Tuesday, June 17, 2014

the video of Henrique Cymerman's interview

Youtube removed the interview with English subtitles.  We post below the original interview.

If you were Francis and you canceled your schedule because you felt a little sluggish and under the weather, what would you do?  Relax, take it easy?  Remember you are a revolutionary.  That's right!  You'd grant an interview to a fellow Talmudist in your hotel room.  Henrique Cymerman was the reporter asking the questions but even more interestingly he was the person responsible for Francis' trip to the Holy Land. (see, Is this going to be interview number eight?) Not only that but Francis during the interview also credited and thanked him for the "Invocation for Peace" which took place on Pentecost Sunday in the Vatican Gardens, "The fact that this has taken place is in good part thanks to you!"

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