Sunday, July 13, 2014

What Francis told Marie Kane

Francis recently met 'privately' with victims of clerical sexual abuse at the Vatican.  This was nothing more than a PR stunt. (see, It's official, it was a PR stunt!)  Francis' record on clerical sex abuse is not good. (see, Francis caught fibbing?  Nope, telling an outright lie!)  That is not what what is of concern to us today, rather it is what he said.  One of the victims, Marie Kane, gave an interview to RTE Radio 1 about the meeting with Francis.  At the very end of the interview (listen to it below) she shared this,

"I'll never get my faith back.  I don't think I'll ever go back, to the church. And actually the pope, I said that to him. And he said,  "You know you don't need, you don't need to be in the church, you are part of the church, you don't physically need to be in it, inside it you know to be part of God's family like."  So little messages like that were really nice, you know. He put thought into what he said to me today.  It wasn't just answers off the cuff. So a very positive experience, for me."

Does that sound like the Vicar of Christ speaking?  Or a heretic?  

Francis the Noahide modernist was just...

Marie Kane excerpt from RTE Radio 1 interview


  1. Didn't Pope St. Pius V call for the death penalty and the handing over of clerical sexual monsters to the civil authorities to be dealt with? It is no wonder that someone who suffered the horrors of true abuse by someone who should have been an example of Christ's love, piety and meekness to have suffered a monumental blow to their Faith.

    Bergoglio's attempts to reconcile her with useless words nonwithstanding, the fact of the matter is that the novus ordo DOES shepherd and protect the sexual abusers, while simultaneously allowing good elderly priests who have never done these things to not only be accused of such behavior falsely (I personally know of one priest who had this done) if they happen to be using their retirement years to independently go to the beleaguered faithful to offer the Latin Tridentine Mass, something which Pope st. Pius V gave them permission to do in perpetuity, but also to be threatened with losing their stipends to live on. So all their protestations that they are out to help those who have suffered abuse are all smoke and mirrors in my opinion.

    They persecute the clergy, both with valid orders and the novus ordoites who still want to be Catholic and try to behave like Catholics, while simultaneously promoting and protecting the real criminals. This is the Judaeo Masonic Vatican II revolution. The media does the same - decrying clerical pedophilia and pederasty while simultaneously glorifying gay rights parades that ALWAYS have LAMBDA and NAMBLA group members marching in them that want this as a "right" to sexually abuse any child, heterosexually or homosexually. The double faced hypocrisy of both the novus ordo and the media makes the Pharisees of Our Lord's day look like amateurs.

  2. Thank you blogger and Anonymous, excellent post and comment. May the Lord allow all this to be exposed worldwide and massively to protect the innocent.