Saturday, June 14, 2014

Fruits of the Novus Ordo

(WARNING: Not for viewing by children or those easily offended. The questions directed at Robert Carlson are about raping children in his diocese. WARNING)

clip taken from deposition of Archbishop of St Louis, Robert Carlson



  1. Archbishop "I don't remember" Carlson. He's also hiding his pectoral cross. Commonplace habit by NO sectarian hierarchs these days.

  2. This guy makes me think of Limbaugh's parody song when Hillary Clinton was being interviewed about the Rose Law Firm and Vince Foster's murder/aka 'suicide.' He would play this gal sounding like Hillary and sing to the song "Try to Remember" - "I don't remember, my brain's in a blender, it's jello!" Hillary's hubby Bill was infamous with his "that depends on what 'is' means" as I recall comment regarding the Lewinsky debacle. The new world order is full of spineless jellyfish wimps who cannot own any of their behavior. In the meantime the scandal they produce assists Antichrist in getting people to reject what had been the True Church - Catholicism - so they will be ready, as mason Pike said, to embrace the "pure Luciferian doctrine" which the novus ordo post Vatican II 'church' has been a totally willing accomplice in promoting.