Tuesday, July 22, 2014

"Don" Zuhl$dorf's sacrilegious and immoral blog post

There is a blogger on the internet who styles himself 'Fr. Z'.  On his blog, Fr. Z's Blog Once named: What Does The Prayer Really Say?, he recently told readers the Pope could order a priest to break the seal of confession!  The entry was titled, Seal of Confession under threat by the State: follow-up, and an achive of it can be read by clicking here.  Thankfully, the post has been pulled down since, but to our knowledge "Don" Zuhl$dorf didn't apologize to his readers nor to the author he quoted, Aaron Taylor, nor to either St. Thomas Aquinas or St. Augustine for his error.  There was no retraction. Instead, the story was removed from the blog and sent down the memory hole.  For more on this see Novus Ordo Wire's “Fr.” Zuhlsdorf: “Pope could give a Priest Permission to ‘Break’ the Seal of Confession”.  Reading this piqued our interest and we checked out this supposed religious blog.  Before we get to our critique of a recent entry written by "Don" Zuhl$dorf, a brief background on the man.   We are using the word "Don" instead of "Father" as Zuhlsdorf is incardinated in the Suburbicarian Diocese of Velletri-Segni in Italy.  For some strange reason "Don" Zuhl$dorf lives in the Diocese of Madison, Wisconson where he claims he is researching his doctoral thesis, blogging, and writing articles for publication.  If one is interested in what "Don" Zuhl$dorf has to say about himself on this matter, one can read this entry at his blog, Waiting for Zagano

A 3rd class relic being made?

Saint John Paul II performed the laying of hands on "Don" Zuhl$dorf in the Novus Ordo's New Rite of Ordination hence the quotation marks around the word Don.  "Don" Zuhl$dorf often jokes he is a 3rd class or is it 4th class or 5th class relic because of this. (See, 2nd miracle for John Paul II takes another step forward)  If this is correct, this would also make his classmate John Corapi a relic also as he was "ordained" in the same ceremony.  The 3rd class relic, Corapi, was under suspension by his superior for illlegal drug abuse, alcohol abuse, having an affair with a prostitute, and for violating his vow of poverty.  Corapi denied all the allegations and  resigned from the Novus Ordo church 17 June 2011.
I resigned because the process used by the church is grossly unjust, and, hence, immoral. I resigned because I had no chance from the beginning of a fair and just hearing. As I have indicated from the beginning of all this, I am not extinguished! If I were to commit to the suggestion of the society, then I would essentially crawl under a rock and wait to die.
We bring this up only to show the caliber of Zuhl$dorf's classmates and "Don" Zuhl$dorf like Corapi loves to live the high life. We add the $ to his name, Zuhlsdrof, because he is constantly seeking money for himself on his blog.  We cannot claim to be avid readers of "Don" Zuhl$dorf but do come across his writings from time to time and he is always pandering for money.  It is as if his calling is to earn money for himself through blogging and his hobby is to play "priest".

Shaking a saint's hand!

Now that we have covered the background, onto the disturbing post.  Call Me Jorge... read the entry, An Important Anniversary, which was supposedly announcing the 7th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum.  Dear reader, if you were to write a column on Summorum Pontificum how would you start it?  With a story about the Tridentine Mass or one about Benedict XVI?  Neither if you are "Don" Zuhl$dorf.  Let's look at a screenshot from his entry, An Important Anniversary.

Wait a minute!  Isn't this supposed to be about Summorum Pontificum?  Instead "Don" Zuhl$dorf is writing about the immoral movie of John Boorman.  For those who don't know about this film, Deliverance, it is infamous for its scene of sodomy.  Ever heard the quote "squeal like a pig" used?  It's from the same notorious scene.   As if that isn't bad enough, several people are also murdered in the film.  Why would a 'priest' blog about a piece of music from this film?  Why introduce your readers to a film this perverse?  Are there not other films having their anniversary this day?  This isn't the first time he has written of an immoral film in his blog.  Who could forget, The Lives of Others? Thankfully this time, "Don" Zuhl$dorf didn't put an amazon link to this film for his readers to purchase in the post.  One last thing about the clip "Don" Zuhl$dorf chose to embed on his website, it uses God's name in vain not once but twice!  This can be heard at the 3 minutes 59 seconds and the 4 minutes 6 seconds marks of the clip.  This man calls himself a priest?  What were they teaching in the seminary he attended?

