Friday, July 4, 2014

the King & Queen of Sodomy visit Francis

(King Felipe VI meeting with Francis 30 June 2014.)
King Juan Carlos of  Spain abdicated the throne and his son Felipe VI succeeded him on 19 June 2014.  In less than a week, Felipe VI met with 350 representatives of over 100 different social organizations.  The highlight of this meeting was the attendance of representatives of sodomites and other sexual perversions.  This fact made news everywhere as it was unprecedented and the meeting was held in the El Pardo Palace, former residence of the Catholic dictator Franco who was known for persecuting sodomy during his reign.  Invitations went out to several degenerate groups who were surprised to receive them.  Among the sodomy groups attending were Fundación Triángulo (Triangle Foundation), La Confederación Española de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transexuales (COLEGAS) , and Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (FELGTB).  This is a change from the previous regents King Juan Carlos & his Queen Sofia, who wrote publicly she was against same-sex marriage and civil unions.  José María Núñez Blanco, president of the Triangle Foundation, said, "The empathy (for sodomites) of Queen Letizia is absolute."  The FELGTB sodomy group as a token of appreciation for this historic gesture presented King Felipe VI & Queen Letizia a rainbow flag to fly at their residences.  King Felipe VI said to all the representatives, "Your work should definitely be better known and also recognized.  Your work, in addition to effective, is very necessary..." and continued, "In this particular occasion, I want-I want both the queen and I express our gratitude-  You are a great example." 

 Fundación Triángulo (Triangle Foundation)

 La Confederación Española de Lesbianas, Gays, Bisexuales y Transexuales (COLEGAS)

 Federación Estatal de Lesbianas, Gays, Transexuales y Bisexuales (FELGTB)

 Members of Fundación Triángulo & FELGTB with King & Queen

 José María Núñez Blanco of Fundación Triángulo & King Felipe VI

FELGTB meets King Felipe VI

 Paco Ramirez of  COLEGAS takes selfie with Queen Letizia

Paco Ramirez of  COLEGAS takes selfie with King Felipe VI

On 30 June  2014 the Monarchs made 
an official state visit to see "Who am I to judge?"

Did he privately chastise them?


Give their behavior the thumbs up?


  1. Madrid is full of people with this "lifestyle" says my friend who has had occasion to visit there. We've come a long long way from Ferdinand and Isabella sending Columbus to the New World for the possibility of more converts to the One True Faith. No wonder God will allow Spain and Rome to be overrun by the Mohammedans as the Mohammedans are threatening to do. They are all apostates. Queen Letizia looks about as narcisscistic as most "royals" in Europe and elsewhere who all seem to love the emerging system of Antichrist, therefore again proving Our Lord's words about it being easier for a camel to squeeze through the eye of a needle than a rich man - dare we say - a rich phoney "Catholic" man or woman parading around as a "royal"- to enter the kingdom of Heaven. They're certainly "royal" alright - royal apostates and traitors to Christ Jesus !!!!!

  2. One more comment - someone pointed out to me that one of the biblical prophecies about the Antichrist is that he will not have the desire of women, or, in other words, he will most likely have homosexual proclivities. If he is waiting in the wings, so to speak, that may account for the synchronous world wide push to 'legitimize' this whole lifestyle. It wasn't that many years ago when "gays" just wanted to be "left alone" to "live and let live." Now they want to push their lifestyle down everyone else's throat as SUPERIOR, MORE ENLIGHTENED AND MORE EVOLVED than the tired old "regular" heterosexual. Never pleased with what they gain, they always always always push for more. That sounds like someone under the influence of a demon to me.

  3. Hooray for sodomy! And if you don't like it, there is something wrong, wrong, wrong with you ---because only sodomites and Zionists have the correct attitudes and are able to judge.

    1. exactly - Homosexuality leads to depopulation which is what the new world order wants. More death by any means possible. If the GMO food, chemtrails, vaccines, food additives, flouridated and chlorinated water, ruined well water (polluted by fracking etc), electrosmog from the cell towers, electric towers, wifis in your home, smart meters, et al don't get you, then maybe they can get you to embrace lifestyles that will up your ante as far as shortening your life and, unless you are a very wealthy 'gay' you won't be able to afford to adopt or hire someone to help you bear a child. If you believe what I have heard, a lot of gay couples fight just as much or more than the hetero ones do. That has been my personal experience with friends and people I have worked with - even one of the tabloids was claiming this now about Ellen DeGeneres - one of the more 'famous' lesbians in America - someone who is promoted by the powers that be, and whose talent is mediocre at best as a comedian. Lucille Ball and Phyllis Diller she is not.

  4. The War On Christianity

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