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'apostate' Fr. Malachi Martin helps break up a marriage

There are the defenders of Malachi Martin who stand by the man no matter what facts are unearthed about him.  A book was written by Robert Blair Kaiser named, Clerical Error, in which he details Fr. Malachi Martin's seduction of his wife Susan, who also happened to be pregnant with Kaiser's second child at the time this affair took place.  In come the white knights to save Fr. Malachi Martin from this evil liberal, Robert Blair, and those stupid enough to believe what was written by the man.  "Why Robert Blair hates Catholicism, hates traditionalists like Fr. Martin, he has it in for the man, Blair is a crazed liberal, etc..", come forth from their mouths but they never address the matter. We at Call Me Jorge... don't disagree with the judgement that the ex-priest Kaiser was liberal and at best a very confused Catholic.  It still doesn't change the fact that Fr. Malachi Martin carried on an affair with his wife.  For more on this read, Bursting the Malachi Martin Bubble. 

John Grasmeier of AngelQueen has done some research discovering two documents which show Kaiser to be telling the truth about the matter and Malachi Martin acting just like his pseudonym, Pushkin.  The excerpt below is from Documentation of the Affair Between Malachi Martin and the Wife of Robert Kaiser, followed by scans of the actual documents cited.

One thing however, that is not on any record that this author knows of,  is evidence of Robert being a liar. Be assured that his detractors (i.e. Martin cultists) have looked high and low. Nothing yet. Sure, they’ll accuse him of fabricating an entire book out of whole cloth, a near impossible task. However, in all 304 pages, they’ve yet to document a single untruth. The world awaits.

Hence, notwithstanding any forthcoming evidence to the contrary, in writing his book, “Clerical Error,” it must be assumed that Robert is telling the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.

The purpose of releasing these documents is not to titillate; you’ll find none of that. Though the docs will further debunk the Malachi Martin myth, that is not even the main purpose of releasing them.

The main purpose of releasing these to the world is to set the record straight and clear a man’s good name.
Letter to Robert Kaiser from Father John Courtney Murray S.J. (July 10, 1964) - It is important for the reader to have some background regarding this letter.

Some time before the breakup of his marriage, Bob Kaiser began to become suspicious of an affair between Martin and Kaiser’s wife Sue. To make a long story short, Martin exploited Kaiser’s suspicions, denying the relationship and accusing him of being a paranoid in need of psychiatric help. Because of the status Martin enjoyed among his fellow liberal priests, he was able to convince them in joining him in an effort to have Kaiser seek professional help. Whether or not Kaiser actually was dealing with true psychological issues  – beyond those that naturally go with a man’s family being decimated - can be debated. What can’t be debated is that Fr. Murray, who had previously doubted the affair, had become completely convinced that the affair did actually happen.

The letter touches on a few items relevant to the Malachi Martin saga. One being that although Father John Murray stands fast in his (non-qualified) assessment of Kaiser’s psychological state, he apologizes to Kaiser and admits that it has been made clear to him that Martin and Mrs. Kaiser were indeed having an affair. He talks about the now infamous love letters from Martin to Kaiser’s wife, “Martin’s apostasy from the Society” and the fact that he doesn’t know where Martin and Kaiser’s wife are.

Letter from Father William Van Etten Casey (November 1, 1965) - This letter, written on College of the Holy Cross Stationary and signed by Fr. Casey was written to Archbishop H. E. Cardinal, the Vatican Apostolic Delegate to the United Kingdom. It’s purpose was to advocate for an annulment of the Kaiser’s marriage.

This one, needs no explanation or background whatsoever. All six pages speak for themselves.

Letter to Robert Kaiser from Father John Courtney Murray S.J. (July 10, 1964)
 Rev. Murray's letter page one

 Rev. Murray's letter page two

  Letter from Father William Van Etten Casey 
(November 1, 1965)
 Rev. Casey's letter page one

 Rev. Casey's letter page two

Rev. Casey's letter page three

 Rev. Casey's letter page four

Rev. Casey's letter page five

 Rev. Casey's letter page six


  1. … a cruel liaison between a devil and a fool


    I view the relationship between Martin and his fanatical supporters, which persists even after his death, in precisely the same way.

    It's no coincidence that the subject of a subsequent affair, a far more lucrative and lengthy affair with the Sutton Place divorce of a Greek shipping tycoon, after their first night together, was said to have asked a mutual acquaintance, "Is he a devil or a god?"

  2. Not "Fr Malachi Martin" but Mr Malachi Martin. He was laicized at his own request by Paul VI. His fanatical supporters try to claim that he was dispensed as his vows as a Jesuit rather than that as a priest. He brings out the nuttiness in us Trads. Even Rama Coomaraswamy believed all his BS - that he was still a priest but no longer a Jesuit. In fact he was a "secret" bishop of Pius XII. He was present at Coomaraswamy's ordination (?) to the priesthood, even though old Rama was a married man, like his bishop. When Coomaraswamy expressed doubt whether the ordaining bishop had actually physically laid his hands on him, Malachi, as a secret Pius XII bishop, did so, thus conditionally ordaining Coomaraswamy. (hehehe!) Anyway, it looks like that in between his "Church" activities he was keeping the dames happy!

