Friday, June 6, 2014

Is Suor Cristina's sister act finally over?

Surprise, surprise, the nun won!

Now that Suor Cristina has her big recording contract will she start to act like a nun?

Don't count on it...

 Suor Cristina instructing J-Ax in 'Saint' John Paul II's theology of the body.

Let's set the stage.  This week, the "humble servant" (she referred to herself as this) Suor Cristina gave an actual interview in which she shared some of her thoughts on her coach J-Ax, God, the new evangelization, and her future plans.

On J-Ax
"J-Ax is the bridge between Jesus and young people."  
"I always say that when I got the call I found myself in the arms of Jesus and in song I think I express the beauty of God and I know that for many my coach J-Ax is in a world which is light years away from mine, but I always thought that he would be the perfect bridge between the language of youth and that of the Church."

On her chances to win
"I live in the moment, I leave the future in the hands of providence."

On her future plans
"There are no limits to what I will do or will not do but I'll decide that later. What interests me is to bring forward the evangelization.  I chose to stay with J-Ax just to be closer to young people.  If you send me abroad, I will go abroad, if they want me to continue to sing with my kids I'll do it with joy at the oratory.  Jesus is happy with what you do out there and there is this thirst for joy (in me).  As I've said since I've been here: I have a gift and I'll share it."
"I would be very happy to return to a normal life."

"I will continue to sing wherever the Lord wants."

On why she is a success
 "....a thirst for joy, for love, for a message of all that is beautiful and pure."

On the new evangelization
"Since Pope Francis talks of a bible of joy... I think I'm on the right track."

The night started off with this... 

A tweet from the rock 'n roll loving Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi.  Translates into English as "If we commit injustice, God will leave us without music. (Cassiodorus)" (Click here to read on twitter.)  Cardinal Ravasi is a fan of the music of Lou Reed and Amy Winehouse, he must also be a fan of The Voice of Italy.

And then the show starts with the coaches and final contestants backstage...

Yes, that is J-Ax, Suor Cristina's coach, backstage dressed as if he is a priest.  Isn't that a mockery sister?  Oh but the show must go on.  Suor Cristina must win the award because she is on a mission from God!

Look who is here to support Suor Cristina.  It is (from left to right) her brother, her father, her mother, and two of her fellow sisters.   

J-Ax with bowler hat, suit, and eye lashes / makeup on one eye.

Malcolm McDowell with bowler hat, suit, and eye lashes / makeup on one eye.

Don't worry J-Ax was only getting warmed up when he was dressed as a priest backstage.  He came onstage decked out as the lead of the movie A Clockwork Orange.  We haven't seen this movie nor do any of us care to.  We are just pointing it out for those who might know what this represents.

Out come all the contestants and they sing with a band named Clean Bandit.  So far, so good...but in the middle of the song one of the judges, Noemi, tweets this photo below out to the world.  (Click here for original tweet.)

Why it's Suor Cristina's coach J-Ax!  He is cross-dressing in the photo!  Noemi added the hashtag signorinAx.  Get it an unmarried teenage girl Ax.  Who knew sin could be so fun? It has over 11,000 retweets and 15,000 favorites on twitter.  

J-Ax better watch himself around one of Francis' favorites, none other than Monsignor Battista Ricca if their paths ever do cross.

Suor Cristina sings Beautiful That Way by Noa, the song from Roberto Begnini's movie La vita è bella.  The Illuminati symbolism in the backdrop and the dancers is over the top.  A swinging birdcage, a swinging chandelier, a swinging clock, a dunce, and a puppet master with his puppets.  If Vigilant Citizen were to do an expose on this video, he would have a field day.  In case one cannot understand Suor Cristina's English the lyrics are below.
Smile, without a reason why
Love, as if you were a child
Smile, no matter what they tell you
Don’t listen to a word they say
'Cause life is beautiful that way

Tears, a tidal-wave of tears
Light that slowly disappears
Wait, before you close the curtain
There’s still another game to play
And life is beautiful that way

Here, in his eyes forever more
I will always be as close as you remember from before.

Now, that you're out there on your own
Remember, what is real and what we dream is love alone.

Keep the laughter in your eyes
Soon, your long awaited prize
Well forget about our sorrow
And think about a brighter day
'Cause life is beautiful that way

"The devil and the holy water" sing a duet here.   The song is Gli anni or in English, The Years by the rap / pop music group, 883.  The video in the background is of online newspapers praising Suor Cristina and video clips of her from The Voice of Italy.  At the end J-Ax and Suor Cristina bow and salute each other with a hand sign L on the forehead.  We have no idea what this means but J-Ax often has his fans tweet photos of themselves making this sign to him.  A rough translation of the song's lyrics into English are below.  (Click here to see Italian lyrics.)  J-Ax freestyled lyrics during the song and only part of it was sung.
Same story, same place, same bar
the same people who consume comes in and then goes
I do not know what I'm doing here
I go a bit '
and I see the headlights of cars that I
look and seem to wonder who let us

The golden years of the great Real
years of Happy Days and Ralph Malph
the years of huge companies
years in motor always in two
the years of "How beautiful were the movies"
the years of the Roy Rogers as jeans
years of "Whatever you do"
the years of "Quiet, we arrived here"

Same story, same place, same bar
I know a couple c'avran my age
how are you greet
so I
I see the fingers of two faiths
Judas pig that I could be a few years ago

Years from now the great Real ...

