Friday, June 27, 2014

Francis the joking modernist

***** UPDATED AT 6:03 PM *****

Since Francis is sick, we here at Call Me Jorge... are taking a much needed break from his shenanigans.  As we type he is probably giving another interview while relaxing in Casa Santa Marta, drinking some yerba mate, and phoning his buddy Rabbi Skorka to talk about the World Cup football matches.  Below is a video of Francis acting like the joker he is.  Nothing is too sacred with this man to joke about except the holocaust.  This modernist moment with an altar boy happened in early November 2013.

"Are your hands bound together? It looks like they're stuck."



***** UPDATE *****
Maurice Pinay kindly sent a link to this photo which demonstrates that Francis never jokes around when it comes to his 'true' religion.


  1. Credit to the altar boy - he rejoined his hands when the "joke" was over.

  2. Francis' hands were glued together at Yad Vashem. And he wasn't clowning around there either.

    In the Novus Ordo, piety is reserved for 'The Holocaust.'