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Franciscan Friars in full communion with Rome

(Franciscan Friars of Immaculate celebrate Novus Ordo Missae with Francis.)

No, no were are not talking about the Franciscan Friars of the Immaculate.  They are currently in Francis' doghouse due to some of the order's members not accepting the documents of Vatican II and for their love of Saint John XXIII's transitional mass of 1962.  We are instead writing about the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence. These Friars are in the Diocese of Boston and are underneath Cardinal Sean O'Malley, one of Francis' favorites and a member of his Super G-8 Committee on how the Novus Ordo church should be run.  

(Jorge & Sean have been revolutionary buddies a long time.)

We can hear you what's the big deal?  Glad you asked.  The Friars set up a booth at the finish line of the Boston Gay Pride 2014 parade.  Well, there is nothing wrong with that is there?  If they were trying to get these sinners to reform and follow Catholic teaching it would be another matter.  Look at the message they were promoting.  

(Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence's booth at Gay Pride parade.)

Straight out of the mouth of Francis, "Who am I to judge?"  It doesn't stop there as the grand marshals for the parade were the 'Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence'.  These cross dressing sodomites mock the Catholic Faith with regularity and are a grotesquely perverted group.

(The grand marshals of the parade, the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence.)

Not only did the Friars have a booth at this parade but they also sold t-shirts, buttons, hats, water bottles, dog tags, key chains, clocks, bags, aprons, wall decals, magnets, and bumper stickers with the "Who an I to judge" phrase and the Franciscan crucifix in rainbow colors!  

(T-shirt sold at booth.)

(Tote bag sold at booth.)

(Bumper stickers & magnets sold at booth.)

Unbelievable?  Perverted?  No it's just the fruits of the Second Vatican Council & the Novus Ordo Missae!  Let's look at the website of the Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence in Boston, the St. Anthony Shrine.

(Graphic from Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence's website.)

(Logo from Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence's website.)

from the entry, Ministry to LGBT Persons
St. Anthony Shrine & Ministry Center has two existing ministries dealing with lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgendered persons:
  • A support group for parents, family and friends of LGBT persons to assist them to love and care about their loved ones. The specialized group meetings are designed to inform and enlighten the participants to concerns and issues they may be experiencing.
  • An LGBT spirituality group that is a community of faith where people are provided the opportunity to explore and express their Catholic Christian spirituality and to grow in hope with one another through prayer, sacraments, community and service.
There is nothing in either group contrary to Church teaching.
St. Anthony Shrine strives to reach out to those who are outside the four walls of the church. Echoing Pope Francis’s words, our underlying theme is “Who am I to judge?”
This weekend, our sole activity will be hosting an information booth on City Hall Plaza about the Shrine’s ministries and volunteer opportunities, inviting those who are waiting for an invitation from the Church to join us.
As Franciscans, we continue the long-standing ministry of our founder, St. Francis of Assisi, who always reached out to those on the margins of the community and welcome them with uncompromising love and acceptance.  From the writings of St. Francis, Letter to all the Faithful, “In that love which is God [cf. 1 John 4:16], I, Brother Francis, the least of your servants and worthy only to kiss your feet, beg and implore all those to whom this letter comes, to hear these words of our Lord Jesus Christ in a spirit of humility and love, putting them into practice with all gentleness and observing them perfectly. And may God, Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, bless all those who welcome them…” Here at St. Anthony Shrine we strive daily to put into action the commitment of our founder. All Are Welcome!

(Graphic from Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence's website.)

or from the entry, Parents Family and Friends of LGBT Persons
I.C.U. Group - Parents Family and Friends of LGBT
I Care Unconditionally… because I love you

(Logo for newsletter from Franciscan Friars of Holy Name Provence's website.)

The Friars also publish a newsletter for the perverts titled, LGBT Spirituality.  In recent issues they have recommended where to go for a sodomite or lesbian friendly vacation, and advertised a talk by Fr. Matt Malone, S.J. to be given at a reception for the Rainbow Ministry of St. Cecelia.  The topic, The Five Words That Changed Our Church: "Who am I to judge?" 

Remember you will not get information like this from Michael Voris of the Vortex as he considers it spiritual pornography to say anything bad about Francis.  And the solution according to Mike is simple, write Francis a letter.  Yes, if only Francis knew he was promoting sodomy with his public statements he would stop.  We here at Call Me Jorge... believe the moral rot goes very deep in the Novus Ordo hierarchy and is only a symptom but not the disease which has caused many Catholics to lose the faith.  The disease is modernism, the council it spawned and the fraudulent mass it imposed.

