Sunday, July 20, 2014

'FOBs' the Friends of Bergoglio

Call Me Jorge... had planned on an entry about John L Allen, Jr. today.  This changed yesterday when the column, FOBs’ driving the train under Pope Francis Also: Christian fear in Gaza, controversy in Korea, and Allen Down Under, came across our screens.  An excerpt of this article is below and contains only the part about the friends of Francis.   In it are several startling revelations concerning how Francis runs the Vatican.  One thing which Allen forgot to mention (or maybe he doesn't know) is Francis keeps his own calendar.  On his person he has a small appointment book in which he organizes his days.  Francis only shares this schedule with one aide and sometime with his personal secretary.  One of the problems which has resulted from this is bishops and cardinals cannot set up appointments in advance if they want to meet with Francis.  Typically they show up in Rome and wait at his whim.  After one reads of Francis' circle of friends who are heretics and apostates in the article, ask yourself this: How can Francis call himself Catholic? 

‘FOBs’ driving the train under Pope Francis
by John L Allen Jr.

During the Clinton administration, American politics developed a new bit of argot: “FOB,” meaning “friend of Bill,” an intimate of the president who enjoyed access to the corridors of power and perhaps helped shape his agenda.

Today Catholicism has its own emerging “FOB” class, in this case standing for “friend of Bergoglio.” The reference is to those with personal ties to Jorge Mario Bergoglio, better known to the world as Pope Francis, who could be positioned to influence his papacy.

The degree to which those friends have the pope’s ear makes the Vatican’s official chain of command less revealing these days about who’s driving the train in the Catholic Church than, say, the pontiff’s Facebook account. (That is, it would be if Francis were actually on Facebook.)

The latest FOB to pop up is Giovanni Traettino, leader of the Protestant “Evangelical Church of Reconciliation.” The Vatican announced this week that Francis will travel July 28 to the southern Italian city of Caserta to see Traettino, who became friends with Bergoglio a decade ago while serving in Argentina.

In Caserta, Francis will join Evangelicals and Catholics for prayer at Traettino’s church. Though not unprecedented, it will mark one of just a handful of occasions when a pope has ventured into a Protestant church to pray.

The trip is part of a recent pattern of outreach from Francis to the Evangelical and Pentecostal worlds, in each case driven by people he knows.

In January, Francis sent a video message to a conference led by American Pentecostal Kenneth Copeland in which the pope offered a “spiritual hug.” That prompted a group of Evangelicals and Pentecostals to visit Rome, an event capped off when the pontiff and televangelist James Robison high-fived over the need for Christians to have a personal relationship with Jesus.

“God has begun the miracle of unity,” Francis said in his video, quoting Italian novelist Alessandro Manzoni that “God never begins a miracle he does not finish well.”

As it turns out, the video was a byproduct of a FOB. An Anglican Evangelical and charismatic named Bishop Tony Palmer, who had become friends with Bergoglio in Argentina, visited him in Rome earlier in January, and told him about Copeland’s gathering, prompting Francis to volunteer to send greetings.

As for Traettino, he got to know Bergoglio through an Argentine movement called “Renewed Communion of Evangelicals and Catholics in the Spirit.” In 2006, Bergoglio took part in a prayer service sponsored by the movement that drew 7,000 people to Luna Park in Buenos Aires, a venue ordinarily used for boxing matches.

At one stage, Bergoglio knelt and allowed himself to be prayed over by some 20 Protestant clergy. That act led disgruntled traditionalist Catholics to declare the see of Buenos Aires “vacant” on the grounds that it was occupied by a heretic, but the future pope was undaunted.

Francis’ tendency to set policy through friendships is clear across a range of issues.

On Catholic/Jewish relations, no one has more influence than Rabbi Abraham Skorka, rector of a Jewish seminary in Buenos Aires with whom Bergoglio co-authored a 2010 book and produced a 30-episode TV talk show. Similarly, with Islam, Francis relies on his friend Omar Abboud, former director of an Islamic center in Buenos Aires.

Friendship is also the heart of Francis’ media relations strategy, such as it is. The sit-down interviews he’s given haven’t been arranged through official channels, but have come either with friends or through friends.

Jorge Himitian, another Argentine Evangelical FOB, told the Globe’s Inés San Martín on Thursday that Bergoglio and his circle see friendship as the key to ecumenical progress.

“We’ve learned that the institutional road . . . always becomes a dead end because it runs into doctrinal and practical differences,” Himitian said.

“The dialogue we have is based on friendship and spirituality,” he said. “We hope that the rest will eventually fall into place.”

To be sure, this reliance on friendship has its down side.

For one thing, people who could help the pope on many issues find themselves at a significant disadvantage if they’re not already inside his circle. Deference to friends may also mean that Francis feels obliged to act on their suggestions, even if they’re half-baked, and it runs the risk that friends may oversell their access or misrepresent the pope’s intentions.

Twice, for instance, the pontiff has sat down with a 90-year-old Italian journalist, Eugenio Scalfari, whom Francis considers a chum, and twice the Vatican has had to distance Francis from the fallout. The latest case came July 13, when Scalfari hinted that Francis was about to jettison priestly celibacy and a Vatican spokesman had to walk it back.

For good or ill, however, relationships matter to this pope. The primary reason he opted to live in the Santa Marta hotel rather than the papal apartment, for instance, is because he craves the company of other people.

For those seeking progress on issues such as ecumenism and relations with Jews and Muslims, therefore, the good news is that Francis is not driven merely by abstract conviction. He’s fueled by friendship, which with this pope is akin to saying he’s “all in.”