Next he mentions Billie Jean King winning the 1972 Wimbledon Tennis Tournament.  What is so important to "Don" Zuhl$dorf about 42 years ago?  We could let this slide if it were not for his mention of Deliverance.   Billie Jean King is a pro-sodomite and pro-lesbian activist who openly lives the sinful life of a lesbian!  Again, why on a blog about religion is a 'priest' bringing up this stuff?   Why not prayers or something on the spiritual life?  Is "Don" Zuhl$dorf bringing readers closer to God by exposing them to items which could lead them into sin?  He seems to be hung up on sex as he also recently used sexual innuendo to sell generators in another post.  See, New Low for “Fr.” Zuhl$dorf: “Use Protection!” for more.

Next "Don" Zuhl$dorf talks about memories from his Lutheran childhood.  Playing chess, watching Julia Child cook, listening to NASA missions, meeting a baseball pitcher, riding bicycles, etc... filled the summer of '72 for "Don" Zuhl$dorf.  Why not choose another summer?  Were there not movies and tennis played in them?  Or better yet, could he have mentioned a great event from Church history which took place on this day or something from the life of a saint? 

Here is where "Don" Zuhl$dorf gets to the purpose of his blog post.  It is the 7th anniversary of Summorum Pontificum!  One would think a priest would write something about Summorum Pontificum and how he is grateful for it.  Oh, but "Don" Zuhl$dorf does not the way a pious person would!  Here is the sacrilegious photo he posted with his comments.

Does this convey respect?  Did he really chill Veuve Clicquot Brut NV champagene with Benedict XVI?  We don't think so but, who knows, maybe "Don" Zuhl$dorf imagined this in his mind and decided to photoshop his memory?  We ask again is this respectful of Benedict XVI?  It appears the book on the picnic table is a 1962 Altar Missal.  Was "Don" Zuhl$dorf not properly taught in the seminary what sacrilegious means?  

Sacrilegious behavior is acceptable in the Novus Ordo church!

We do have to applaud "Don" Zuhl$dorf for not linking to the Veuve Clicquot Brut NV.  At $55.00, (according to wine.com) he could have made a fat commission off of it.  The commision for the 1962 Altar Missal would have been even heftier as they retail in the ballpark around $285.00 (according to New Liturgical Movement).  We almost forgot, a cardboard cutout of Benedict XVI can be found on amazon for $50.00.  Either "Don" Zuhl$dorf was in a rush when he was writing the post or he couldn't find the items for sale on amazon to link to.  Who knows, could he have for once been showing restraint? 

Why did "Don" Zuhl$dorf put all these things together in a post?  We at Call Me Jorge... are really stretching it here to make this all fit together.  Is "Don" Zuhl$dorf saying that Summorum Pontificum was Deliverance from the Novus Ordo Missae he was ordained under?  If so, why not come out and say it?  Why not play a clip of communist Michael King, Jr. saying, "Free at last! Free at last! Thank God Almighty, we are free at last!" ?  It makes about as much sense!

"Don" Zuhl$dorf is considered one of the star "priests" of the Novus Ordo church and is a perfect reflection of the man-made Novus Ordo Missae & the Second Vatican Council.  If you are looking for prayer or spiritual life "Don" Zuhl$dorf's blog isn't the place to go.  If you are looking to see where he is flying, what bigwigs he rubbed shoulders with at the Vatican, want to see photos of what gourmet meal he just consumed, know what books he is reading, ad nausea...  and to help him live this lifestyle by purchasing items he recommends such as coffee, generators, immoral movies, etc... on his blog - then it is the place for you.  One Catholic commentator wrote, "He shouldn't call himself Father Z. but Fr. Me!"

Zuhl$dorf like Francis is all about glorifying himself!


