Wednesday, July 23, 2014

gatekeeper John L. Allen, Jr.'s important role in The Francis Revolution

 John L. Allen, Jr. and Saint John Paul II

 John L. Allen, Jr. and Benedict XVI

  John L. Allen, Jr. and Francis

Before we get to John Allen's talk, a little background on the man.  Allen is an insider's insider at the Vatican having covered the beat for 16 years.  He is currently an editor at the Boston Globe where he also writes about religion and Francis.  One can listen to Allen on NPR or watch him on television on CNN where he is the Vatican correspondant.  Allen has written, not one but two biographies of Benedict XVI, a book on New York's laughing cow Cardinal Timothy Dolan, and a puff piece on Opus (Ju)Dei.  Here is where it gets interesting.  John is considered an expert of Catholic/Jewish relations and for the past two years has been the headline speaker at the Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith's National Executive Committee Meeting.  One other thing, John's wife is Shannon Levitt and yes she is a practicing Jew.  Notice on her necklace in the photo below a .

Shannon Levitt a supporter of Obama!

So where is all this leading?  Sometime in September the Boston Globe is going to launch a Francis website.  The topics will be Francis, Catholicism, and the New Evangelization.  Mike Sheehan, CEO of the Boston Globe said, 

“Don’t think of this site as the place you go to buy statues you bury in the backyard.  It’s going to be news and analysis of all things Catholic.”

Joining John L. Allen, Jr. at this new website will be; Teresa Hanafin, San Martin, Michael O’Loughlin, and Christina Reinwald.  If we are to speculate, Call Me Jorge... and other Catholic websites have been so effective countering the lies told about Francis in the establishment media that they now need a full time website to tell you what to think about Francis.  We doubt if any of these stories will be covered by them:


If you haven't read the entry, a reader comments on 'FOBs' the Friends of Bergoglio, showing how Allen plays a very important role in framing the language and topics to be discussed about Francis, then  we urge the reader to do so.  Without further ado, here is John L. Allen telling the audience not to panic as Francis is catholic.  The problem is we just haven't ever had such a humble man in the papacy before and it's going to take some time to get used to it.

The Francis Revolution: The Papacy at the One-Year Mark



  1. Dear Call Me Jorge. This is off topic but I think it is very important.

    Have you ever heard of Matteo Calisi???
    He is like the missing piece of the puzzle. He is the link between bergoglio, Tony Palmer, Traettino and I suspect much more.
    Tony Palmer says:

    " Then out of the blue, while I was working with the HIV Orphans Matteo Calisi contacted me and invited me to minister to his Community, 'The Community of Jesus'. So my wife and I sold our house and moved to Italy and have been working with and for the Catholic Church for 4 years now."
    Link with information on Matteo Calisi:
    Matteo Calisi is an international leader of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal in the Catholic Church.
    In 1992, together with the Pentecostal Pastor Rev. Dr. Giovanni Traettino (Bishop-Chairman of the Evangelical Church of the Reconciliation), Matteo founded Consultazione Carismatica Italiana (Italian Charismatic Consultation – CCI), a joint committee of Catholic Charismatics and Pentecostal Evangelicals, which started a dialogue between Catholics and Pentecostals in Italy. Presently Matteo is Co-President of CCI together with Rev. Traettino.
    Together with some Evangelical and Catholic Argentinean leaders, Matteo founded the Comuniòn Renovada entre Catòlicos y Evangelicos en el Espiritu Santo (CRECES). This was the first joint statement in the history of the dialogue between Catholics and Evangelicals in Argentina and obtained a great support by Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio, Metropolitan Archbishop of Buenos Aires, Primate of the Catholic Church in Argentina and President of Bishops’ Conference of Argentina.

  2. Dear Call Me Jorge. Back on topic... thanks for the information on John Allen. It confirms all my suspicions about him. IMO the reason he lent his name to the National Catholic Register for so long (16 years?) was to prop it up. NCR had no credibility at the time -- especially during the Ratzinger papacy. A "super-journalist" like Allen had no business working at such a low class anti-Catholic mudslinging operation as NCR.

    IMO now that NCR has new credibility because they can claim to be in line with papa bergoglio, they don't need Allen to prop them up anymore.

    And the puppet masters need to pump up the bergoglio revolution to take advantage of this (hopefully temporary) breach in the Catholic Church's defensive castle walls. His forté is journalism. And as noted previously he is one of the very best at surreptitiously spreading anti-Catholic propaganda -- maybe the best!

    So they call in their super secret agent John Allen and assign him to work at the Washington Post and to appear all over the liberal/socialist press like NPR, etc.

    I just started watching the video. I don't think Allen is a naturally gifted speaker but I have a feeling he has worked hard at it -- probably by taking a lot of public speaking classes.

    My first impression of the Allen speech on bergoglio is that is a post-modern version of a hagiography. For instance there is the post-modern "miracle" that bergoglio is the 2nd most followed person on twitter after "lady gaga" -- another fallen away Catholic. Does that sound about right?

    In the post Vatican II church there is no need to wait -- bergoglio is already a "saint". Whatever the word "saint" means to the VII church. It's pretty much their version of a secular celebrity. Allen even refers to bergoglio as a celebrity. It doesn't seem to bother him or his audience that if bergoglio is loved by the world that this is a sure sign that he is not a true follower of Christ.

    Also, I agree with your assessment that at this time bergoglio is starting to get some significant resistance from within the Catholic Church. And this would require a significant PR/propaganda campaign to push public opinion in the direction that they want -- especially Catholic public opinion.

