Monday, July 21, 2014

a reader comments on 'FOBs' the Friends of Bergoglio

Yesterday, we read some extremely insightful thoughts written by a reader of Call Me Jorge.... in the comments section of the entry, 'FOBs' the Friends of Bergoglio.  The writer's name is Michael and he has his own blog called, Public Vigil.  He expertly peels away the layers of propaganda in John L. Allen, Jr.'s article and shows the method which Allen uses to define not only the topic of what is to be debated but also the terms to be used.  Tomorrow, we will post some facts on Allen which are not well known and the special upcoming role he is to have as an uber-propagandist for Francis.  Thanks to Michael for his comments and allowing us to feature them!

Dear Call Me Jorge,
I have been suspicious of Allen for a long time. If you ask me he is some sort of high-level agent. I'm not quite sure who he is working for. He could be a double or triple agent like Malachi Martin.

Just the fact that he writes for the National Catholic Reporter is enough to raise suspicion of his real motives. He also seems to have unprecedented access to information which makes me think that he is being fed this "intelligence". IMO he is a very skilled and very subtle propagandist. He spins information by first stating enough facts to lower your guard and then inserting his carefully spun piece of public opinion swaying propaganda. He's a true master of the art of propaganda and no hack like most liberal/socialist journalists.

Anyway, any time I read one of his articles I'm on the watch for a subtle piece of propaganda. In the case of this FOB piece I think the propaganda lies in:

1) Implying that Bergoglio does not have "friends" among the Catholic hierarchy. He certainly does -- they are unofficially called "the gay lobby". I think "gay mafia" is a better term. And he has other modernist "friends" in the Catholic hierarchy as well.
2) This goes along with point 1. It is the idea that Bergoglio is a "lone wolf" as opposed to being part of a larger conspiracy which has infiltrated the Catholic church. If we don't know who our enemy is then we don't know who to fight. We should not waste too much time fighting the FOBs that Allen mentions. We need to concentrate on the conspiracy inside the Church. 
3) Referring to these heretic co-conspirators of Bergoglio as "friends" lowers your guard. "Oh, they are just 'friends'. How nice. Well, everyone should be allowed to have 'friends'-- even the pope." So anyone that attacks these "friendships" is automatically a bad guy. How can you be "anti-friend"? It's a case of establishing the language and definitions for the debate. Once you accept your opponents language and definitions you have already lost the debate. These guys are heretic anti-Catholic leaches that have attached themselves to Bergoglio -- and he welcomes this relationship because he is also a heretic anti-Catholic leach.
4) Specifically in this case Allen is launching a pre-emptive propaganda attack to prepare the way for the July 28 meeting with Traettino. This is necessary because this is going to be such a revolutionary act that Allen is attempting to "soften the blow" by saying that it's "not unprecedented". Actually it IS unprecedented and Allen knows it. That is why he must deny it. This is already setting the "talking points" for the way to spin this meeting in the media. Talking point 1 -- it's "not unprecedented". Even if it wasn't "unprecedented" that still does not make it OK for a pope to preach at a heretical non-Catholic church. By saying it is " not unprecedented " Allen is implying it is "normal". It is most certainly NOT normal. It is revolutionary. It is another step forward in the Modernist revolution. It is an attempt to establish a new "beach head". And once this becomes "normal" it is very difficult to turn back the clock.
5) What do you know about Traettino after reading this article? Allen makes him seem like a nice harmless guy. He's not. He is being financed specifically to attack the Catholic Church. This is also true of Tony Palmer. If you find out who is paying the bills for these guys then there agenda will become quite clear. Allen is the kind of journalist/agent with the kind of contacts and information sources to do that kind of research, but he doesn't. He's protecting these guys. Maybe after it is too late he will spill the beans to show us just what a super-journalist he is. Or at least some of the beans. The ones he wants us to know about while hiding the others.

Call me paranoid, but Allen is very dangerous IMO.


  1. Dear Call Me Jorge,

    I was re-reading this post and even I must say that it sounds a bit like a rant. :)

    I could have summed it all up by saying that Allen is "sugar coating" the facts.

    Does that sound about right? He's making it easy to swallow, because he knows that the naked truth of the pope closely associating himself with some very questionable protestant characters is upsetting to the Catholic mind.

    Do you realize that none of the usual suspects have tried to tackle this subject and explain it away? Akin, Shea, Fisher... nada. They have just ignored the whole topic as if it doesn't exist. Can you blame them?

    This is the sort of cognitive dissonance that forces you to either swallow it whole or finally snap out of the spell. The old "the pope said it so it must be true" mime is starting to get old. Michael Voris are you paying attention?

    Anyway, I'm very curious to hear what you have to say about Allen. The fact that you published my criticism of him strongly suggests that you also have suspicions about him.

    And we should not lose sight of the bigger picture. We have a heretic as pope who is leading souls to their damnation. The Oktober synod is going to be a time of reckoning. We will soon find out how many Catholics there are left in the remnant.

    1. Akin, Shea and Fisher are ALL purportedly 'converts', correct?
      I've asked this before, but I'll ask it again. Why is it that so many converts have an overwhelming need to blog and write about Catholicism ---and why is it that they seem able to land jobs doing it?
      You'd think that humility would prompt them to sit down and continue to learn about their newfound Faith, rather than spouting on about something they've come to later in life. It's strange that so many converts want leadership roles..they often go into the priesthood as well...or perhaps I'm just overly suspicious.