Same story, same place, same bar
stan almost closing then I'll go to my house
only she
in front of me
What do you time passes for all you know
anyone behind him back even we

Years from now the great Real ...

This song, Lungo la riva, was written by Giovanni Pellino aka Neffa for Suor Cristina.  According to J-Ax, Giovanni Pellino was in a punk band in the '80s that changed the history of music, in the '90s he brought hip-hop & rap to Italy, from 2000 onwards he has revolutionized Italian music with funk & soul.   During the song Suor Cristina points skyward when she sings "from you" as if she is singing to God.  While on the backdrop videos of herself are playing on loop.  After she finishes singing her coach gushes all over her.  J-Ax further says he feels like he is "in a Disney movie" and "according to me, this song is an instant hit!"  Translated English lyrics are below.  (Click here to see original Italian lyrics.)
Along the shore I'll see you
I'll see you along the shore
the sea is not far away already know
somehow you'll get
and soon I'll see you along the shore

along the road from you
along the road from you
s not a passing train to catch
I still have the breath to run
along the road from you

I'll see you along the shore
oh I'll see you along the shore

if the snow will seek
not be able to stop us
will be the wind to blow it away from me

if the fog will descend
I know that on earth there will be
a light to guide me towards you

I am leaving the city lights
I leave the lights of the city
my life to begin flight
to the horizon you will see
I leave the lights of the city

I'll see you along the shore
the sea is not far away already know
I will get there somehow
I'll see you along the shore

I'll see you along the shore
oh oh
I'll see you along the shore
I'll see you along the shore

Back to some old favorites...


Suor Cristina sings No One by Alicia Keys again.  We here at Call Me Jorge... feel this has been covered elsewhere on the internet in depth so we will not write much.  It will suffice to say it is not up to the Mary-like standards a religious is to expected uphold. 


We comment on this song even though we have written a previous post on it.  The sole reason for this is, Suor Cristina chose it as her final song and What a Feeling is the theme of the movie Flashdance hence when one hears it they associate the movie with it.  In the film the anti-heroine is a steel welder who is an exotic dancer, pole-dancer, stripper however one would like to term it who chases her dreams of making the big time by dancing for the dance Conservatory in her city.  The movie ends with her incorporating street dance moves into her repertoire, winning the dance audition, and getting her guy.  Remind you of anyone?  Suor Cristina maybe?

The New Evangelization

In the video below watch as Suor Cristina is named the Winner of The Voice of Italy!  She was victorious in a landslide with 62% of the votes while the three other contestants garnered the remaining 38%.  As the winner she gets a recording contract with Universal.

In this video we see the judges award Suor Cristina her trophy and blather a bunch of platitudes about how great she is.  The fun starts when they give Suor Cristina the open microphone.  Some of what Suor Cristina expresses in the video above:

"My presence here is not up to me, it's thanks to the man upstairs!"

"I'm not here to start a career, but because I want to impart a message."

This part you just have to watch to believe (see 5 minutes 36 seconds in the video), she asks everyone to hold hands and say an Our Father.  Then she gives the reason,

"I want Jesus to come in here!"

All of a sudden Suor Cristina who was so popular when she was a novelty act becomes persona non grata in front of the judges.  Is there any silence or respect when she 'prays'?  Nope, how can you respect a nun who acts like a woman of the world?  The judges talk through her saying the Pater Noster.  What did Suor Cristina expect?  Maybe the judges didn't know the most basic of catholic prayers and talked because they were uncomfortable?  Has Italy fallen that far?  Sadly, Cristina doesn't even make the Sign of the Cross before praying.  

The media treats Francis as if he invented compassion & alms for the poor and as if they had never been practiced before by anyone in his office.  In the same manner they treat Suor Cristina as if there has never existed a nun who could sing before she came along.  There have been plenty of nuns who sang much, much, more beautifully than Suor Cristina.  The big difference is they sang religious hymns which were pleasing to God, typically at their convents.  Unlike Cristina, they didn't jump into the morally depraved sewers of the world and roll around in the filth with the inhabitants of it.  Instead of Suor Cristina, a more fitting name would be Sewer Cristina!

