Monday, June 30, 2014

Usury is good according to the Vatican

The “Populorum Progressio” Foundation for Latin America is pushing usury under the guise of micro-loans.  The foundation was instituted by Saint John Paul II in 1992 and he entrusted its oversee to its board & to the Pontifical Council “Cor Unum”.  Usury is great as long as poor people can borrow the money...isn't this what made them poor in the first place?

*Populorum Progressio translates from Latin into English as "the people's program" or "development of the people"


  1. Lines of Credit, Ropes of Bondage. This is Bob Goldsborough's book and the truths in that book remain today. Goldsborough is a novus ordo 'conservative' as far as I know - I don't know if he ever made the switch to recognizing the takeover of the Chair - but it seems like this is the business of lowering the interest rates again to create another phoney housing bubble and get people who may have had their house paid for tempted to get into more debt so that the powers that be can foreclose on more houses and impoverish more people. This is just so typical of the new world order phoney left/right paradigm. They claim to be for the poor while doing everything they can promoting banker funded communism which allows for the bankers who own the state to grab more and more power. We truly are all turning into serfs on the global plantation as alternative radio talk show host Alex Jones likes to say.


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