Wednesday, July 16, 2014

salvation is through faith in Christ alone

Francis during the 5-course meal with Evangelicals.

More on the evangelical lunch which happened this past June at the Vatican.  Listen to John and Carol Arnott give details of their visit with Francis.  This is the best video we have come across as to what transpired and it includes a bunch of photos.   A few of the highlights:
  • Francis was so precious.
  • You could just see the heart of Jesus in him and the Holy Spirit on him.
  • Spoke from his heart.
  • Francis is a man of prayer.
  • Loved his term "Reconciled Diversity" which means all of us of various Christian streams, we come to a consensus as to what we believe salvation is.
  • "We agree salvation is through faith in Christ alone as the only Savior the Son of God."
  • Received a copy of Evangelii Gaudium from him.
  • Ate a gluttonous five course meal.
  • We heard his heart.
  • "I'm not expecting any of you to join the Catholic Church.  Please understand that's not what this is about.  What we are talking about is a unified position to go before the world and say we are proclaiming Christ as the only hope of salvation."
  • He wants the oneness.
  • It was surreal.

If the video wasn't enough, John Arnott wrote an article, Meeting with Pope Francis, for his ministry's Revival Magazine.  After watching the video and reading the article we are wondering if Francis has any Catholicism in him.   Novus Ordo apologists will tell you these Evangelicals misunderstood what Francis was expressing to them and were reading their Evangelical desires into what he said.  Our reply is simply, all the Evangelicals told the same story with the same quotes attributed to Francis, and Francis also invited them to come see him, not the other way around.   It is time for Novus Ordo apologists to stop projecting their brand of Catholicism onto Francis and see him as he truly is.

Meeting with Pope Francis


  1. All of this "it doesn't matter what Church you belong to as long as you believe in Jesus" has led to the total abandonment of any belief in Christ by the world at large. This is what most true converts before Vatican II listed as the fatal error of protestantism - that they end up just chucking it all because once behavior doesn't matter and this "blood of Jesus covers all your behavior" theology takes root, people just figure why bother going to Church, why bother trying to be good, why bother even believing in God - if we have some kind of lukewarm fuzzy belief that Jesus is God, even if we don't give him the time of day for most of our lives, we'll be covered when the last moment is up for us, right? This is the attitude I have seen with most of my protestant in laws anyway. While some of them try to be 'religious' most of them do the "hatch them, match them and dispatch them' mentality that most novus ordoites seem afflicted with as well - and why not? When their "pope" is embracing these people and calling them fellow "Christians." Heresy doesn't matter - don't sweat the dogma stuff. It's funny that these people think that he believes in Christ as the only way - the Church taught Extra Ecclesiam Nulla Salus before Vatican II. Most evangelicals and conservative protestants mostly believe Outside Christ there is no salvation as these people clearly state in their letter. However, the novus ordo clearly does not embrace that as exemplified by their interreligious masonic prayer meetings, which are open diabolism and practical atheism on display. Christ only established one true Church - not hundreds and hundreds of them. All of this touchy feely wonder bread candy coated gushy "love love" stuff won't cut the mustard before the Throne of God. IF YOU LOVE ME KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS. These Protestants wouldn't even have a Bible if it were not for the Catholic Church. These Vatican II "popes" doing their mea culpas for the Church before V2 really is enough to make one reach for an airbag.

  2. ABS wonders just how much The SSPX is paying him; he is their best recruiter ever

  3. This is ridiculous. Evangelization is about meeting people where they're at. No one is going to become Catholic if you tell them that they are idiotic for being a Protestant. The "high and mighty" road is not the road that Christ walked. Love first, worry about whether someone is following dogma later.

    1. But Francis is telling them, unequivocally, that they have no need to become Catholic - they are fine where they are. He isn't even pretending to evangelize.
      You, yourself sound as though you don't believe that "dogma" is all that important.

    2. From one anonymous to another - no Catholic who still holds the apostolic Faith as it was preached before the Judaeo Masons took over at Vatican II tells protestants they are "idiots." They tell them they are HERETICS, pure and simple. This "love" shouting business of Vatican II means that people are free to do WHATEVER they want and yet "cover" it with purported "belief" in Jesus - IF YOU LOVE ME KEEP MY COMMANDMENTS. The Protestants do NOT have the Holy Eucharist which Our Lord Himself said they would not be raised up on the last day "unless Ye eat My Flesh and Drink My Blood" and thanks to Paul VI and Annibale Bugnini it's darned hard for a Catholic to do that anymore.

  4. Your post on reports of Bergoglio's 'bulimic hunger' give a whole new meaning to the opening words of 'Evangelium Gaudium':

    "The joy of the gospel fills the hearts and lives of all those who encounter Jesus. Those who accept his offer of salvation are set free from sin, sorrow, INNER EMPTINESS, and loneliness."

    In terms of Catholics following this huckster, I can't think of one Catholic I know personally who would state that Copeland et al were definitely going to hell because they deny the real presence, virginity of Mary, approve divorce and contraception etc. Huckster demon-filled Bergoglio is our pope because we are his (huckster, demon-filled) sheep.

  5. "salvation is through faith in Christ alone"


    Ahh, but which "Christ" and whose "salvation"?

    1. Wow, the quote you linked to with the word "salvation" said by John Paul II says it all. None of us had ever seen the quote before. Thanks for posting!

  6. Ambiguity is a typical strategy of Modernism. Unclear whether “alone” refers to “Christ” or to “faith.”