This television show demonstrates how phony the Novus Ordo religion is.  It is all smoke and mirrors.  The smoke is the dialogue with Christ's enemies and the mirrors are the 'faith experiences.'  What nun or superior would want a religious on a rock 'n roll television show?  We can hear our naysayers objecting that Cristina brought joy, happiness, and God into so many people's lives who didn't have it before.  If that is what they believe the Catholic Faith is, we sadly cannot do anything other than pray for them.  It is amazing they can watch Sewer Cristina dance suggestively, sing lewd songs, make the devil's horns hand signal, stick her tongue out like the goddess Kali, promote abortion, promote evolution, promote premarital sex, denigrate the uniform she wears for all the proper nuns out there,  make a mockery out of the Blessed Virgin Mary through her behavior, and think everything is a OK!  All the previous items are just good ol' fun to Sewer Cristina, she's just following her dream of becoming a singer!

"I have a gift to give, and I am giving it to you, what can I do about that? 
Jesus has called upon me. It wouldn't be worth much if I kept it for myself." 

...we here at Call Me Jorge... have a feeling that the world will hear from Suor Cristina again and Francis will be involved since the two have so much in common.  

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 When all is said and done, what is that trophy going to do for her?


  1. I told you so.

    The only thing I missed was that Francis didn't show up live during the show, but he'll send a message, wait for it...

    1. Yes, we believe you were on the money.

      We think this was your previous comment:

      We think like you it is only a matter of time 'til Francis meets Cristina.

  2. My husband says the L on the forehead gesture is usually meant to signify someone a "loser" derogatorily; however, I would research further. None of this stuff is generally 'innocent' in our day. Much of it is cabbalistic. One of the more 'far out' researchers into the masonic world and cabbala is an american researcher named Freeman Fly. I don't agree with a lot of his stuff, but both his parents were heavily involved in the masons - his dad was a grand master and his mother in the Eastern Star. He has quite a few videos online which may explain what that gesture means. Vigilant Citizen also may have some explanation.

    The whole "win" of this novus ordo nun seems awfully scripted, to promote Bergoglio and his newer even MORE Montinian newchurch.

    1. Thanks for your comment. How fitting if the L on the forehead gesture does signify that J-Ax and Suor Cristina are "losers".

      And thanks for pointing us toward the masons.

  3. There we have the essential arrogance of this Novus Ordo Seclorum so thinly disguised as "christian" - they think they have discovered the fruits and gifts of The Holy Ghost for the first time since Our Blessed Saviour walked The Earth. However, in the disorientated hands of liberal modernists these are perverted into sheer and utter self-actualised arrogance.

  4. She's part of the operation of error (2 Thes 2:10) so, no her appearances will not stop.

    2 Thes 2
    [10] And in all seduction of iniquity to them that perish; because they receive not the love of the truth, that they might be saved. Therefore God shall send *them the operation of error, to believe lying:

    * God shall send: That is God shall suffer them to be deceived by lying wonders, and false miracles, in punishment of their not entertaining the love of truth.

  5. I am genuinely confused by this statement:

    I am genuinely confused by this statement:

    We can hear our naysayers objecting that Cristina brought joy, happiness, and God into so many people's lives who didn't have it before. If that is what they believe the Catholic Faith is, we sadly cannot do anything other than pray for them.

    If that is not what the Catholic religion is, then what is it?

  6. I have so many reservations about this article, which I stumbled upon accidentally while surfing the net. First, I think that it was deeply unfair for the writer to brand Suor Cristina as 'Sewer' Cristina. No one, as in no person, whether man or woman, religious or not, should ever be bestowed such a degrading title.

    I find nothing objectionable with what she did. She was a brave young woman testing unchartered waters. She did not lose any of her virtues, kept her decorum and presented herself consistently as a nun. She was brave. How many has tried or even attempted to pray on a widely televised program, in the company of famous people? How many even as so much thought of doing that? She is the only one I know. And mock her for what she did, but it was a courageous message of faith and not everyone can do the same.

    At the end of the day, when she took home the trophy, she did something for and to the world: she put the spotlight back on the catholic faith and showed everyone the beauty of finding joy and laughter in Jesus' arms. And if you ask me, that's a pretty awesome task to have done.

    1. Amen to that! Joy and love and hope - how wonderful that a contemporary sister brings the joy of the Catholic faith to so many people. We are called to love, and have joy in God. And courage - Suor Cristina has all of these and is a wonderful evangeliser - a bringer of the good news. And this is what changes us from our narrowness. God bless those who bring true joy. Yes, what a truly awesome task; I can only wish these negative commentators more peace and happiness and hope in their hearts.

  7. Sad, sad, lost Call Me Jorge. You and your followers don't understand the gospel of Jesus Christ, so it's no wonder that your worldly legalism leads you to misjudge this lovely sister.