Monday, June 30, 2014

sodomite Elton John is a fan of Francis!

Francis' words & actions are garnering him fans left and right with the sodomites.  His newest fan is Reginald Kenneth Dwight aka Elton Hercules John. Listen to him umm, umm, umm share his perverted umm, mind.

Sodomy is a Civil Right

7:14  "I will fight for people's rights. Anybody whose human rights uh are wronged or taken away I will try and fight for them. I will go to Russia.  I'm going to Russia in December or November and I will try to me Putin on I will try to talk to him.  I don't know what good it will do but unless you build a bridge ahh, it's no good putting up a wall saying I'm not talking to these people the only thing that gets solved is by talking to people umm"
7:58  "As an AIDS organization we support the marginalized as well umm, you know the very very poor people that are getting left behind, the drug users, the people in prison.  Umm you know if we leave people behind in society, then society is going to crumble.  We have to do on this journey of aids and of human rights we have to try and take everyone with us and uh, I deeply believe that and umm many people might disagree with me but I'm certainly you know if anyone doesn't have their basic civil rights I get crazy!"
8:46  "The new Pope has done wonderful.  I mean he's excited me so much by his humanity and taking everything down to the humility of faith no matter what it is, what faith you have, what religion you have, who you believe in, what you believe in he stripped it down to the bare bones and said it's all basically about love and taking everybody in inclusiveness umm"
9:29  "Of course and and and I don't see why Catholic priests have to be celibate. That's crazy!  You know these are old and stupid things umm and the church hierarchy might be you know uhh, up in arms about it the traditionalists but the times have changed we live in a different time.  If Jesus Christ was alive today, I cannot see him as the christian person he was and the great person he was saying this could not happen umm.  He was all about love and compassion and forgiveness and and trying to bring people together and that's what the church should be about."

"Who am I to judge?"


  1. I know little about this person but he certainly knows nothing about Our Blessed Lord. he talks like an incohesive and incoherent buffoon. He's certainly got a massive problem with his image and he sounds very low on self-esteem. Is he a depressive?

    1. LeonG, you called it. Elton John has a very long history of throwing huge tantrums, deep depression, and spendthrift ways. He like Francis makes his religion up as he goes.

    2. Leon - this is astute observation on your part and more evidence that people afflicted with that "attraction" towards people of the same sex have issues with attachment disorder as one ex homosexual wrote and was crucified in public for pointing out. However, as someone dealing with a family member with that issue, it is very clear to see the same behaviors that you describe. Tantruming, fit throwing, control freaky behavior - all stems from locked in infant rage that was not resolved. No proper bonding with a parental figure there somewhere.