Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Francis the modernist

Francis keeps repeating the same modernist blather, droning on and on about the same old subjects he gave sermon after sermon about when he lived in Argentina.  Gossip, NGOs, neo-pelagians, interfaithness, unemployment, loneliness of the elderly, rigidness, change is good, ad nauseam...  Didn't we hear the same junk in the '70's?  Is Francis paying syndication rights fees for these tired ol' reruns?  Below are two of his latest sermons and an Angelus address where he drones on and on.

Gossip is the enemy of peace!

Rigid catholics don't appreciate 
the Holy Spirit!

A church without surprise is dying!

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  1. This guy is like a poster child for the modernists Pope St Pius X was condemning and anathemaeing in Pascendi. Reading the passages against democracy and authority coming from people and not from God that the modernists endorsed as explained in Msgr. Henri DeLassus' AMERICANISM AND THE ANTICHRISTIAN CONSPIRACY sounds like what Bergoglio is doing now. It's like Lammenais made it into the papal chair - certainly his spiritual child.