Friday, July 11, 2014

Evangelicals meet with Francis

On 23 June 2014, Francis had several evangelicals as his guests at the Vatican where he had lunch with them.   Among those in attendance were the following:

  • John and Carol Arnott - Founders of Catch The Fire
  • Kenneth Copeland - Founder of Kenneth Copeland Ministries
  • James Robison - Founder of Life Outreach International
  • Geoff Tunnicliffe - Head of Worldwide Evangelical Alliance
  • Tony Palmer - Bishop & International Ecumenical Officer of the Communion Evangelical Episcopal Churches 
  • Thomas Schirrmacher - Protestant theologian and author of 74 books on religion
  • Brian Stiller - Global Ambassador of the World Evangelical Alliance

Click on the blue text to read Call Me Jorge's stories about this event:

  • Francis & brother 'bishop' Tony - Francis is Tony's mentor and spiritual father.  Francis wants Tony to be a bridge between faiths and he was responsible for the Evangelical Lunch.


  1. The evangelicals, with the exception of some rare ones that like the Douay Rheims bible like Jack Van Impe, are the biggest bunch of anti Catholics on the internet. Anyone watching a video posted by someone that still has some Catholic orthodoxy or sensus catholicus left on youtube can generally find a bunch of anti Catholic, Anti the Blessed Virgin comments - usually full of satanic vitriol - by the 'followers' of such people. Yes, if anyone needs any "proof" that these Vatican II "popes" are not real, look at Christ's and His Church's enemies they constantly meet with, fawn over, have milk and cookie meetings with, gush gush gush, kissy face, etc. with.

    I recently saw on Glenn Beck's Blaze an interview with the NY Cop that helped advise Bruckheimer's new movie on exorcism Deliver Us From evil - some evangelicals were commenting for a Catholic priest to exorcise was Satan casting out Satan - which of course immediately brought to mind the Pharisees "By Beelzebub the Prince of Devils He casts out devils" that our Lord was accused of - which of course His True Church and Religion has to suffer the same vitriol.

    The evangelicals are mostly also all Jew lovers, by which I mean they also tell the Christ hating Jews that they don't have to believe in Jesus Christ as their Messiah to be saved - that they are ok "where they are" following that nutty Talmud religion - never mind what it says about Christ in there - which makes them and Bergoglio bedfellows, obviously. But what the Talmud says about the Blessed Virgin is about on a par with what the vast majority of Protestants say about her - that she is a whore, etc. - their equating her constantly with Venus or Ishtar or some other pagan female 'deity' is on a par with that kind of crud and I hear that ALL the time on the internet from the thousand zillion protestant divided "Christianity" sects - all preaching all kinds of different dogmas and doctrines, not one united in any kind of a FAITH except what they 'feel' this day or that day - totally subjective theological gobbledygook covered in Twinkie cake and white plastic coated frosting.

  2. I think the game plan of these cluster parish merges going on in Philly, Boston, NY is to turn the Catholic Church into protestant mega churches so the fag boyz can make mega bucks and be on tv like these protestant 'ministers'. Probably bergoglio, the 'pope' who brought us corporate sponsors for canonizations, is hiring these guys as consultants along w/his fag boy accounting firm consultants (no doubt cheered on by McCarrick and Mahoney) to tell him how to sow in the valley so you can reap on the mountain! I'm surprised he hasn't hosted the Gates foundation, yet -- surely Melinda will be the first female cardinal.

    1. I have a gal in my town who wears a clown nose and occasionally hangs out on the corner of one of the busiest intersections in town holding "positive thinking" signs ala Dale Carnegie like "You're great!" "Have a great day!" "Smile! Somebody loves you!" etc. I figured she would be a perfect candidate for Bergoglio's female bishoprics.

      I heard on the radio today that the Anglicans just officially decided to have female "bishops." Bishop Sanborn said on his youtube video from the UK last fall that when he visited some Anglican seminary there, that most of the 'seminarians" were gals. Another slap against the apostles who were the true fulfillment of the Jewish male only priesthood. More bad 'fruits' from this bunch. You are probably right that Berg and crew, having lost massive amounts of money from payoffs for the pedophiles and pederasts they protect are looking to these people for professional advice for replenishing their coffers - probably why they had Joel Osteen in there as he is one of the big mega church people who has some pretty posh residences, from what I have seen. So much for holy poverty. It's the old heretical "prosperity is your divine right" gospel all over again.

  3. The female cardinal/bishop badge/headgear sign of office will be the vaginal condom - and of course for added security they will have to have the contraceptive chip implanted -- wouldn't want these perverse women bearing any Godly fruit any more than their perverse male counterparts in the counter-church of anti-Christ.