Monday, June 2, 2014

honorary doctorate for Rabbi Skorka

(Best Friends Forever, Abraham Skorka & Jorge Mario Bergoglio)
On the 11 October 2012, the 50th anniversary of the opening of Vatican II, Jorge gave his friend and co-author Abraham Skorka, who is pro-homosexual and pro-abortion, a honorary doctorate from the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina. This was the first time in the history of the university a honorary doctorate had been awarded to a non-Catholic.

When handing him his award Jorge told Rabbi Skorka,
"You do not know how I was waiting for this moment." And then added, "You deserve it, I did not do anything." 
 The Rabbi proceeded to then give his acceptance speech in which he:
  1. praised Zionism,  
  2. blamed anti-semitism and Nazism on the theology of the Catholic Church, 
  3. said one cannot be a Christian if one doesn’t know and understand the essence of Judaism, 
  4. called Jesus the Christ a ‘dude’ and argued the Talmud is full of his teachings about love, 
  5. praised the memory of Rabbi Marshall Meyer, a known pederast and child molester, 
  6. stated the shoah/holocaust has no historical precedent, and  
  7. finally finished his speech with, "we are waiting for the Messiah. He will come when God provides."
In a half year this man who had ‘waited for this moment’ would become Pope.  Any way this is spun, Jorge has endorsed all the above.  Can one still be called Catholic after this?  How and what does this man pray to make him think this way?
 (Video of Rabbi Abraham Skorka's acceptance speech.)

To see the full 2 hours of the Celebración de los 50 años del inicio del Concilio Vaticano II click here.  Notice who else attended :
Click here to read the speech given by Msgr. Víctor Manuel Fernández on why Rabbi Skorka was chosen to be honored.

Remember this was the same rabbi who Francis had dreamed of traveling to Israel with and hugging at the Kotel (Wailing Wall).  Taking the above information into account and adding to it the recent behavior of Francis on his Holy Land trip makes us wonder...

...will the world wake up before it is too late?

(Celebrating 50 years of Vatican II.)
(The flyer advertising the special night.)
(Photo of some of the crowd in attendance.)
(Abraham Skorka receives a congratulatory hug from Jorge Bergoglio.)


  1. Every day that I read your blog, my jaw drops a little farther.
    May almighty God deliver us from evil.

  2. Thank you for this blog

  3. Well what took them so long? John Paul II kept making every Talmudist and non Catholic he met a papal knight, it seemed! Roy Disney and the conductor of the Metropolitan Opera, James Levine's brother, who he also sent greetings on that person's son's Bar Mitzvah as I recall - Michael Levine? I can't remember the brother's name. Anyway, every day they are morphing into the things that Saint John Chrysostom warned against in his Discourses Against Judaizing Christians. When will God make an end of all of this? For this we all who still hold the Faith must pray and do penance and offer up our daily sufferings.