    That would explain the Boston Globe's new website devoted to all things bergoglio. Let's face it, the usual Catholic journalist hacks at National Catholic Register are just not getting the pro-bergoglio job done. They are facing a losing battle. So it's time to call in the reinforcements -- think of them as the elite special forces of the journalistic world.

    BTW. I can only imagine that organizations like the Washington Post and the Boston Globe are bleeding red ink -- who reads newspapers anymore? But they have a highly respected "brand" that lends credibility to anything they say -- for the gullible/naive public. It would seem as if they would have to get special funding from some outside source to support these pro-bergoglio efforts. Quo beni?

  3. He sure promotes the 'proud' sodomite vipers (like Michael Sean Winters and Rocco also)!

  4. Hard to stomach REC video – begins w/same old litany ‘bout the humble pope.
    Half truths about the journalist “palumbo” (Mario Palmaro) whom Bergoglio called after he was fired to say how much he appreciated the criticism, but did nothing to get him his job back (James 2:15-16), also doesn’t mention Palmaro was dying. [‘going to do what he can to reach out to THESE PEOPLE’ – ‘So Bergoglio is going to try to bring THESE PEOPLE along’} [53:30-55:34]
    Freudian slip at 58:47 min; ‘”Let me speak first of all to those of us in the room who– those of you in the room – who might find yourself on the enthusiastic end of the Francis Phenomenon”
    Gives the whole game up at 1:01:37 when he shakes his fist and shouts “Vive el papa!”
    Only thing more sickening is when he prays to “allah” (God willing) that he will be speaking at the REC again next year (1:29:30)
    No question what his true sentiments are:
    'Allen came by his objectivity the hard way, he has said. Hired by the NCR in 1997, his first book was a bitter portrait of Cardinal Joseph Ratzinger—the future Pope Benedict XVI. When it was published in 2000, supporters of the conservative Ratzinger complained about the obvious bias … and upon reflection, Allen decided they were right. He determined to play fair with all sides in his future work.'
    Can’t imagine how anyone could believe the crap Allen spouts about the ‘culture of welcome” to counter the ‘throwaway culture’ when he means welcoming the baby murderers, fornicators, adulterers and sodomites (like billionaire Boston Globe owner John Henry and his CINO wife Linda Pezzuti and their homosexual wedding planner) with open arms into the ‘field hospital’ not to be cured or healed (the evangelization is getting their cash back inside the tent), but celebrated for their throw away gifts of cold hard cash to the new Nelson Mandela (and John Allen)!

  5. The opportunity I see is to take the Globe, as a pillar of olde Boston, and the old has an “e” at the end of it, and make it a catalyst of a new community. It’s not something where we strictly report what’s going on here, but we become an active participant in helping Boston become a new Boston. That’s things like Beta Boston, like hiring John Allen [who writes about the Catholic Church]. Becoming a catalyst for the new Boston...

    Don’t think of this site as the place you go to buy statues you bury in the backyard. It’s going to be news and analysis of all things Catholic. It will be a website with contributions that will also be in the paper. You have a pope who is all about social inequality, social justice, feeding the poor. John Allen is the foremost middle-of-the-road journalist writing about what’s going on in the Vatican, what the pope’s doing, where he’s going, what it means. So for news and analysis, there’s no one in the world better informed than John Allen. Given the fact that there are so many Catholics here-Scituate has the highest per capita number of Roman Catholics of any zip code in the country, although the Globe does not do particularly well there-there is an audience to find out what’s going on. Being a Catholic, you’re obligated to go to Sunday Mass. Attendance is 14 percent in the Archdiocese of Boston, but there is a renewed interest in what’s going on in the Catholic Church. So there’s a real opportunity for us to do well with this. I look every day at what is being read digitally, and whatever John Allen writes is always in the top five, which means it’s relevant to people here but also people from around the country are coming in to read it, too.
    CW: You can build a website around that?

    SHEEHAN: Yes. It will have a global audience. There’s a natural audience for it.

  6. What orthodox Catholic does not have as a best friend a pro-sodomitic, pro-abortion Rabbi. So what if the old axiom that a man can be known by the friends he spends time with? That doesn't mean anything for this is the new pentecost in the springtime of the civilisation of love and everything is different but nothing has changed.

    Continuity of continuity sayeth the ecclesiastics and all is continuity.

    1. Don't forget John Paul II shoving the horned hand at the crowd in the Dimond boys video clip while saying "civilization of love." The same "love" crowd now apparently has no love for Vladimir Putin and wants to get into a bomb exchange with him, led by Allen's wife's buddy up there, Barack Obama.

      Mentioning Lady Gaga - like "Madonna" aka Miss Ciccione - Gaga obviously is demonically possessed. Whether or not Ciccione is is anyone's guess; however I suspect that Gaga has been subjected to trauma based mind control to be used as a music industry puppet like Miley Cyrus' video where she is taped across the mouth with the black electrical tape also demonstrated where she is concerned. All of these pedophile rings have done such dastardly things to these children including some of these singers that allegedly came from Catholic backgrounds. I cannot even imagine what we will all hear at the Last Judgment about the incredible evil that has been done. I think everyone ought to offer a prayer for the salvation of some of these poor children who have been potentially abused by the industry. Gaga's former hairdresser allegedly did testify that she is demonically possessed and other stories allege that she cannot sleep all night for the demons torment her all night.