Sunday, May 25, 2014

humbleness in action

Thank goodness, Francis' public relations team headed by Greg Burke of Opus (Ju)Dei orchestrated another public act of humbleness for Francis to partake in.  We were beginning to forget he was so humble!  Way to notify the paparazzi ahead of time where Francis was going to be and what he was going to do, Mr. Burke!  Francis' papal hooptie, the Renault 4, must be in for repairs at the papal garage as he instead was riding in the papal econobox, the Ford Focus, for this trip.

Instructables for an 'impromptu' papal photo-op 

 Make a banner, with wish on it, old skool style!

Place old skool banner in prominent place.

Hang more banners & papal flag for photo-op.

Papal econobox will make an 'impromptu' stop.

Take photo of 'compassionate' Francis.

See story in the newspaper & on television!

Repeat as needed!


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