Saturday, July 5, 2014

Krah at the memorial

It is not quite a selfie but it is rather close.  Max Krah above posing inside the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin, Germany.  So what's the big deal?  Well, first off in his love to be associated with all things Zionist, Max has imitated the sodomites in his native Germany.  What are you guys at Call Me Jorge... crazy?  Yes, we know Max is happily married and has several children but look at the photo above and then check out these below.

These were photos used on the Dutch sodomy date website,, as profile shots where 'artist' Marc Adelman appropriated them.  Adelman took 150 of these profile pictures, printed them out, framed them, and viola called them 'Stelen', his new artwork.  He proceeded to sell this 'Stelen' collection to New York’s Jewish Museum for a tidy sum of money.  These photo were then displayed in an installation at the Jewish Museum called, "Composed: Identity, Politics, Sex."  Problem is he didn't get permission from the men in the photos he had appropriated.  So there was a big stink in the world media about this exhibit resulting in the Jewish Museum taking down all 150 photos of the 'Stelen' collection.

See since Max is an uber-Zionist, he keeps up with all things Jewish going on in Germany and the world.  He would have known all about this, so why go there and pose?  We suspect like his facebook likes page, if the uproar over this photo becomes too great, he will scrub it from instagram.  Why can't one find any photos of Max posing in front of memorials to Catholics on his instagram account?  Or for that matter posing in front of churches?  Would you dear reader go to Berlin, visit this memorial, and pose like the sodomites do? 

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