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  1. Modernism may well be the synthesis of all heresies, but I would say that the synthesis of all Modernism (which in essence is not new at all) is 'Noahidism.'

    1. Yes, MR. "Who Am I To Judge" Bergoglio will be the first one, like Carroll's Queen of Hearts in Alice, to scream "off with their heads" when the world rabbinate get their Noachide laws going in practical reality once the mark is rolled out and the people are given a choice to either submit to that or lose their head. We already know that Ratzinger/Benedict XVI endorsed them anyway but try showing that to a novus ordoite and they think you are fibbing. Maybe when some sedevacantists are finally being beheaded by these guys for not going along with the new world order, they will snap out of it, but I have serious doubts about that. Anyone who can call Wojtyla a "saint" after he told the Jews that Christ wasn't their Messiah and that they are "ok" to "wait for another" and then say he is a "true pope" and that that was only being "diplomatic" are going to accompany that "diplomat" right down into the bowels of hell. God forbid any of us follow them there.

    2. Maurice, what exactly do you mean?


  2. Before you write to the pope you should watch this ‘investigative’ piece Voris published a few months before Bergoglio became pope (link also helpfully contains a transcript):
    (1) “First ... it's important to explain some terminology. It’s difficult to discuss same sex attraction because there are a number of different words and phrases used with a variety of meanings. Some of the main terms people use in this debate are same sex attraction ... homosexual ... gay ... lesbian ... and sometimes sodomy. Same sex attraction … or SSA … refers to just that … a person who experiences some degree of sexual attraction to their own gender. By definition, a homosexual is the same thing … a person who is attracted to someone of the same sex. However ... this is an improper and imprecise term because it sets up a dichotomy between homosexuals and heterosexuals … implying that there are two totally different kinds of people … and fueling the lie that people with SSA are “born that way.” The terms gay and lesbian are the most problematic because they connote a great deal of meaning … and the word gay is often used as an umbrella term encompassing both gay and lesbian. “Gay” refers to a person ... usually a man ... who experiences SSA but ACTS on those attractions … someone who lives a … quote “gay lifestyle.” This includes dating people of the same gender … engaging in sexual behavior as well as “marrying” someone of the same gender. Similarly … a lesbian is a woman who experiences SSA and acts on them. Some of you may have heard the phrase LGBT ... which stands for Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgendered. Recently a "Q" has been added on .... to make it LGBTQ. The Q can stand for either "queer" or "questioning". The more established term that is sometimes substituted for same sex behavior is sodomy … derived from the Biblical city of Sodom. Before the terms homosexuality and gay were coined ... the word sodomy was used to refer to a number of specific acts and sodomite to the person engaging in any of those acts. However … individuals of the same or different sex could be participating in these acts … so this term also fails to properly denote specifically SSA and behaviors. So … the only correct term to use is SSA. Now …[Got that? The. ONLY. CORRECT. Term. Don’t ask yourself if “SSA” is a ‘term’ or an acronym that is the preferred ‘term’ of the ‘church of nice’ just keep spinnin’]
    (2) “Within the gay community are people who wish ... more or less ... to lead quiet lives with their same sex friends, partners … what have you. There are also militant gays … people who not only engage in same sex behavior but want the rest of the world to embrace and celebrate that behavior. These individuals … along with many politicians and world leaders actively … and sometimes violently promote the gay agenda of “free” disordered sexual behavior ... “redefining” marriage into extinction ... and aggressively wearing down those who don’t approve of the gay lifestyle. THESIS: Persons with same sex attractions deserve our respect and compassion. But the militant gay movement’s message that “gay” is good is completely false. This lie is confusing society and hurting the individuals themselves.” [There’s 2 kinds of gay people (1) those who just want to live quiet lives w/their partners who DESERVE our respect and compassion and (2) those who try to convince others that gay is good! We have to avoid being confused like the rest of society, but we don’t have to get all Church MILITANT CRUSADE or even be mean and say ‘gay is bad’ because these people are only hurting THEMSELVES (I encourage you to stop watching now and forget about writing to the pope!)]