  1. He is supposed to be a leader; not a follower of friends. We all know that they are his "friends" because they want access to him to help destroy the Catholic Church. With friends like those, you don't need enemies. Maybe he is the enemy.

  2. Dear "callmejorge". I have been suspicious of Allen for a long time. If you ask me he is some sort of high-level agent. I'm not quite sure who he is working for. He could be a double or triple agent like Malachi Martin.

    Just the fact that he writes for the National Catholic Reporter is enough to raise suspicion of his real motives. He also seems to have uprecedented access to information which makes me think that he is being fed this "intelligence". IMO he is a very skilled and very subtle propagandist. He spins information by first stating enough facts to lower your guard and then inserting his carefully spun piece of public opinion swaying propaganda. He's a true master of the art of propaganda and no hack like most liberal/socialist journalists.

    Anyway, any time I read one of his articles I'm on the watch for a subtle piece of propaganda. In the case of this FOB piece I think the propaganda lies in:
    1) Implying that bergoglio does not have "friends" among the Catholic hierarchy. He certainly does -- they are unofficially called "the gay lobby". I think "gay mafia" is a better term. And he has other modernist "friends" in the Catholic heirarchy as well.
    2) This goes along with point 1. It is the idea that bergoglio is a "lone wolf" as opposed to being part of a larger conspiracy which has infiltrated the Catholic church. If we don't know who our enemy is then we don't know who to fight. We should not waste too much time fighting the FOBs that Allen mentions. We need to concentrate on the conspiracy inside the Church.

  3. (cont'd)
    3) Refering to these heretic co-conspiratators of bergoglio as "friends" lowers your guard. "Oh, they are just 'friends'. How nice. Well, everyone should be allowed to have 'friends'-- even the pope." So anyone that attacks these "friendships" is automatically a bad guy. How can you be "anti-friend"? It's a case of establishing the language and definitions for the debate. Once you accept your opponents language and definitions you have already lost the debate. These guys are heretic anti-Catholic leaches that have attached themselves to bergoglio -- and he welcomes this relationship because he is also a heretic anti-Catholic leach.
    4) Specifically in this case Allen is launching a pre-emptive propaganda attack to prepare the way for the July 28 meeting with Traettino. This is necessary because this is going to be such a revolutionary act that Allen is attempting to "soften the blow" by saying that it's "not unprecedented". Actually it IS unprecedented and Allen knows it. That is why he must deny it. This is already setting the "talking points" for the way to spin this meeting in the media. Talking point 1 -- it's "not unprecedented". Even if it wasn't "unprecedented" that still does not make it OK for a pope to preach at a heretical non-Catholic church. By saying it is " not unprecedented " Allen is implying it is "normal". It is most certainly NOT normal. It is revolutionary. It is another step forward in the Modernist revolution. It is an attempt to establish a new "beach head". And once this becomes "normal" it is very difficult to turn back the clock.
    5) What do you know about Traettino after reading this article? Allen makes him seem like a nice harmless guy. He's not. He is being financed specifically to attack the Catholic Church. This is also true of Tony Palmer. If you find out who is paying the bills for these guys then there agenda will become quite clear. Allen is the kind of journalist/agent with the kind of contacts and information sources to do that kind of research, but he doesn't. He's protecting these guys. Maybe after it is too late he will spill the beans to show us just what a super-journalist he is. Or at least some ot the beans. The ones he wants us to know about while hiding the others.

    Call me paranoid, but Allen is very dangerous IMO.

    1. Dear Michael,

      Thanks for your very insightful comments. Could we publish them in a separate entry on Allen?

      Let us know, CallMeJorge....

  4. The trip is part of a recent pattern of outreach..

    Bob Dylan had his Rolling Thunder Tour and our rock star Bishop of Rome is on his Meek and Humble Surrender Tour that will spread joy and Indifference all over the once Catholic world.

    Our Inertia Into Indifference has only increased in intensity and velocity since his election and still not identifiable with the Hierarchy is one Prelate possessing a sufficient amount of Tradition such that it could be applied as a force against our Inertia Into Indifferentism.

    1. They are all terrified of our "meek and humble pope" (see FFI) and how he and the media, politicians, (aka New World Order) will unite against this one Prelate.

  5. Yes, absolutely! I'm glad you found what I had to say to be of some value.

    FYI. I have a blog called PublicVigil at:

    I have not updated it lately in part because I find it hard to discuss bergoglio. Instead I have been commenting at Louie Verrecchio's site using the name Michael Leon. Here is a link to Louie's site called "Harvesting the fruit of Vatican II" which I highly recommend:

    FYI. I started my blog commenting on the demonic and transhuman themes in popular culture such as movies and music videos. This led me to study how the demonic messages were transmitted in subtle subconscious ways. I began to dig deep into the symbolism used which often were related to ancient pagan religions which have always been condemned by the Catholic Church.

    IMO I began to develop a real skill in being able to peel off the layers of meaning in works of popular culture and uncover the darker hidden symbolic meanings that were being transmitted to an unsuspecting public. Eventually I stopped watching TV and movies altogether once I realized how many hidden messages I was being exposed to.

    I have the same feeling about bergoglio's speeches. I won't read them because I do not want to be infected by the demonic messages that he transmits in all his words and actions.

    As an example of some of my earlier work please take a look at this review of one of the Iron Man movies

    In this article I compare the hollywood portrayal of Iron Man with the mythic Greek character of Prometheus and I show how this is connected to the worship of the occult.

    1. Thanks Michael, we will check out your blog, your comments on Verrecchio's site, and post your comment above soon.