Tuesday, June 24, 2014

the hermeneutic of continuity

Do you remember what happened on the first anniversary of the announcement of Benedict XVI's intention to resign from the papacy?  Archbishop Georg Gänswein gave an interview in which he related the following,

Radio Cristiandad posted two videos, in their post LA IGLESIA DE BENEDICTO XVI Y LA DE FRANCISCO, which demonstrate how the Novus Ordo religion looks under Francis  and how it looked under Benedict XVI. 

This is the Novus Ordo church with Benedict XVI (Germany)

This is the Novus Ordo church with Francis (Argentina)

Can you spot the difference?


  1. In the first video they sang a popular German schlager-song:

    Wir kommen alle, alle,
    Alle in den Himmel,
    Weil wir so brav sind,
    Das sieht selbst der Petrus ein,
    Er sagt: "Ich laß gern euch rein,
    Ihr ward auf Erden schon
    Die reinsten Engelein!"

    We are all going to heaven because we are so well-behaved. Even St. Peter acknowledges that and says: “I´ll let you in gladly because on earth you behaved like pure angels.”

    1. Thanks for the translation. This stuff is so over the top we couldn't make it up if we tried!