    1. Jesus Christ is the Judge,obeying God's Commandment as well as being born again in water and Spirit. The Bible goes in two directions. Love thy neighbor as yourself most of my neighbors are married guy , so all I can do is pray for them, and hopefully they will realize that Love and Lust are as opposite as Holy and Evil. I Love every one, that doesn't mean I want to have sex with anyone,I have seen the perversion grow with every generation being deceived and the Elders losing their faith,NO Choosing Evil ,I believe their is only Holy and Evil,nothing else, God Bless, I will pray for everyone as Jesus Christ has taught

  3. (3) But if you persist you’ll find there are two kinds of SSA legally recognized relationships – those called anything other than ‘marriage’ which Voris while never saying so seems to accept: “Recently, the now retired Cardinal Carlo Martini ... who was once considered a viable candidate for the papacy ... stated in his book that he opposes Catholic moral teaching on same-sex MARRIAGE. He said quote: "I disagree with the positions of those in the Church, that take issue with CIVIL unions… It is not bad, instead of casual sex between men, that two people have a certain stability… (the) …state could recognize them..."”

    (4) “Same sex marriage. That band of gold has been the brass ring that militant gays have been grasping at for years. And it has become one of the biggest, most divisive debates of our time. Four different polls released in 2011 show that … after a steady increase in support … over half of all Americans are now on their side. In addition, the Obama administration recently decided that it will pick and choose which laws it wants to uphold when it said that the Defense of Marriage Act or DOMA is no longer defensible. So it might be just a matter of time before gay marriage is the law of the land.In America ... at the time of recording this show ... it's already legal in eight states ... Connecticut, Iowa, Massachuesetts, New Hampshire, New York, Vermont, Maryland, Washington and Washington D.C. Worldwide, it is legal in ten countries: Canada, Argentina, South Africa, Belgium, Iceland, Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Spain, Denmark and Sweden. As of 2012, proposals exist to introduce same-sex marriage in at least ten other countries.”
    But actually if Civil Unions are against church teaching, Hawaii passed partnerships in 1997 & civil unions in 2011, New York City (1998), California (1999), District of Columbia (2002), Maine (2004), New Jersey (2004), Washington (2007), Oregon (2008), Wisconsin (2009), Colorado (2009), Nevada (2009), Illinois (2011). To see the List of jurisdictions recognizing same-sex unions and dates when first legally recognized go here (lot more than 10 countries):

  4. More info that might surprise you from Michael Voris. This quote is from a guest that Michael states during the show is completely orthodox:

    “I think that’s clarifying issues – in the same way as other bad things like the uh the the scandal about uh you know sex and the single priest” (16:19) James Kalb [What other kind of priests are there—MARRIED priests?]

    Advertisement for one of CM's shows: “It was St. John Paul II’s idea--in his encyclical Veritas Splendor--that we were made for the truth…” (54:16) (I thought Jesus Christ said He was the truth and that the Catechism teaches He made us to know, love and serve Him)

    “It [contraception] tears up families – it-it lets women do things maybe they shouldn’t do outside of the bonds of matrimony…” (59:24) Lynne (MAYBE -- don't think the Church of NICE could say it any more waffley than that)

    Mic’d Up: Is Contraception Killing the Church? [but not: "Is Using Contraception Killing Your Soul or that of someone you know?"]

  5. The pope doesn't want anyone writing to him unless it is to COMPLAIN about traditionalist rules and taboos:

    "The pope said he has found it “amazing” to see complaints about “lack of orthodoxy” flowing into the Vatican offices in Rome from conservative Catholics around the world. They ask the Vatican to investigate or discipline their priests, bishops or nuns. Such complaints, he said, “are better dealt with locally,” or else the Vatican offices risk becoming “institutions of censorship.”"

    1. Anonymous - thanks for your posts - as a fellow "anonymous"...but you need to get over calling these Vatican II guys popes. They are Antichrists, every last man of them, Christ and Catholic Faith deniers to the extreme. If Modernism is the "synthesis of all heresies" AS defined by the saintly INCORRUPT St. Pius X - a TRUE Pope Saint of the Church - which the occupied homo-loving Vatican now slams by not putting "saint" in front of his name, then all of these men from John 23 onward have been the personal embodiment and synthesis of all the heretics that have preceded them, which any orthodox commentor of the Fathers and Doctors of the Church have always called heretic leaders figures of Antichrist, especially since they have all sought, for the most part, to take away the continual sacrifice, which Paul VI achieved by putting in the mass of the new world order thanks to his masonic compatriot Bugnini and the two Christ hating rabbis and six heretical protestants that helped compose that thing, complete with it's "fruit of the vine and work of human hands" Cain type Cabbalistic phrase. Good grief. Wake up before it's too late for you. Quit calling these beasts usurping the papal chair "popes". Don't get condemned by our Lord for giving any obeisance or allegiance to any of them.