    1. And then Coomaraswamy had the strange familial connections with Alestair Crowley via his father's second wife's affair with Crowley; not that Rama could be blamed for that; however some trads have pointed out that Rama's mother had Jewish ties. I would certainly like to know more about that - but if that is true, that may explain why he supported Malachi, who also has Jewish banking ties. There is something really strange about Coomaraswamy's support of Malachi, but knowing those connections may explain it all. I certainly loved Coomaraswamy's book DESTRUCTION OF THE CHRISTIAN TRADITION which was absolutely one of the finest books on Vatican II and it's apostasy I had read since figuring out what had happened to the Church. But it still seems very inconsistent with Coomaraswamy's later falling for Malachi's, as you well put it, B.S., that he was a 'secret bishop' of Pius XII, etc. It's quite incredible what the trads have bought into in order to justify their 'heroes' in the post Vatican II world, from "pope" doubles - like Wojtyla and Montini - though Wojtyla certainly did seem to have a younger man who looked like him stand in for him at times - or the popeye chinned "Sister lucia" posing with Wojtyla at Fatima, etc. We've all been subjected to a whole lot of strangeness over the last fifty or more years, no doubt about it. I also immediately thought of the quote from the lips of Kakia Livanos reading Van Etten's description of Martin being a devil as well.

      Like those who support the antipopes as real 'popes', no amount of evidence regarding Martin to the Martin-can-do-no-wrong trads will convince them. They are as blind as the Billy Graham supporters who all the evidence that Graham was a 33rd degree mason won't sway.

  3. This is what Wikipedia has on Robert Blair Kaiser:

    Kaiser trained as a Jesuit from 1949 to 1959. He left the order to become a journalist.[2]

    As a correspondent for Time Magazine, he won the Overseas Press Club's Ed Cunningham Award in 1962 for the "best magazine reporting from abroad" for his reporting on the Second Vatican Council.[1]

    Four of his thirteen published books deal with Catholic Church reform. His latest books include A Church in Search of Itself: Benedict XVI and the Battle for the Future and "Cardinal Mahony: A Novel." A new version of his 1970 best seller, R.F.K. Must Die!" was published in 2008, with a new sub-title, "Chasing the Mystery of the Robert Kennedy Assassination.

    Kaiser's speech in Ireland on August 19, 2010, at the Humbert Summer School, entitled "Catholic Church Reform: No More Thrones," called for Irish Catholics to boldly initiate an ecclesiastical revolution through which they would remove secretive hierarchy, take back their cathedrals, and elect their own bishops.[3]

  4. It is entirely possible that Fr Martin was a repentant sinner......what on earth is the purpose of this character assassination?

    1. I knew him - and spent time with him - the last ten years of his life. I would say that he was one who saw the damage done in the past, some of it with his help, and was now looking to do what he could with what time he had left. While many would insist on a "public" repentance, should not Christian charity bring us to pray that he, like every one of us, had the time to set things right?

  5. I sincerely hope he was repentant, although people generally die as they live. However, that doesn't alter the fact of the damage he helped wreak upon the Church, of which the effects are apparent and that even from the grave he still has a cult leader style hold over many of his followers who refuse to face up to the facts about him.

    1. Absolutely. In the extremely unlikely chance that he did have a deathbed conversion, that would be fantastic for him, but what about his lifetime of subversion of the Church that has caused the oppression of over a billion Catholics crushed by the Nostra Aetate Novus Ordo? The effects of his voluminous crimes are ongoing. They need to be exposed and redressed. That has not even nearly been accomplished yet.

  6. It is entirely possible that Fr Martin was a repentant sinner…

    He lied about his work with the American Judaic Committee until the year he died, even boasting that no one had done more for "Jewish Christian relations" than he had, which is very true. He shares a grave site with the wealthy divorce he shacked up with for the last decades of his life.

    The evidence is that there never was any kind of repentance whatever, only costume changes. He assassinated his own legacy with his exceedingly bad public behavior stemming from his own manifestly terrible character. He alone is responsible for that.

    Again, what can one say but that his foolish followers are in a relationship with a devil.

  7. Thank you for posting this annulment letter; It lends credence to the argument that the great Malachi Martin may have just been a liar and terrible man.

    I'm a returning catholic and was a great admirer of the person who I believed Malachi Martin to be. The brilliant documentary Hostage to the Devil (currently on Netflix) presents completely the cast of characters involved in the mystery of Malachi Martin.

    The elderlyy Robert Kaiser cuts a rather trollish persona. Unsympathetic and gleeful in his unfettered criticism of Martin, he presents himself as a loathesome character in contrast to the charming, sophisticated, polished exorcist. Something very suprising happens in one of the cutaways to Kaiser. His cocksure, predatory look changes when he finally reveals his wife's betrayal with the 'holy' jesuit Martin. I have never seen the heart of a man flash so candidly and nakedly ever before; It was heartbreaking.

    This annulment letter, an actual church document, helps me gain some resolution in my opinions about Malachi Martin. He may not have been an exorcist but he definitely had dealings with the devil.

    1. "He may not have been an exorcist but he definitely had dealings with the devil."

      Yeah. This is why I give up. The people who trash Fr. Martin as literally a devil cannot seem to keep facts straight. You believe a documentary on Netflix of all places based on his book about exorcism and then you don't believe he was an exorcist.

      You know what, I'm just going with my impression that the good Father, was just that and not worrying about it. Clearly, there was a friensdhip there that could have been more...or it could have been a just a good friendship.

      And if he did sleep with her? Well, men have succumbed to such temptations. There is very little forgiveness here in such places.

    2. "he presents himself as a loathesome character" Because Kaiser just is a loathsome character? Talking about Vatican II as a "revolution" with glee? "I have never seen the heart of a man flash so candidly" I just saw a bitter old cretin whose wife was in love with the man he hated. No evidence of any sexual relationship between her and Malachi has been presented - including in these letters themselves - apart from Kaiser's own claims. Nor are his wife's allegedly "immature" and "unrepentant" acts a reflection upon Malachi's character.

  8. Nothing more than disinformation. It is acknowledged that the woman was pregnant. I think that someone needs to retake Biology 101.