Thursday, June 19, 2014

niece of Francis says uncle is here to renew

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Francis' niece is an artist and was recently interviewed on skype by a Miami news channel.  In their story they said, 
"Bergoglio (the niece of Francis) said she is not religious, but spiritual and she doesn't subscribe to any one religion."
Does that sound like anyone you know?  A Vatican II Novus Ordite?  Francis' niece knows what is wrong with the Novus Ordo faith too,
"I'm not afraid to say I see the church as outdated, and that's why I believe life has put my uncle to renew this certain system of thought that was getting stagnated."
Can you believe it?  The opening of the window (Vatican II) to let in a breathe of fresh air by John XXIII is now stagnant.  The disease is modernism  but the cure is more modernism.  If only we could implement Vatican II in the proper spirit as it was intended, why...there would be peace on earth and no suffering!  My what interesting times we live in!

How the Bergoglios imagine themselves


  1. the Church is outdated,the Word of God is ageless ,the same yesterday ,today and tomorrow.There are people who say the Church must adapt to the modern world,which is another way of saying God must adapt to man,s rule ,which is an inversion of the supernatural order,and outright rebellion against God.

  2. His niece looks like Charro taking up artistic endeavors. Her paintings look pretty decent in spite of her screwed up thinking. Maybe her uncle 'catechised' her which is why she knows absolutely nothing about the Catholic Faith or she wouldn't be out there making stupid anti Christ remarks like she is today. A blind follower of her blind uncle and both will fall into the pit? That is where Vatican II 'ecumenism" has led people - into personally defined gnostic New Agey "spirituality" and out of orthodox doctrine and dogma. The Unitarians would be proud of her and him!