Monday, June 9, 2014

What happens when...

...Francis arrives in the Holy Land?

Why God sends a sign.

A little less than two hours after Francis arrived in Jordan, the Arava Valley area on the Israeli / Jordanian border had an earthquake with a magnitude of 4.6.  Not a big enough earthquake to kill people but one which was certainly enough to shake them up.

 The earthquake of 26 May 2014 is the bigger of the two blue dots in the picture on the left.

It was the biggest earthquake in the area since this chart's data start point in 1984.

Some say this is a coincidence...well we say these coincidences are happening all too often.  They have to be signs.

And dear reader don't forget the fire which took place in Bethlehem soon after Francis left on the EL AL jet to return to Rome.


  1. Lord...even Jorge's gait walking down the staircase is undignified.
    Curious, he traveled back on El Al? Did he hide his pectoral cross during the flight?
    Doesn't El Al already have the new laser counter measures installed on their fleet? Or it's soon to happen. In fact, I've read speculation their will be an incident to prompt all airliners to purchase them. It's the same as the body scanners at the airports after 9/11. Those were sold to airports (using tax payer dollars of course) by an Israeli company.

  2. Yes, here he is boarding the EL AL flight for Rome.