  1. Spot on regarding this blogger known as "Father Z". So many "conservative" NO Catholics are enamored of this guy, I finally checked him out. He constantly takes pictures of his lavish meals. On a recent trip to Italy he took pictures of all his meals and posted them on the blog. It gave me the impression that he would like the sin of gluttony eliminated at the upcoming synod. He seems to be a latter day Friar Tuck.

    1. "Latter day Friar Tuck" - what an appropriate observation!

  2. I have never been convinced by Zuhlsdorf because his maxim following the rubrics and the best translations of the Mass are subversive propagandising for the pauline protestant liturgical revolution. His obsequious blogging cronies who are allowed the "privilege" of sucking up to him and pandering to his nonsensicus catholicus are neo-cons who confuse a few dalmatics & incense for Sacred Liturgical Tradition. None of them could smell the odour of treachery that underwrites the previous pope's Summorum since it makes acceptance of the protestant NO form a precondition for having the right to the Latin Mass. Of course, a real and well-informed Roman Catholic knows and understands that the SP has no authority of itself to do this since it would break seriously with Sacred Tradition to link it to an already anathematised vernacular liturgical form. What was that he was claiming about the hermeneutic of continuity: this is liturgical rupture at its worst. The authority of the SP, if it has any at all, is rooted in previous papal & council documents: Pope Pius V and the Trent Councils gave The Holy Latin Mass a perpetual guarantee to all Roman Catholics and it must be in Latin. The SP is a blatant rupture with tradition.

    I wrote elsewhere a while ago that such a man, if he were a priest, should be doing his duties as one and not spending a large part of his day blogging as he does to his restricted group of admirers. This can only lead in one direction - the wrong one which it has, demonstrably.

    Therefore, it is time he got back to his priestly duties, if he has any, the NO has led him into error.

    1. Thank you for this wonderful summary, and for pointing out what a true priest should be doing. Unfortunately for this man posing as a "priest" with undoubtedly his anglicanized vatican II invalid orders, he is merely demonstrating the subsequent lack of grace and lack of true apostolic succession which came with that nullifying of the true apostolic succession that Paul VI was put into the chair by the gnostic brotherhood to achieve. One is tempted to compare him to Mr. Collins in Austen's Pride and Prejudice talking about Lady Catherine.

    2. "nonsensicus catholicus" -- That was hilarious!

  3. I have had occasion to meet "Fr. Z" on a couple of occasions and based on those experiences, I've been inclined to give him the benefit of the doubt where sincerity is concerned. On the matter of prudence however, there is no question of a deficiency. I was scandalized when, at the height of the nation's financial crisis with soaring unemployment and home foreclosures, Fr. Z chose to showcase his gourmet meals and wines, along with his international jaunts which often include pub-crawls known as "blognics". I suspect Fr. Z has never had to pay for a single pint on those evenings, the tab likely having been picked-up by duped donors. I believe these problems stem from corrupted post-Vatican II formation and a subsequent absence of Episcopal supervision. Novus Ordo priests are given no expectations with regard to traditional ecclesiastic/clerical discipline by their bishops. As a result, they fall into worldliness, compromise and in the worst cases, criminal behavior. I hope we will all pray for Fr. Z.

  4. Personally, I simply don't buy all these 'conversion' stories from Protestantism to Catholicism, ESPECIALLY when so many end up in the novus ordo priesthood which, in and of itself, at best indicates they see the N.O. priesthood as a relatively easy gravy train with better trappings than the typical, small, nondescript, humanist protestant parish, or at worst, because they are plants of the masonic fifth column who are told they'll have a decent life if they go along to get along.

  5. The new improved spelling is priceless. The stream of 'buy my merchandise', 'donate', 'buy me gifts', etc., seems endless. You can also do the luxury cruises or just straight out pay for prayers -- so many convenient payment options! What "bishop" is he under? Even the novus ordo establishment should be embarrassed by this. Meanwhile, the few true Catholic priests work tirelessly and usually in poverty to save souls. The world doesn't know them but God knows them.

  6. I find it disgusting that Fr Z promotes priests just because they look Traditional.One such promotion is a priest mentioned in this incident

  7. Zuhlsdorf remains a turd floating in the punchbowl of church....