Monday, July 21, 2014

Francis' friend and "brother bishop" Tony Palmer dies in London from injuries sustained in motorcycle accident

Messages of Condolence
Posted July 21, 2014 by James Green

Dear Friends and Companions,

It is with deepest sadness that I inform you that +Tony Palmer went to be with Jesus yesterday evening. +Tony died from injuries sustained in a motorbike accident yesterday morning and although surgeons tried to save him for 10 hours, they were unable to do so. We humbly ask that +Tony’s family be given space to grieve at this incredibly difficult time but we encourage you to leave your condolences on this page for them the read as a source of encouragement and strength. Thank you all for your continued support and prayers.

Peace & Good +

source:   The Ark Community, Messages of Condolence


The real tragedy of the death of Tony Palmer was he had personally met with John Paul II, Benedict XVI, countless numbers of priests, bishops, and cardinals as well as being a friend of Francis but not one of them to our knowledge tried to correct his mistaken religious beliefs or convert him.  Instead, they encouraged Tony to spread these errors in the Novus Ordo church telling him that it was the one which needed to be evangelized.  May Our Blessed Lord have mercy on his soul.

Tony Palmer sharing his pastime with a friend in South Africa.


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  1. I find it very disturbing that Palmer said Bergoglio had adopted him while he was still archbishop of argentina as his "spiritual child." We see what happens to people who accept Bergoglio as their 'father' - disaster unfortunately seems to ensue. I found that video of Palmer talking very seductive and if I didn't know my Faith the way I do, I could see where many people would be very much taken in, especially as he gave the truth about the Church being Catholic up until the "Orthodox" left and then Luther and then all the 33,000 protestant sects but then makes the comment to the crowd if they are "born again" they are already "Catholic" which is this antichrist perversion of what that term had meant meaning holding true to the apostolic deposit of the dogmas left that form the deposit of the FAITH. In our day the roman ecumenical 'church' that poses as the "Catholic" church has more or less embraced not only the common protestant 'believe in Jesus and you are saved" no matter what dogmas and doctrines you hold, but has expanded that to 'follow your conscience and you are saved." This is the end result of that insanity - total apostasy, total unbelief, practical atheism with a lipstick painting of "God" somehow on the face of it. Like Peter Kreeft's insane book for Ignatius ECUMENICAL JIHAD (which I always found the title incredibly laughable if not so sad coming from someone who calls himself a "Catholic") it just demonstrates the blind leading the blind, both falling into the pit of apostasy from Jesus Christ and His One True Holy Catholic Apostolic Faith.