  6. However, the Vatican and local dioceses are institutions of censorship and inquisition against 'Holocaust denial,' which Pope Francis summarily JUDGES to be crazy:

    1. By the fact, here in France it's "who am I to judge" for everybody... except, EXCEPT for the ones who dare to discuss about 2nd WW and THE Shoah religion ( ?). THOSE are to be imprisonned, of course.

  7. Francis is the false prophet. He is an apostate.
    The Cathedral of St Paul in Boston held a Transgender Day
    Jesuit Boston College Students March in Pride Parade with Same-Sex Marriage Advocates

    1. Slow your roll. The Cathedral of St Paul in Boston is Episcopalian.

  8. "It is very dangerous for the Christian Soul
    join to a false pope; the
    false pope is like "a foreign god
    in this world, an idol, a statue, a
    fictitious image of Christ"
    (Saint Vincent Ferrer, O.P)

  9. St. Cyprian (200-258)

    "To adhere to a false Bishop of Rome
    is to be out of communion with the Church."

    Francis is The Man of Lawlessness

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    1. Working on the post for the last week. God willing it will be up soon.

  11. Thanks for the work you do
    May God bless you

    1. You have no idea how much it means to us for your thanks!

  12. This is copied from

    In response to our post last week, “Does Boston Archdiocese have a “gay network” of clergy too?“, a number of readers pointed us to a book by a writer of gay pornography that helps answer the question which was the title of our post. The book includes commentary from interviews with diocesan and religious priests who acknowledge they are gay. One priest admits he has come out to other priests, and has attended and blessed four “gay unions.” Two diocesan priests tell how they were not supportive of the effort several years ago to gather signatures for a constitutional amendment banning “gay marriage.” The book by Scott Pomfret is called “Since My Last Confession: A Gay Catholic Memoir.” The real names of many priests are listed in the book. A simple google search on passages from the book reveals rather clearly who one of the key pseudonymous characters is in real life. Here is an excerpt from the chapter that talks about “Fr. Butterballino” and his blessing of the gay unions (3rd page of the chapter preview):

    He admitted, “I’ve been to four civil weddings of gay people…After the rite is over, I do some kind of prayer or blessing. If I’m called on it, I can say I was there and I performed a prayer. I didn’t perform a wedding.”

    This priest is still a pastor today, as are other priests known to have performed blessings on gay unions.

    1. These people make you want to throw on sackcloth and ashes. The people who did that at Nineveh, if saved, must surely look down upon us with all the truth that this generation had and chucked out the window, totally preferring the devil to God, darkness to light - what must they think. If Christ our Lord can say to His apostles and followers of His generation to save themselves from THAT evil and perverse generation, what will He say about ours? I shudder to think that even those of us who are still attempting to keep the Faith must look in comparison to those who had it before all this insanity began thanks to Vatican II and the ensuing apostasy. What our poor guardian angels are being subjected to. Think of the guardian angels of these poor deluded people joining in these parades . How they must be suffering from the smell of the stench of sin there.

  13. This website is just embarrassing. I'm embarrassed for you. I'm also ashamed to be a part of the same religion you claim to have.

  14. I.don't think Franciscans allow heterosexual men into the order. All the ones I have seen as priests and brothers are gay. The one straight Franciscan priest I knew was forced on sabbatical, which in essence means he will not return.

  15. Who speaks Latin? Raise your hand!
    Wow! I am shocked to find a hate blog written and commented on by "Catholics"
    You took the time to talk smak about The Pope, The Franciscians, The Friars of Holy Name Province, The LGBTQ community, and The Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence. If you don't like the way Rome is going, protest ant. I will speak for the above and say " We love you anyway."

  16. Wow, as a Franciscan brother of the Franciscan's of the Cross, Perth, Australia, I know how important it is to form friendship with all those we meet on this journey called life, regardless of age, race, colour, orientation etc etc. So, lets just be friends. Blessings. BFM

  17. I had the lovely opportunity to visit a Franciscan community in San Francisco. Of the 12 Brother's in the Community, 11 were Gay. A beautiful group of men. They inspired me very much in my own Franciscan life. They were men of faith and men of vision.Also some were real cuties. If I had been single and if they had been single, I could have found a lovely husband. I give thanks to God for these great men. Actually, in many of the Franciscan Communities I visited a number of the Brother's are gay. Seem like Saint Francis and Gay goes well together. Blessings. Br Francis Mary. Fremantle. WA. Australia.