Thursday, July 10, 2014

Theology of the Tattoo

***** Caution: immodesty & indecent tattoos *****

 Another fruit of the Second Vatican Council.  Taking Saint John Paul II's theology of the body to a new level.  What's next?  A show your body piercing mass?  Or mutilation and mysticism?



  1. The Worship of the Body ,the church it took place in could be a convention center ,it bears no resemblance to a Catholic church.

  2. Don't tattoos border on a kind of self mutilation? I think of the example of the TAN book where Padre Pio bilocated to attempt to wipe the fingernail polish off of some of his female parishoners. He was very negative about makeup and that sort of thing and I can only imagine what his attitude would have been toward tattoos. I have no real objection to some of the military ones, but anymore I see nearly every person on the street, young or old, but especially the twenty somethings and younger, who are covering themselves up - shoulders, back, legs, arms, you name it, with all of this. I don't know if they are fans of shows that promote tattooing, but aside from the potential infection dangers out there (has anyone contracted MRSA from doing that?) it really just smacks of a kind of self hate/mutilation thing. I would really like to know if some Church Father or pope said anything about this 'practice.' Henna tattoos seem associated with Hinduism as far as I am aware. But a lot of new agey Saturday markets and so forth promote them but at least they will wear off as far as I am aware. These ink ones are very hard to remove once they are there. People generally regret them down the road - at least the ones I have known personally begin to as they have gotten older.