Thursday, July 24, 2014

Audio of Allen's speech to the ADL

Call Me Jorge... covered this speech of John L Allen, Jr. to the Anti-Defamation League's National Executive Committee on 7 February 2014 under the entry Jews “basically won the lottery”.  Now we have what was actually said, not just notes from a reporter on the speech.  It is similar to the speeches Allen was giving while touring the world telling people who Francis truly is.  At the 16 minutes and 41 seconds Allen goes off his usual script and has a message just for the Jews.  He specifically mentions Abe Foxman a little after 22 minutes 16 seconds and tells him to assist the Vatican so Francis is coached in how to not accidentally offend the Jews during his (then) upcoming trip to Israel.

Less than 2 weeks later, listen to what Abe Foxman tells the media about Francis.

Looks like Foxman received all his wishes from Francis!

To see and hear Foxman in his own words say he is running a scam watch the excellent movie, Defamation by Yoav Shamir, below.


  1. Too bad the whore Allen doesn't end his speech by calling on Allah the way he did when speaking to the REC - see your video in previous post at 1:29:30 where Allen states, "God willing - insha'llah "

    It is hard to believe a supposed "Catholic" refers to 'the holy sacrifice of the mass' (albeit on the Copa beach at Rio) as an 'event' that drew 3 million people like a Rolling Stone concert.

    Also at end of this speech when Allenstates to 'prove' the Nelson Mandela status of Bergoglio that he is on the cover of Rolling Stone - doesn't mention that this magazine is owned by a HOMOSEXUAL JEW who is MARRIED to a man and that the cover appeared the day after DAVID GEFFEN another (RAVINGLY DEVIANT) HOMOSEXUL JEW [Michael Jackson hired a witch doctor to protect him from the deviance of this homosexual freak] and his HOMOSEXUAL JEW PAL Clive Davis organized a mass homosexual wedding ceremony at the Grammys. [Allen claims to have bought 5 copies of this 'cover' - I wonder if he expects it to 'appreciate' or if he thinks this 'cover' will help him or any member of his family get to heaven?]

    It is also hard to believe that a "Catholic" to illustrate that a person believes in mercy would relate the story he did about how a priest (that Allen knows personally) would pull 14 people over and say you HAVE to go to confession because the Pope wants to show 'mercy'. What a joke! Being "Santa Claus" or "Sugar Daddy" is NOT showing mercy - telling divorced and remarried that they don't have to obey God's law - but just go to communion, seek a different parish is not 'pastoral' but wolfish. Allen considers mercy keeping a law on the books, but telling people YOU don't have to obey it (like Don't Ask, Don't Tell or sodomy laws that aren't enforced--how long do they stay on the books?). How merciful is Bergoglio to Fisher More (good of their soul denies the Latin mass!), same w/ FFI or this 'diplomat' in the link below. What Allen and Bergoglio are calling mercy is dictatorship! How abhorrent! Thanks for shining the spotlight on this 'impartial' reporter slimeball!

    If the Jewish Anti-Defamation league wants to do something to help the United States

    1. This was very interesting about Michael Jackson's attempt to hire someone - a witch doctor, really? - to protect him from Geffen. It is alleged on the conspiracy sites that sympathize with Jackson that he was sexually molested by the powerful homos in the entertainment industry, much as Corey Feldman alleged in an interview which can be seen on youtube clips about the pedophile rings. Then later Jackson was accused in the media of being one himself; however it IS possible that if he was a victim it would explain any possible "problems" he would have had in that direction, and/or he may have been trying to help other children in the industry that he suspected were being victimized. Unfortunately there is no way of knowing. He's dead now and no one has stepped forward with the truth of the matter. His image was used in a very public use of holographic technology at one of the award shows with the posthumous single of his "Slave to the Rhythm" which interestingly enough was a phrase Jackson used in an Oprah interview when she asked him why he always had an 'issue' with grabbing his genital area onstage. Jackson's hologram of this song had him sitting on a masonic throne complete with demon faces.

      The conspiracists have also linked Clive Davis with the myserious bathtub drowning death of Whitney Houston. Many have suggested that was done in a ritualistic manner in a hotel that was shaped in some kind of masonic symbolism.