. Thanks for your comment. God willing we will in the future have posts on these topics. We here at Call Me Jorge... find it difficult to keep up with the pace of life 77 year old Francis keeps.